Monday, December 09, 2013


 Been watching my fruit and raw journeys. It's been so great, all the years I have been raw,  juicing,  running, sports, relationships and travels.  Life is beautiful. Let us do this people. Let's stick with this. Now I am wearing a low cut dress I bought in Miami Beach. Mother hood is great, but its like now I have to morph and all my sexuality and energy has to now be funneled in outlets, fantasies,  audiobooks, poems. Anais Nin's books.

Every Human Being is treacherous to everyone else, because, he has to be true to his own soul-- DH LAWRENCE

From a Paris Magazine in 1900- how to attract a man-Make yourself as feminine as possible, dress so that the most interesting portions of your anatomy are emphasized, and subtly let the gentlemen know you are willing to yield at the proper time..

The cleaner you eat, the more synchronicity occurs.- David Wilcock

Love is the force that transports light. He says.

As soon as you think about someone, we automatically connect a tunnel between you and the tunnel. Light begins traveling through that tunnel.

I am eating an apple. As we go through stress, our DNA sheds some of our light, I did not know that.

How to make a fruitarian slideshow. Go to start ; control panel ; appearance and personalization ; change screen saver; scroll down and pick photos slideshow; then click on browse and then add a folder in your pictures folder called screen saver and select it ; then adjust timing, etc ; go to Google images and find fruit and raw vegan dishes and then save them to this folder. Voila..a living wish board.

When you think of others you send photons. When you direct angry thoughts, you pull photons through it, by breaking other people down. Guilt fear shame and sadness David Wilcock says. He says to refuse the bullying and none of your vital energy will be lost.

I am eating dates and raisins.

Spiritual Healing, that is what I need. I also want to help others. I want to heal. The body and the mind. All the things that make people feel good, I want to focus on, I think thats the secret sauce. I want to heal the planet. I want good to win.

Thursday, December 05, 2013


I bought alot of fruits. I am so glad because I love to bite into

some cherries or dates. I love fruit. I could eat it all the time.

If I have enough around. Dried fruits go really fast. I got a

watermelon from the supermarket. I got some purple grapes. I

meditated earlier. I tried to open my third eye by this meditation

and I saw my brain as a cave and there was an opening letting in

light. I havent

seen anything, asked for anything. I am just beginning. My goal is

to become a spiritual being. And to live like that, healing loving praying

for others and only doing psychic work for good. I am eating a

juicy yummy sweet tangerine. I ordered some orgonite and rose

quartz. Bought some goth boots on ebay. I want to embrace my

divine feminine more. And be more female. I love high heels. To me

that is glorifying my feminine side. I really for a long time have

wanted to grow spiritually and psychically. I took remote viewing

courses, I did all sorts of exercises and

hypnotherapy off youtube. I just want to be one of those people-

who balance the earth, send and work actively with energy. They call them lightworkers.  I

would like to see and fix auras with permission. I would like to

see other realities, at least in my imagination. I do want to

knock at the doors of perception. I want to download information

from the divine. I want to talk to angels.

Today was a nice day. I took a ride into town. I get so excited for nothing. I just close my eyes. Wear sunglasses and just love. I feel love in my heart. I send love. I think of things I love. I imagine silver cords that tie my daughters hearts to mine.
I think of what I want, I fantasize. I just want so bad some things. I do.

I ate bananas, oranges, avocados, dates, etc etc I bought lots of yummy fruits at coop.
My daughter loves them. She always steals mine. Toddlers are interesting. Fun little things.

Look juice from oranges in those cans and refrigerated sections will have pigs genes soon

I always eat organic. I love it. I made a raw food pie for my family today. They love them

Today just carrot juice and apple juice. I am eating oranges all day. Maybe a ton of smoothies. I am working up to all fruit. I just am patient.

I made this for my family its a raw food pie. I make one every night, they love it. Banana, blueberries, avo, dates, lemon, persimmon and date nut crust

Raw Vegan Pie

My boyfriend now juices every morning.

Monday, December 02, 2013


I am closer and closer to being a fruitarian- again. Instead,

of raw, high fat sometimes. I am so close. I just need to get

to the tropics, not yet..but

eventually, I want to live where there are fruits. I do not

know how. Or with this whole fear of our country falling

apart. This fine diet. I just love it. It makes me happy. I love oranges. I

love them. I love bananas and dates. I do like tomatoes

blended. And avocados eaten with kale and a date.

