Friday, October 04, 2013

Raw food poems and writings I did while juice fasting


Surprise sometimes...

I am going to succeed
Everything that I dream about I am going to get
I am going to have more
I am going to have everything
I will have you
I will have me
I will have Paris
I will be in the Eiffel tower with you

This will be my year
It is so amazing so far

I have learned how to overcome everything

I have overcome everything


I will be in touch

I will dance ballet in Paris with the hottest people

I will eat strange fruit in concrete jungle

I will walk by the river over bridges and stare into the water

some raw recipes
From my notes

Tarts Crust – Golden Flax, nut flour, pecans, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, Italian herbs, salt, pepper, poppy seeds 
Cheese – Macadamia nuts, pine nuts, lemon, salt, pepper, dill 

Fillin' – red bell peppers, olive oil, asparagus Dill Pesto Sunflower Seeds, dill, lemon juice, salt, hing

Aqua Fresca Cucumber, Mint, coconut water

Heading South Jicama Grits Jicama, coconut pulp, coconut oil, slippery elm, nutmeg, salt, pepper 

Heading south Greens Asparagus, tomatoes, garden peppers, parsley, salt, pepper, arugala, pine nuts, lemon juice, water, white pepper, salt dill 

Girl Scout Cookie (Mylk) Carob, peppermint, pecans, coconut water, salt

Nectar of Generosity Mylk Almonds, coconut milk, salt

Pappadom Phase 2 - Flax, apple, coconut, curry, garam masala, tumeric, salt, lemon, pepper 
Phase 1 – Flax, zucchini (shredded), coconut, curry, garam masala, tumeric, salt, lemon, pepper 
Spicy chutney Phase 1 – radishes, cucumber, mint, ginger, peppercorns, garam masala, salt, coconut pulp, celery, lemon, 

2 - Raisins, Apple, mint, ginger, peppercorns, garam masala, salt, coconut pulp, celery, lemon, Red Pepper Tahini Sesame seeds, red pepper, lemon juice, salt, pepper, ginger juice, cumin, cardamon 
Fig wrap Wrap/fruit leather – dehydrated jam Filling – coco pulp, figs, salt, vanilla (soak water)

La Leche Dulse de chocolat Walnut milk, carob, cinnamon, b;ueberries, coconut pulp, mesquite, salt, pumpkin seed oil, raisins, cayenne 

Holiday Spice Milk Brazil nuts, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, salt, stevia, cloves 

Broccoli Melange Soup Broccoli, asparagus, sesame oil, olive oil, sun-dried tomatos, salt, lemon, hing, thyme, oregano, sage, lemongrass, cumin 

Indian Cauliflower (phase 1) Cauliflower, garam masala, salt, coconut pulp, salt, pepper 

Berry Wedding Cake OK so of course I didn't measure I just played with it until it was super smooth thick creamy and you will know when it taste rite. 

Crust 4c ground flax 4c dried coconut 1/4c coconut oil 1/4c agave Filling 6c coconut meat 2c coconut oil 2-3c macadamias 3 vanilla beans 1 1/5t salt 3/4c agave 1c dried blueberries 1/2c coconut water 

Soak blueberries and coconut water, then blend and strain. Blend everything until smooth and thick. Let it set in the freezer for 1-2nights in a spring form pan. 

Icing 1c coconut oil 1c macadamias 1vanilla bean ½-1c coconut 1/4c coconut water 1/4c agave pinch of salt Garnish Coconut meat but into flowers or whatever shape you want. 

