Monday, December 02, 2013


I am closer and closer to being a fruitarian- again. Instead,

of raw, high fat sometimes. I am so close. I just need to get

to the tropics, not yet..but

eventually, I want to live where there are fruits. I do not

know how. Or with this whole fear of our country falling

apart. This fine diet. I just love it. It makes me happy. I love oranges. I

love them. I love bananas and dates. I do like tomatoes

blended. And avocados eaten with kale and a date.

I want this for spiritual reasons. And please, if a dance

company opens up in my neighborhood, I should love to do it

for dance. But for now, No gym, I live in the woods with two

kids. Its my vision quest now. I believe 100% raw is

acceptable. Fruits are king. Nuts on the other hand, they

should be what one falls upon.. Raw nuts.

 I believe in fruits. But my god is love. I am dressed in purple velvet. My rose quartz necklace came in from Ebay. So now I can have help with my unconditional love meditations. The rose crystals help with love. Also from saving our planet from mass confusion and mass hypnosis and mass trouble. I send out clarity and awakening everywhere,

Focus on your goals. What do you want in your life? Where do you want to live? What do you want your diet to be? What do you want your family to be like? Who do you want to be like? What do you wish to look like? Who do you want to love? Who do you want to love you? Do you believe in Free will?

I want to be spiritual and I just love this stuff. I do. I believe you can heal people and meditate on goals and there are exercises one can do to see this power is available. Whether real or not, experience is the same. Your goal is the same thing as god. or consciousness. So everyone has goals, they all want to explore the impossible.

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  1. beautiful words, and the lady writing them isn't too bad as well ;)