I want this for spiritual reasons. And please, if a dance

company opens up in my neighborhood, I should love to do it

for dance. But for now, No gym, I live in the woods with two

kids. Its my vision quest now. I believe 100% raw is

acceptable. Fruits are king. Nuts on the other hand, they

should be what one falls upon.. Raw nuts.

 I believe in fruits. But my god is love. I am dressed in purple velvet. My rose quartz necklace came in from Ebay. So now I can have help with my unconditional love meditations. The rose crystals help with love. Also from saving our planet from mass confusion and mass hypnosis and mass trouble. I send out clarity and awakening everywhere,

Focus on your goals. What do you want in your life? Where do you want to live? What do you want your diet to be? What do you want your family to be like? Who do you want to be like? What do you wish to look like? Who do you want to love? Who do you want to love you? Do you believe in Free will?

I want to be spiritual and I just love this stuff. I do. I believe you can heal people and meditate on goals and there are exercises one can do to see this power is available. Whether real or not, experience is the same. Your goal is the same thing as god. or consciousness. So everyone has goals, they all want to explore the impossible.

Sunday, November 24, 2013



Dates and coconut oil
micro greens and a sweet tahini orange dressing
fresh oj all day long

 I chatted with Nadia for an hour and fifteen minutes straight. Over men. I tried to help her. I think she is pretty cool. Brings me right into her drama which she is feeling pain and loss. I think she did the right thing. I think she is strong.

The wood fire in my living room is so hot. I put in another log. My daughter in the other room, she tripped on her nose and needs special attention. She loves to put on netflix cartoons.

I think it is Thanksgiving. Hurray. Its not really a day  I feel is filled with family so far as everyone is working late tonight.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fruitarian Art

Here my friend Nadia who is all fruit eater, took a drawing my 2 year old did and turned it into a painting.

Click on it to see. She is amazing. I send her love love love love love from my beating heart. I space time travel to heal her.

Nadia has lived with me before and my life was perfect, it was real. Her energy and mine in the house together and our raw food creations, it was like being in heaven. I truly loved her. I was proud of her. We went on we were on . We both were boy crazy.

I never lived purer than with her, which is why I think having raw vegans around in your energy bands really affects life.

I feel so grateful and I feel love in my heart. Someone cares for me. Someone does. Time and distance does not stop the love.


 It is Thanksgiving in two days. I just do not feel it. I am not going anywhere near a cooked turkey and low energy food. So I guess I can just be Thankful.
Am thankful for

Raw food
My daughters
Where I live
my body
my mind
my soul
power that is mine
My beating heart
My hands
Anais Nin
Classic Literature
My ex
The planet
Our very safe future
Our eternal beings
second chances
the grid
Christ consciousness
other planets we have lived on
Keys to hearts
Being one
Jim Morrison
Marilyn Monroe.
The past
Imaginary lovers
Rich men
Safety and Privacy
Good overcoming all evil

1 love
2 beauty
3 thin
4 happiness
5 good books
6 audiobooks
7 fashionable clothes
8 great access to raw vegan foods
9 juices more
10 watermelon juice



The mother, gives all love. And is love. I know this from being one. Its love and true love at the highest and noblest. But I can be a mother to the entire world. By giving out unconditional love.

I heard Yaron Brock talk the other day and it made perfect sense. I should post it here.

Can I give out love? How do I express that in language? Do I take you on a journey? Do I send out intention and consciousness? It has to go somewhere. This whole life of wanting love. and not realizing that what I need is a void in my life and I cannot give the void to others. I must give them all filling up of their love buckets.

I wonder what my shopping list would be

1 Bananas ripe ones
2 Durian
3 Thai coconut
4 Greens
5 Raw nuts
6 Tomatoes
7 kombucha
8 mmmmmm stay away from agave...
9 oranges for juicing
10 cacao mmm stay away..

I have been meditating. Today I seen myself very clearly.. asking my chakras questions ( red orange yellow, etc all the way to the crown of the head) and I got really weird overly obvious answers that were crystal clear but yet went against my gut, as far as what my desires are..things like I crave moving back to Coral I? Really, I dont think I want to go back there. I want to go where I am loved. Things like people I need to be with, the pictures


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fruitarian art

I ate oranges, celery, a small salad with sesame oil and salt. I had banana smoothies. Maca coffee.
Having two kids is a handful. When they both cry at the same time, its like its in stereo or an opera. I have to run around, making bottles as fast as I can or heating up some soup for little one. She loves to play toddler games, like dress up baby, wash the dog, etc. These online games that seem Chinese.They are very cute.

