Friday, October 04, 2013

Year of the tropics

like in the shower
I ponder my nothingness. 

I used to think I was important..but I realize how unimportant I am, my life is..and possibly everybody elses. 

It's all fantasy. Existential truth. Nausea

And when we die noone cares, you are just like everybody else. Possibly less than most.

I think it is positive to think like that rather than think under this illusion, that our ego blinds us into and to start living real reality.

The only thing that matters is now.. and love and expressing yourself now.

I feel better eating fruit, I do..I feel goodness. 

Love falls to you
you pick up the pieces
and eat them.

I eat you
you are a flower.

When you love yourself,

we all love you!
the planet shouts for you ,

because if you are happy , 

then we can all be happy!

She sings into your ear
a flockless pieces,
rains and pours 

and wishes you well.

It flies from the sky,
you have to catch it
or it will eat you
and you will sink into its tummy..
and turn into sweet fruit mush.

Babies will cry for you..
they will want you,
they will love you.

In the darkest corner

in the darkest turn
your worst turn will be your best
JUICE BAR ON THE BEACH, sugarcane jakfruit avocado

jakfruit I shared

RAW VEGAN Carrot pasta I had at Italian South Beach Restaurant.

Me hugging a tree MANGO ORCHARD


Mushroom arugula dish RAW VEGAN

Juices raw vegan

Peacock wild

Seaweed salad - raw vegan at the deli

Mac nut soup...mmm raw vegan



Cherimoya at my work


Life food restaurant in Coral Gables.

Lasagna raw vegan

Raw vegan tacos

Bryan au's raw tacos recipe I made

Bananas and Kombu dish at raw vegan fair

Raw vegan piccadillo

I made these for a potluck, Sarma's raw Lasagna recipe 

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