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Flat Earth Crash Course MY COMMENTARY

Thank you DIRTH for this list. It will take me a while to watch everyone and comment, but check back until its all commented on. I will post it up to leave the work in progress.
If the earth is flat how would it ever get dark?

DITRH click for his youtube channel. 

I can vouch ERIC DUBAY is above average intelligent. He called Alex Jones once, Alex blushed so hard, couldnt take that kind of truth yet. Hung up right away! LOL Thats how it is. 

But I can take the ridicule, because I know now, the people making fun, are just nasa trolls, thats what they do ALL DAY LONG. They have armies of them, working for evil. So you know who they are.They confuse people. They make really bad comments, like, " Thats been debunked!" for everything! They didnt even watch. Or they make videos and really badly done memes, full of lies.We know who they are,but they turn the public off to FE completely. Raging angry trolls, arguments, and grimly fiendish fake groups. And Neil De Grasse Tyson, Hollywood actor, is the worst of these demons. He is in on it. 

Eric Dubay Flat Earth Veritas Radio Interview

I heard this one a long time ago. I loved it. I am hearing it again. He speaks well, the interview goes fast. Over all the flat earth facts. He read flat earth books from the 19th century and was like, THIS IS FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, he was surprised to find proof and evidence. I love when he speaks of the POLES. Plateaus of ice. The ELITE prove the south pole with each countries flags in ice! Thats the proof. 

 There is a ring magnet in nature. Eric speaks of. One pole in the center. And the South is the barrier around the circumference, like a ring magnet!

There is something in the SOUTH POLE, they dont want you to see, They lie, they make up fake travel websites all owned by same company and none of the reviews are real people, not one. You may get a ticket, but no matter who, it will get cancelled.

Ships disappear over the horizon, because of PERSPECTIVE. If you get a NIKON COOLPIX, the ship comes into view full on.

If you zoom in on the horizon, you should see into outer space because of the supposed curvature! If it were a ball. But it is not. So that is why you just see flat everywhere. The Hulls are still there with ZOOM cameras.

From the Great Lakes you can see CHICAGO. 60 miles away. Not mirage, its when its inverted only. This is real skyline. Where is the curve? Why google caught lying about the curvature amounts?
Aren't we on a ball? Don't balls have curves? If a ball had no curve, then is it still a ball?  I ask you. Thats what they speak of in this interview.

These rockets never go straight up, in NASA space fake agency, its all a curve, then goes into the ocean. They cut out the feed so you dont see, its just a rocket. Camera TRICKS. Like the movie GRAVITY. Its green screen. ZERO G PLANES. DARK POOLS with LCD screens to do outside space walk scenes.

Satellites in the floaty spot, these satellites they say are made of gold and silver, above the melting points? HUH? They do not exist. Common sense, says they are ground based towers. People are used to the FAR OUT and fantasia like stories. Too difficult to understand. Only smart people can understand it. Only university. Only smart people. Not I. CELL PHONE TOWERS are satellite towers. Thats why your dish is sideways.

5 layers of Van Allen Belt the astronauts hadnt discovered it when they went. So it didnt exist then. NASA means Never A Straight Answer.

Arthur C Clarke INVENTED satellites in his SCI FI BOOKS. People claim, they can see a satellite. Its not.  If its geostationary, it would be still. It was PLANE or DRONE. I have photographed DRONE. I did. A weird one. OVER JBLM. 

WHY do the elites use a flat earth map? They talk about that. 

Why do they lie? Why do they mislead children? Why NASA? The reason the innocents cant see it, they cannot comprehend such abomination. When the world finds out, you all will be banished to the undergrounds, forever. The bunkers that were built FOR YOU. Come clean, I do not wish that on you. A joke is a joke, I get it. But come clean now. And get rid of all the satanists and the ISLAM that has infiltrated your societies. Bring Trump the proof positive of all the crimes of this. Get him in. Do good, turn it all back to GOD.  

Sun worshippers. HelioCENTRISTS. Luciferians. Liars for rotten Self Esteem. The CURSED. The damned. They will be sealed inside the undergrounds forever. Killers of JOHN LENNON. Killers of JFK. Killers and destroyers of many I love. Like our COUNTRY. I love America. Who doesnt, only they, robbing us, will fund their evil. We have to cut them off, take all their gold. 

ANTARCTICA TREATY....look into it. The mystery is so easy, just go there. But you wont be able to see. Someone has to do it with a USTREAM Eric Dubay says.