It was a cold day. My wheatgrass was frozen outside, I woke up in the middle of the night to bring it back in the house. We have a wood fire. My box of oranges were left outside all night and now I hope they are not damaged. I will make some juice soon and see. I cut the wheatgrass and put it all in a bowl in the fridge.
I watched some tv shows. Played with the baby. I worked too in and out of the workshop. I run the website and read and answer emails and take credit card numbers and process orders, money in the bank!
I am thinking about taking a nice hot bath and sitting in it, relaxing. It is kind of chilly and I am not wearing socks which makes my feet cold. We have a wood fire in the living room, and an electric heater in my bedroom. The wood fire is really hot. We bought firewood earlier this year. Sometimes my chihuahua barks at the door and I get really scared because I am all alone here in the woods. But its nothing. Or maybe we have possums or raccons, who knows. I saw an elk in my backyard once and I always see deer. Here they just come out and eat your apples off your trees.

I am in the bedroom I gave birth in. To my second child who is named after the princess in AVATAR movie. I want Anzaca to do the floors with wood panels. We did my toddlers room and living room. It looks so much better. I cannot stand pests of any sort. Why I do not like carpets. I spray, powder and I have so many pesticides, just in case. I like clean. We have a carpet in here I got at a garage sale for twenty bucks brand new.

I chatted with my beautiful mother on facebook. I love her. She says she has many photos of me as a baby. She is in Paraguay now. I say please please scan them.

I was in the car driving and I was listening to an audio book about a women who escaped the FLDS, the Mormon polygamist cult, with Warren Jeffs. Its hard to listen to as she was 14 when she married and the ultimate victim. It is so sad. Anzaca cannot stand to hear it, he keeps saying quietly, " You got to be shitting me", when the story goes on about her life. I think I have like 8 hours more of this.

I am going to get an expenisve lense and take photos everyday. I want to. I know so many people who make a living off taking photos. I am really good at it. I know how to model my models. I just have a hard time asking anyone for money. I do it for free.

Well I will go now and take a hot bath by myself and if she wants to join me we can do fun things like inspect her owies or brush her hair or sometimes she likes to take a pail of water and dump it on my head.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I made to eat my bell pepper pate with walnuts, I made it tonight with mac nuts. Just mac nuts and bell pepper pate. Base. I spread it on nori sheets and top with greens and maybe sliced celery.

Oh I forgot, after gas station and coffee Anzaca got me a box of oranges. I have very few groceries, until Shopping Saturday, so I might juice fast on OJ.

Anyways, I made a raw pie.
But its blended mango with dried mango and some coconut oil. The crust is brazil nuts, almonds from spain, food processed with dates.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

What I made this week that is raw vegan

Jeremy Saffron recipe Bell pepper soup

Brownie crust

Raw cashew dressing

Raw pie crust 

Raw persimmon pie
 Cashew milk
  Chia porridge

Raw blueberry pie 
 Love these
 Raw pie sliced

I am doing great. I am.

Friday, November 08, 2013

I made raw food pies this week

Raw Vegan Pie

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Raw brunch

Nori rolls Raw untoasted

 Raw food pie gone in two days

Great salad

Raw flax crackers all ingredients to taste

Raw hummous. Great for nori

Beet juices. Been also juicing on a box or oranges.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Chia 1tb in 8 oz Banana Milk and Zucchini Ribbons with Tomato Basil Mango sauce

I feel good today. Much better. Raw food is the way to go. 100%. Rejuvenating. Loving. Blessing, and makes miracles appear in your life, just by changing your energy and your aura, and you start living on a higher level. Being who you really are inside, an angel. I can never go back to cooked foods. I just cannot. It is not healthy and does not inspire greatness beauty and love. I have to heal myself, heal my heart, see through my heart like glass, sensitive and aware. Juicing I have been doing, I bought a 50$ box of oranges. I take four at a time and juice then add half the amount in water and mix. It is starting to get cold where I am.I just want to be happy and loving. I want to treat others nice and be well taken care of. I want life to be a joy. I hear so much everywhere, terrifying stuff. I have to stay above it, I just have to love and forgive the world.  That people and men are the greatest things, in the universe. The Greatest. There is only love and a call for love.