Ice Cream Sandwiches Cookie 4c nut flour 2 flour 3/4c carob 1/2c cacao 4Tmesquite 1c agave 1c coconut oil 2 orange zests 

all ingredients, very important to giiv eyou soft silky sandwich dough. Roll between teflex and chill till firm. 
9 coconuts 1c coconut water 1/2c macadamias ½-1c agave 2 vanilla beans 1t salt Fennel 

Orange Salad 2c fennel sliced thin with a mandalon 3c oranges supremed olive oil salt pepper 

Christmas Pumpkin 
Crust 2c pecans 2Tagave cinnamon nutmeg salt
Filling 1c macadamias 1c figs 2ccoconut meat 1/2c coconut oil 1/4c agave 2T pumpkin pie spice 1t cinnamon ,nutmeg 1T fresh ginger 1t salt I vanilla bean 4c pumpkin Do crust then filling then vanilla cream on top or agave spiced pecans. 
YUm Chocolate pumpkin pie Crust 2cpecans 2T agave 4Tcarob 4Tcacao cinnamon salt Chocolate cream 3/4c macadamias 1 1/2c coconut meat 1/3-1/2c coconut oil 1/5c agave 1/2c figs 1/2c cacao 3T carob 1 vanilla bean salt
Do crust then pumpkin pie filling then chocolate cream. Let it set in the fridge.

Tri Color Fudge Brown Layer 1½ c pumpkin butter (tip off first so not too much oil) ¼ c coconut butter ½ c carob powder 3 T agave nectar 17 drops essential oil of peppermint (to taste) 
Melt coconut butter, warm over 78 degrees F. Mix all ingredients in large bowl until smooth and creamy. Place in freezer 20 minutes until firm.
Green Layer 1 ½ c pumpkin butter ½ c coconut butter 4 T agave nectar 17 drops peppermint oil (to taste) Melt coconut butter, warm over 78 degrees F.
Mix all ingredients in large bowl until smooth and creamy. Pour over brown layer. Place in freezer 20 minutes until firm. 
White Layer ¾ c ground macadamia nuts ¾ c pine nuts (or substitute mac and pine with 1 ½ c brazil nuts) 2/3 c coconut butter 3 T agave nectar Finely grind mac/pine in food processor.
Mixture becomes oily with a smooth consistency. Mix all ingredients in large bowl until smooth and creamy. 
over green layer. Place in freezer 20 minutes until firm. Score into small squares and serve as a tasty treat. 
It's like feeling whatever you feel without stopping or control.

I love you, I love you and you, I love all of you and I kiss every single one of you, You are all princesses and the hottest angels..

Your Computer has replaced all your notebooks, all your stamps and all your diaries.

What are you feeling? What are you looking for? 
What do you want me to say to you, what is the question?

You forget all your past, it is no longer your past but your future, so THROW IT AWAY!!! You must, that is very important, all your past is a stupid story, it is stupid 

you will never have a future, a real one if you have a past, throw it away!

When a memory comes up, say to yourself, that is not me, who is that? I don't want that, definitely not THAT life!

Let's go dance and lose ourselves in another language and another self. A self we can make up and create..and try to make real, our best fantasy of our ideal self!?

Bring an empty don't need to bring anything old, wherever you go in life.

You are so important, so valuable. Your life means so much to others.

"""""when we feel , passion develops. life becomes a dance of gradual expanding
feeling and identification with the world around us.the delight of running
threw the tall grass , singing in the rain, feeligns grateful to be
alive,loving everyone threw smiles, lauughter, touching, greeting, leading
to an abundance of bliss. our bodies become a resivoir of pleasurable
feelingsinstead ofpain and diprivation.

it is time for us to reclaim our divine power and let go of diets of
violence hatred and fear. with us lives unexplored many alternanate
universes where imperfection does not exsist. let the old patterns of
seperation and control fall away form you. let go of all things which keep
you pinned to the non exsistant future, and enjoy th egifts that the
universe is showering upon us right now. enjoy the love affair of the heart
and not the mind, for it is in FEELING life we gain fulifillment and

we all dream of happiness and fulfillment, it is time to turn that dream
into reality and experience the happyness and fulfillment which comes from
satisfying our true nature.not what we our told will make us happy, always
leaving us wanting more..

acknowledge the wonder of the world , the magic of being alive, the miracle
of teh moment to moment creation. this is true happyness and fulfillment,
not an empty soap opera that end sin divorce disease and death.

we have the greatest weapons in the world to conteract the maddness , time
and unconditional love. we have the ability to keep opening up to keep
askign for mroe. to accept ourselfs adn those aroudn us with the
unconditional love that when given acceptance comes so natuarlllly..perfect
love does existheaven on earth is real. fear is not.

we are supersensuality, orgasmic by nature, bonded to pleasure, hungry for
passion, beauutiful beyond belief, we are love. lets reveal it."""