Admiral Byrd was supposed to go to to South Pole with diary of strange explanations..but he was a freemason also. So even though he went on air and said there was land unknown, unseen by man, etc. his testimony is SUSPECT.  And when he was interviewed, there was a flat earth map in the background. In the 1950s. Noone has gone from North Pole to South pole, circumnavigation, over, they just go E to W AND YOU CAN DO THAT ON FLAT PLANE AS WELL. 

The Measurements do not add up. Experiments they say that prove the ball, never been done. Or shown. They cannot get their stories straight. You will wind up in dead end, if you try out their experiments as proof of ball earth. CUZ its never been a globe. THEY SCREWED WITH OUR MINDS.

Neil DeGrasse is saying earth is pear shaped, oblate spheroid. He says, the Hollywood actor, like SETH ROGAN type, funny smart man actor. Spokesman for space. 

We can see POLARIS shouldnt see that on a ball. Same place every night. For eternity. Open your eyes and shut your fake textbooks. They make stuff up for satanic reasons. To fool you that we live on a ball. Its bizarre. Thats their power, their advantage over the masses. 

Luminaries. NOT PLACES. OK?

ASTRO-NOT CHRIS HADFIELD master viper liar level. CGI technology. Men in black style. Hiring fantasy artists. SEX is written in the cloud formation on their globe earth photos. SO FUNNY. People with eyes to see WINK WINK

People buy it, they comment AMAZING, OUR TAX DOLLARS ARE AT WORK...yeah TRILLIONS of our dollars, a BILLION just for faking the moon landing.

Imagine all the years of listening to CIA agents on ART BELL or COAST TO COAST.

LYING to you. Faking planets, this above is CANADA! They find rodents they have to photoshop out! Sometimes you find them. 

The moonlight putrifies, is cool, the sunlight gives life, is warm Its blue hue versus warm hue. Different light. Plus moonshade is warmer than moonlight. Sunshade is cooler than sunlight. Right? 

The eyes cannot see what the indoctrinated mind 
refuses to accept....

What the Hell is this! Rainbow colored places?

He BAALS ! He Baals! Yes, he was in London April 19 same time as opening of the Temple of Baal. One in NYC opened too. Look it up.

The Zionists, Freemasons, and NASA's Biggest Secret
Ok so the earth is flat infinite plane. then what, who knows, who keeps this secret, and who created the ball earth lie? Thats what this video is about. But first Eric goes over totally different proofs in the beginning, like about eclipses and ancient religions and RAHU. I love the moon. 
NASA they all have forked snake tongues, like in their LOGO. The DUPERS delight. Its fun. Hilarious. Its a joke! They are the authority then. We go to the priests!
You can see STARS right through the moon. Did you know this? The ISLAM and MIDDLE EAST FLAGS has this symbol. 

You have to be a psychopath to lie like this. Like NASA does.
Eric goes over why high tide only happens in Oceans, and nowhere else. Water remains level. It never curves. They cannot show you any example of water gravitized around a ball. 
Its a lie that ancients didnt know this and interacted and we knew of another continent. It was suppressed, Columbus knew. There is no way the official story is real.  There were dark ages, but we know now all the forbidden archaeology stories. Obelisks all over they exist. They all had connections. This is technology. ELECTRIC.
We are not the pinnacle of evolution. The IPHONE is not it. Our heritage is ALIEN to us. 
The interviewer asked what his opinion was, on what the planets are. He says, we have cults that go out of body and visit stars and they say they are beings or gods, sometimes, they draw nordics and reptilians, and they are all on an astral plane. Not on this one, a different plane. When these shamans, TAKE DRUGS they see these planetary beings. But they are not physical. They are not planets. or PLACES. They are Internal technology he thinks the stars and planets are.  CGI photos of JUPITER are all fake. NOT BALLS. Why do planets shine as bright as planets? They are wandering stars, they do not follow the pattern of the other lights or stars, electric plasma, Tesla called STARS. Wandering stars wander, the stars stay fixed, like clockwork, for all eternity. Same with CONSTELLATIONS. The same, by the second. Doesnt sound like we are flying through space at all! We have not moved. A single inch. Parallax doesnt lie. The stars are fixed. They rotate and move around us.In pattern. You can predict. Sounds flat to me. The night sky should not look the same every night if we were flying on a ball.
NO You are not special. You are meaningless. There are billions of places, just like us, Just worship the sun. Shut up and pray to the sun, pray to the triangle, and pray to BAAL. Put it out there the HELLFIRE Nasa sun, any day now, the KILLSHOT. They want you to FEAR. The deception is so high class. 
I am the pinnacle of evolution, ERIC DUBAY says. I am the center of everything. I am the smartest. I am  the best.
He speculates that the aliens , he was asked, are astral. Imagination some sort of place. 
SO who is reaching for FINANCIAL DOMINATION using globe earth lies? It is a JOKE on you. And you are expected to laugh it off. Just tradition! Capital P pseudo science. He says.
I am at 48 min. I will continue this commentary later tonight. He is just getting to the good part!
The flat earth movement, is filled with SHILLS.  He says the Jewish Freemasons are doing it. They infiltrate the flat earth movement. He says some agents money the waters, throw in hologram moons, like Mark Sergeant, with so many fake lies, to turn people off to the movement. But I think it backfires on them. I agree. So everyone points fingers at each other. I was called a shill for being pretty. 