Listening to Audio book I downloaded from librivox called Maggie Girl of the Streets by Stephen Crane circa 1900. Also downloaded some hypnosis cds about how to be a good housekeeper and get more sex. I love listening to them, especially when they ask you to imagine your perfect man, your soul mate, someone you never met Intense.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


I wish I could have watermelon juice.

I feel really good, I am so grateful to my friend. I have the best company and I love talking and emailing.

I am so happy today is another day and it will be a great day.

It will be a day I do the the easy way . I do what comes easy. Nature does not strain to grow, it happens naturally and I want to be like that too.

I feel so much goodness and love, I want to love, I love. I feel so much for some people. it is good.

I am listening to opera and feeling nice.

sep 27

All day 6 smoothies with Avocado, Banana, and Strawberries

9 pm 13 dollars worth of cut Watermelon and Whole Foods

10pm a handful of mesclun greens to eat like chips

12 am two white peaches

all day a bag of grapes

grape and banana smoothie
oct 9-30

6pm Guarapo (sugar cane juice)

 9pm Watermelon juice

11pm Cucumbers, tomatoes and celery from Buffet

 12pm Watermelon juice

 2pm Mashed Avocados with lime

 4pm Smoothie apple banana

8pm Guacamole

 9pm Orange juice

 1030pm 2 glasses smoothie with Orange jUice , strawberries and banana

11am Orange juice

Today I am getting my hair done and cleaning my apartment. I have been watching LOST episodes.

I went shopping, bought my friend a suit and shoes and Custo Barcelona pants and t shirt with a cute kitty. Also silk hiking pants for Switzerland and some silk shorts and hiking stuff like boots.

I want to have a spotless apartment, I want to look good and I want to wake up early and do things in nature.


4:30 pm 2 glasses Orange Juice
5 2 glasses oj
6 1 glass oj
8 pm 1 glass OJ
830 Mashed avocado and lime
11pm 4 smoothies with banana, strawberries and blueberries
12 midnght 1/2 sliced cantaloupe
12noon smoothie with OJ Mango and strawberries at Jamba juice
4 2 glasses ice smoothie with papaya and OJ
8 2 glasses papaya and lime juice smoothie with ice
11pm PLUM


10 pm -green organic Grapes
1030 salsa and chopped tomatoes
11 pm -raspberries, blackberries, blueberries

1pm chopped tomatoes, florida avocado and lime juice
3  2 glasses smoothie avocado, yellow raspberries, banana and lime juice
6 smoothie apple avocado banana 3 glasses

Noon Watermelon juice 2 glasses
2 coconut milk from press
3 pm Fruit salad of Papaya, watermelon, orange, bananas and cantaloupe, Orange juice 1 glass

12 pm some muscadine grapes
2pm a banana
3pm and orange juice from Jamba juice
530pm smoothie of cactus fruit  and a peeled orange, watermelon chunks
9 pm orange juice
930 pm half a large florida avocado mashed with lime juice

I felt really euphoric ridong my bike tonight, Like I was on air.

the whole city of Coral Gables looked so beautiful, it was alive and I felt so much love energy coming from me. Vividly.

I felt so in love with things. I did. Everything was so nice, my thoughts were so clear and almost like breath.

Yesterday I felt euphoric in the supermarket as well, I remember it felt so good to walk down this particular aisle . I felt really tall, thin and floating, beautiful.

Although almost with such clarity, I could smell all the chemicals in the  different bottles and I was headed straight for the meat department, I tried to get a reading from the meat, like feel something, but nothing, I knew how disgusting and horrific those lives were lived and the holocaust pretty much..the murder, it is too ugly for me to think on, I just past it all ,headed for the produce section.

