Thursday, April 28, 2011

Raw Vegan Tomato soup

Me at the mall with a Smartcar

 Raw Vegan coconut cream pie I made at Tree of Life apprenticeship program with strawberry sauce

 Another one with persimmon- raw vegan cake

 Raw Vegan tomato soup blended with cukes, with olives and dill. Delish.

Squash spiroolied to look like pasta with a tomato, driued tomato, lemon juice, oregano and date sauce.

Picking for fruit at Coral Gables farmer's market

Fruit salad

Pear Pineapple Papaya salad.

 Me by the pool in Las Vegas
VENETIAN I think maybe

 Raw Vegan pizza at Live restaurant in LAS VEGAS

 My savory raw vegan green soup I made in front of my laptop

cukes tomatoes and celery, kale dates lemon juice

 Fruit salad with avocado dates strawberries and grapes

Dehydrated zucchini

Raw Vegan Hummous with flax crackers in Las Vegas
 Me in Sedona as blonde
 This raw vegan cake I made with frosting and everything. From the Boutneko recipe book.
 Raw Vegan cole slaw
 Dehydrated zucchini is yummy, tastes cooked but not. On 110 degrees 6 hours.

Durian Smoothie traveling

Durian smoothie in my travel Tribest blender

 Me in Costa Rica hotel in San Jose

 Green smoothie at Victoria Boutenko retreat. Recipe above.

 Green smoothie retreat, best time of my life.

 Raw Vegan coconut date balls with cacao

Raw vegan platter

Fruitarian girl design I made in design class

 Mom and me in the Coral Gables Books and Books store

 Jakfruit, bananas and lychees deseeded

 Raw Vegan platter made by Lamoy my friend. I loved the plantain bananas and the beet carrot and arame salad

Starfruit and Persimmons

811 dressing

Green salad with a 811 dressing made from pineapple and tahini

 Pureed Mango with diced strawberry as a dessert

 Raw Vegan enchilada at a raw food retreat with cashew sour cream

 Salad with dulse and sweet fruit dressing

 Strawberry and agave as sauce for this raw banana ice cream I made

Massaged Kale Salad

Me about to go skinny dipping at night in the USA's largest hotel pool when they were closed.

 This salad had a very tangy dressing with lemon and some fruit

 Raw Vegan sauerkraut before it was  fermented. Carrots cabbage and dates

 My raw vegan cacao pie. I made a youtube video on this.

 I used to love raw vegan green smoothies and this is my Marilyn Monroe glass

 I used to adore Kale, Avocado and Lemon/tomato

Raw Vegan at restaurants

Me swimming in the Bahamas, Nassau
 What I ordered once at dinner at Morton's
 My painting I painted
 This was not my meal, nor was it raw vegan, but I walked by a couple at a vegetarian restaurant in Paris, France and this looked so colorful. I think it was tempeh and some grains and mostly raw though. They said I could take a photo.

Raw vegan rolls

Raw Vegan rolls I love so much
 New years eve at this fancy Sobe hotel, I forget which.
 This desert made by my friend who owned a raw vegan restaurant. He lost like 200 lbs.
 Regular salad I eat everynight with black tahini dressing
 Raw Vegan rolls cut up

Raw vegan smoothie

Raspberry Tahini smoothie with sprouted neff seeds and some quinoa. Dehydrated til crispy

 Me in London at the Ritz Hotel with tangerines and walnuts delivered to my room
Or was this the ROYAL HORSEGUARDS HOTEL? I get so confused.

I love English history. Being fed tea at the ritz. 
ICE SKATING in front of royal museum.

 Raw food meal at this fancy restaurant on South Beach that closed down, I had  Raw vegan jicama rice rolls, raw vegan rad thai, some peanut sauce thing and a pouch made of fruit leather...a raw ravioli.

 Dressing of mango and orange and sprouts salad

 Mango orange and starfruit smoothie