Meanwhile, others call Eric a shill or anti semite, so there is war online.  They say he is a shill for painting the flat earth community as anti semite. I am not worried about being PC here.  I can handle words. We all adults. If he has good flat earth information, the most accurate there is, Lets listen to his point of views. They say he is a shill too for his book cover, of a ship falling off the edge. No, thats just the humor he has. People they say would think thats ridiculous. And not believe in FLAT Earth, when everyone knows, Antarctica is the wall of ice around us. Noone falls off any edge. Its infinite plane, not a disc and there is NO SPACE. How can you be a shill when the information is 100% common sense. SO what if he picked a great painting of a ship falling off an edge. His book is for advanced Flat earthers, for most people, have been so dumbed down. They need baby cartoons to explain the hundreds of proofs.

No he is not a shill. He is smart and prolific writer. He writes all the time and makes his own youtube videos. 

In the raw food community, we all have our gurus. Mine used to be JULIANO. His take on raw foods was that it had to be pretty, vegan and orgasmic. Others were only greens, others just fruits, others, into the live food, and probiotics, and some were raw meat eaters, we saw them as..infiltrators, we did. They ruined so many communities overnight. GITMR, SUNFOOD,  Natures first law, all ruined by infighting and arguments by the raw meat eaters. They were like the satanists of diet. We all loathed them. 
I been approached by 5-7 luciferians who asked to manage me, they will give me a radio show. They admitted it. Said NIMROD will be pleased. Give me his dark prince blessings. I never in my life! I didnt think they existed! And by their actions, they seem to be fighting over who manages me.  They want to know everything. What am I doing. They claim me as family, on social media, to claim me. Little things like that, be wary of. THEY FOLLOW everything I write. They comment on everything. Its so weird. Be wary of yes, satanist flat earthers, secret societies, you never heard of. They work up their levels by trolling sites and creating fake flat earth groups. I have learned my lesson. Its best to go alone. Its very creepy. One promised me my own tv show. They would set me up they said. They would pay for everything. Why do they want to infiltrate the flat earth movement. I been asking.
Look here is some proof I was passed

Its a HUGE mother of all conspiracies. You will have eyes to see evil and good, whereas before, you couldnt see evil. Before I was a FEer, I could not see evil. It was not on my radar. Like in the movie THEY LIVE. I am in the fourth dimension. I am psychic now more than ever. You do have the edge of everything when you have flat earth facts.
He says of the jewish culture, they dominate cultures,  by nature and are very cunning. I dont know what this has to do with flat earth, but he says it does. Billions they are given and then billions in reparations, still to this day. He says Hitler wanted peace. Well, the winners say,  he was trying to take over the world, when he was trying to stop the jews from hurting Germany.The Jews he says, play victim, and they are angry at any slights to them.  Stalin was way worse. Noone knows who that is. Ok there is TAKE, his adding on, to the grain of truth, thats flat earth. We all have our slants. But thats his. Its part of his knowledge. It may turn some off to FE, but the grain of truth really is good enough. 
Mysteries exist. Dont close your mind off with the nearest liars excuse for what stars are. HE SAYS, 
Eric Dubay what are your thoughts on the LUNAR WAVE videos by Croww777. He is not a flat earther, I do not know why not, but he is constantly talking about flat earth stuff, every episode. What do you think? Also of CEE DEE and his take back space MOONTV you tube stream. Telescope and live jams. Whats your opinion?


Flat Earth Podcast with Eric Dubay and Mark Knight
The Biggest Lie of All
121,000 feet Little Piggy Cam High Altitude Balloon Flight
FREE Download or read online.

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball.

Author Eric Dubay.
200 Proofs Earth is not a spinning ball video book by Eric 

The Flat Earth Masonic Matrix Manipulators
I love the fireside chats. LOL.  I heard his CROWW777 Interview too. Pushing the envelope again. 
Babylonian Bankster lines since SUMERIA. WHAT a great speaker!