 Going to Ballet class was something too, I drank two bottles of water before glass and one in the middle. It was so beautiful, everything was so easy, simple, here I was just feeling the art of Ballet, here I was doing it without staring at someone’s feet, here i was just doing it , just thinking about me.
12pm a smoothie with 2 bananas and a large starfruit

4pm avocado with spoon, haas

430pm a smoothie with a banana, peeled orange and a mango

 5:15 pm Haas avocado with spoon

745 pm a smoothie with banana, peeled orange, avocado, and passion fruit scooped out

9:00pm juice of half a watermelon, some muscadine grape
 2 pm smoothie with 1 Mango cut up , two cheeks first and then cubed, turned inside out and cut and then whats left diced and ice/water

4pm a large half Papaya , cut in half, deseeded and scooped out with a lime, cut in half and juiced with lemon press into it and water /ice

5pm orange juice from Jamba juice

9:00 pm an Orange and some Concord Grapes

11:00 pm Juice of a small seedless watermelon ( blended in vitamix)

2:30 am Haas avocado

I would like to wake up and be in paradise and everything goes as I wish it.

the thing is we are and we dont even know it, our thoughts create our universe and in our thoughts we need to think paradise and perfetcion and just a big beautiful beach.

I have been spending time in bed, recuperating, feeling better. Watching movies and emails on my hd tv screen .

 would like to buy a large watermelon, but how am I going to carry it to my house?

I slept well last night but kept having to wake up and drink water. After I have a drink I sleep so well.

I was going to go to the Venetian pool this morning and sunbathe, I need a tan, I do, I am white again. I love going in a bikini and lying in the sun. South Beach is a bus ride, but when I am all the way out there I spend money on smoothies and water.
I learn best by Visual learning style. That means I learn by seeing things in my mind the best.

 Some people learn by hearing, feeling, hands on..

The Seven intelligences which are: Visual/Spatial, Verbal/ Linguistic, Musical/Rhythm, Logic/Math, Body /Kinesthetic “sports” /Interpersonal ” people smart”/Intrapersonal ” self smart” or Naturalistic “nature, environment”.

 I am really good at VISUAL/SPATIAL, VERBAL LINGUISTIC and NATURALISTIC, in that order.  That means I think in pictures, love to create images, am word smart, communicate well thru language.
 ( uh , all this is duh.. I know alll this.) I also I scored well in my interest in the environment and can recognize flowers , clouds and I like hiking.

So all this means is I need to find work/majors in these areas. Also, it means that when studying, I need to recite aloud, join study groups,use charts, drawings, visualize and also be outside as much as possible .

Personality type. I could be either extroverted/introverted, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling or Judging/perceiving.

Out of each combination, of what you have chosen,  there is a unique personality type.

I am Extroverted, meaning I live in the outside world, draw strength from others, am outgoing, love interaction and being the center of attention. ( I thought I wasn’t,  but with friends I am always talking, preaching and blabbing about everything and I keep a public diary and always want to be loved the most, and be the best, and I want to bring out the best on others and also supoort them to be incredible)

I am Intuitive meaning I see possibilities and rely on gut feelings and am innovative.
(I read into things alot )

I am Feeling meaning I make decisions on what is just and right. I like to live in harmony and peace.  I value others opinions, into people being happy and very tactful. (That’s me. I am this. I feel that what is, and comes natural, is right and what feels good is a sign I am on the right track. When others are happy I am. I like to spoil people.)

I am a Judger,  I am orderly and need structure in my life. Good at goal setting and sticking to it. I work before I play. ( I am always on time, always finished my work, my task, what I need done I do, I love taking orders)

So I take that combination and look it up and I am ENJF:
” Very concerned about others feelings, I respect others, I am good leader, usually I am popular, good at public speaking, but can make decsions too quickly and I trust too easily.”

 I bought MBH a Green Star 2000 and I am so proud of him, making all this cabbage juice, spinach, carrots etc..It makes me HAPPY!! He will be healthier and hotter because the blood will flow back in his skin, he will feel more alive and have more energy to be the best lawyer in the courtroom, always. Because he is the best lawyer and he is very exclusive and the richest and most important people trust him with all their secrets. I know I do.


Midnight snack- dehydrating pineapple rings
11- smoothie with dates, cherries, avocado, banana. I bought this big giant gulper jug with lid, from Jamba juice and it always fits all my smoothie I make.

1/2 cup water
10 large ripe tomatoes
2 medium red bell pepper
spicy pepper to taste
8 pitted dates
1/2 cup lemon juice
1 large bunch of fresh basil

Pour the gazpacho liquid into a bowl and cut the following vegetables into 1/2 inch cubes:

2 large avocado
2 medium bell pepper
8 sticks celery

Add the chopped veggies to the liquid.