I said to you, let us go into the garden
I need to tell you something
The light under al the green leafed tangelo trees is blue
you glow
you ask me what I want
I say, my how beautiful you are, 
I look at your eyes and they radiate this fremen-like blue
They light up and I see the white coolness of your skin radiate.

You hold me for support
It is a new life, unlike any other
I am free from everything
You wait for me to speak
I see everything now, your brown hair that is actually black
your black wool sweater
Your hands which are white and fresh

" Where are we?"
" We are here, in the universe.."
" Do you love me?" I spurt out..
"Yes, with everything.."
" I believe in you, am I real to you?"
" You are more than real, I am you, I breath inside of you"
" Will you, come forth for's powerful that I have you in my life, "
" Yes."

The sun shines in between us, from across your head and blinds me
You walk around and leave , I follow with my eyes. You walk across a stone path.
There are rivers, mirrors of water, puddles and I see my reflection in them
looking back at me,into me
I watch as a red bird watches me and goes from tree limb to tree limb. Flutters! 
Rabbits love you
I see clearer who I am
I am love
love to give
love to share
I heal you, I give you so much you are healed
everything is healed
the earth is back to normal, 
it is all a begining

There is so much more to see and to feel
I love you so much
I am crying
I write to you my thoughts that I cannot feel

There are only good thoughts left
and I am wasting away
I am dying
I like it
I will never again be me
who is that?
I don't want it!!

I show you
on a purple platter
what love looks like
it is a big bloody heart
still pumping and dismembered from your body
it is beauty

Your love is precious
it is alive
it is the healing miracle
to touch it one feels human again 

I feel you
I lie in bed
on my sheets
and I feel your body just under the sheets
like a mirror
my hands on yours

I am loving you
I am needing you
I am seeing you 
I am feeling you
I am loving

you to death

I am seeking
and I find,
I find you here in my heart
and loving me
your beauty makes me dizzy

You come to me
You follow me
you lead me
you inspire 
and you bring 
all that is good to me
like a full plate

and I starve for you
i starve for you

Kiss me
Kiss me now
I love you
Kiss me hard
I need all your love

I am drinking Pine nut mylk with fine powdered Cacao and Manuka organic honey from New Zealand
it is better than you
it is like love
I am taking my vitamix to Paris 
and my nut mylk bag
betsy johnson dresses
and high heels, 
blonde highlighted hair
and tan

I dont know what i am going to do 
except be with you

Oh please!
I love to be with you 
and only you
I love to be with you
I only want to be with you
..Only I want to be
with you

I love you so much 

I hear you 
I need you 
I do


I feel you in the green earth
I feel you in the tropical leaves
and in the sun shining on my back
as I sleep

I am on a blanket 
and I just sleep until my head hurts a little from the strain of keeping awake.

I hear you under my blanket in the little bug colonies

I feel like I am in the wild
Large branches of fallen trees
over grasses and purple flowers and little daisies

I feel the summer heat coming on, slowly

my god, I am tired and I need to sleep tonight so I can awaken and feel your love come on strong.

I drank Aloe/ Orange juice, Papaya Strawberry Apple juice, Coconut water cut fresh open for me and also a jar of fine powdered Cacao/manuka honey and warm water shaken up.

I live you like I love life. I am a good girl. I am good. I am like an angel today and I want to be loved like one. 
Me in Viscaya

Yellow tomato gazpacho raw on a restaurant on SOUTH BEACH

Jicama rice rolls raw vegan

salad with coconut and hemp

Tart with marinated onions





VEGGIE RAW PATE with salad

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