Great short 4 minute video showing many Space/Earth Anomalies/CGI
Debunking the Spinning Ball Earth 
Gravity Does Not Exist! by Eric Dubay
Relativity Does Not Exist! 
Total Eclipse of the Mind
The Masonic Sun-Worshipping Globalist Cult of NASA
The NASA Moon and Mars Landing Hoaxes
The Flat Earth Truth 
The Flat Moon Over the Flat
Stars are Not Suns!
Flat Earth Star Trails Explained
Flat Earth Perspective part 1
Flat Earth Perspective part 2
Flat Earth Perspective part 3 Conclusion
True World | Flat Earth Documentary
Rivers Of Belief 
Flat Earth and the Real Stars
Flat Earth: Frequency of the Heavens

For more information about our flat, stationary Earth please 

TRUST ME, you must choose wisely with these FE groups, 

or learn the hard way. ADD THEM !

BTW for CHRISTIANS, the bible says its flat 700 times, 

right? Moon is the lesser light. FOUR CORNERS of the Earth

The masons acknowledge this in their rituals? NOT? Or yes?

MY OPINON Roger Stone on Caravan to Midnight Ep 501 3 31 2016

Before I start, I want to speak with you John, on your rant. I wrote it right away but I had to wait two days to post. People are on to me, my secret blogging life. I have to find the secret time, when I am all alone and everyone is asleep!

I agree that psychopaths run politics, its one of the end products of governing others. It doesnt have to be, if individuals are erased. We are not governing others though. We are really governing ourselves and if laws dont apply to "I" then they shouldnt be made. Personal Property, Individual rights, has to count. The collective we have to replace with individuals, in charge. My thoughts, see how synched we are!

You mention Oscar Wilde. I read Dorian Gray when I was 15. I loved the story too about the statue in the garden with the ruby eyes, the birds picked out.

Did you ever see the movie OFFICE SPACE? Imagine having world leaders like that despoting ? MMMK? Leadering over countries, telling us what words we can use, what bathrooms we have to use, what pieces of paper we have to hang on our walls. What areas we can and cannot hang a sign up in. Would they make new months, like they did Gregorian, its an un-natural calendar. We need to have a permit, If we dare touch fake paper money. Parasitic people. Power trippers. Inside jokesters. That joke you made was so much fun.

PATHOCRACY what a great word, I will use it this week I am sure.
You ask, would you have a drink with these guys. I would not have a drink with Obama, unless we talk about his flat earth speeches. His bungled flat earth speeches. I really want to know what he meant when he was talking about the sun travelling over us, across the flat lands.

Imagine John, your parents, right? Now we are adults, we do not need parents, to keep us from falling into the fire, or ingesting mercury, etc WE KNOW BETTER. So isnt it about time, civilizations outgrow their parents, and start saying HEY MOM, you know, you did bad when you lied to my dad, etc. Or Dad, when you told me you were giving me allowance, and you spent it on gambling...We grow up, we see the wrong of our parents, we blame them, dont we? and well, what happens when kids grow up? Judgment comes on your parenting.  JUDGMENT. You judge your parents!

It is time we take over our government and fix it. Its time. We are grown up, They have done us wrong JOHN. Our inferiors are ruling over us. WE HAVE to stand up and judge them now.

OUR INFERIORS. DMV like workers, cant know right from wrong, its programmed out of them. They are baited with kickbacks, commissions, they are rewarded to become traitors to the USA. Good people, are being turned evil. Like TED CRUZ. He is as phony as they come, but I think with Ted, the weakness he has, is he needs to be loved. Right now, his handlers and showering him with love, but its not LOVE TED. Its fake. Real love you would be showered with, if you came clean and admitted whats happening behind the scenes. I am reaching out to you TED. COME CLEAN live on air, support DONALD and apologize and tell the truth and if you proof is good, you will be a hero.

"Donald Trump is a US Nationalist in a field of globalists "- Roger Stone quote

ROGER STONE- Love to your mission. I send your mission POWER. I sometimes pace around my kitchen island praying for you, sending you ideas. Anything I can. I see all your peoples reporting to you and papers and copies and lots of work.

In the beginning of this interview, you use the word, AGITATE. I say agitate everyone enough to tip the scales over to DONALD. I hear you say that word AGITATE and its something that stood out to me as important. This is a good idea. Sometimes you have to agitate. 

Like for me, MY BFF is going to a BEYONCE CONCERT and I almost lost a friendship over this. But I agitated enough and I did. I think I made my point clear. We have to twist the wrists of our loved ones and friends who are brainwashed. And treat them like innocents, with no judgment. Lead them to the truth. AGITATE to get your point across. YES!

I love when Matt Drudge highlighted TED in ELIMINATED headline once. I want to call him that from now on. EliminaTED

Donald Trump is UNCONTROLLABLE. That does not mean, you cant whisper things in his ear!.. It means, he is led by something HIGHER. Nothing on earth! He has very good JUDGMENT of people. He can read right through you, and he has creation skills. He is the LION with the THREE PYRAMIDS, they put a pharoah's head on top of-- later! He is THE O.G. ORIGINAL LION.  Leo lines right up to the pyramids now. The time is now. And God has always been good to DONALD TRUMP. Look at how he lives. Ok. Thats proof enough I think. America has held his accomplishments up in HIGH ESTEEM. I like that point.

He cant be bought. I love that idea too. He can't be. Gold loves him. Gold is just attracted to him like a magnet. Isnt it? Or am I making stuff up? I am not. Those who know know. Roger Knows. Gold is very important I feel. Its what the elites have hoarded, and we must release it. Then they cant buy FAKE PROTESTERS with it anymore.

I FEEL,  thats really what this is about. The gold. All the societies are battling right now for their share or even the whole thing.

 I say to all the secret societies out there, hijack them, and force them to support Trump and turn back to GOD. Ban Satanism and BAN ISLAM. And be the caretakers of the "secret" become to PROTECTORS of innocents. Remember, Free will takes over any blood oaths. It TRUMPS blood oaths. So hey, if you want to really do GREAT WORK, then lets get the gold to America! And Trump! Your grandchildren will live like Kings. And you will elevate your good brothers to leaderships.

Roger forgive me if I have different point of views. I want to introduce you to some of them. I can say to you, I am not an IVY LEAGUE writer, I am not a published author. I can say and write things, you cant.  Just like none of us are running for President either.
Good can be everywhere. In all of us. We can all support Donald Trump in our own unique ways.

I see this as a spiritual battle.  I see DONALD as the world savior for CAPITALISM. And individuals everywhere! For the first time, the world sees the hole, it can walk right through, to freedom. And DONALD TRUMP I mean, how perfect is that, that HE is the one leading us! It would make sense. It makes sense to me. He is the best in all men. The world needs to know who he is. Their media has fooled their populations. But not here in the USA. We are the last truth tellers. All of us need to realize this message, is not just for the USA. Its for the GOOD in all men. We are teaching the ENTIRE flat world, our pond, our message, that love, will overcome fear. We love DONALD TRUMP so much.......that will be what wins. LOVE FOR HIM. PRAISE FOR HIM. He is PERFECT! I feel thats a powerful idea to carry across to. Its not just for America, but for the good in all men. In every country YOU GUYS ALL HAVE A DONALD  just for you. LOOK at Austria.

Roger I wish you would talk more. THERE WILL BE NO JFK MOMENT. It doesnt exist in reality. There is no SCHRODINGER BOX,  with that option, I broke it. I broke that box. I did. Look online at my tweets. Anyone who writes of that, I will rewrite and post everywhere and reflect that curse back.  He will make it. Its the EVIL EYE GUYS. Dont put it past them. Trump and Roger, you both have GODs PROTECTION. I know it. He is obsessed with you two! God is obsessed with all men choosing the side of good.'

ROGER Au Revoir A bientot, you know there will be more gorgon medusa beyonces. They will come flying out of everywhere. When its all done, we must banish all evil to the undergrounds. Whats your opinion, Have not the elites built bunkers for themselves to live in? How about we put them there, to live, forever! BANISH HILLARY CLINTON TO THE UNDERGROUNDS 2016!

MELODY KRAMER I downloaded your interview in my kindle I will hear it today and write you my opinion! Later loved it



I am listening to you LINDSEY-man, and U R a nobody. YOUR view is so global. UR SO WRONG about Donald. ur just creating lies, to smear him. Using keywords. Your lies, they will backfire on you. In the real world, its so boring. UHAVE No basis in reality. You have no power MR LINDSEY. Nobody knows who you are. Noone likes you. You have no friends. They are using you. Stop taking bribes from Ted and then talking about religion and women. You do not speak for women. I banish you to the undergrounds 2016! LINDSEY. GLOBALISM is NOT HERE TO STAY, DO not threaten Americans! I banish you to the undergrounds!

 ‪#‎lindseygraham‬ ‪#‎heathen‬ ‪#‎trump2016‬‪#‎banishhim‬ ‪#‎donaldtrump‬ ‪#‎religion‬ ‪#‎christians‬

Friday, April 29, 2016


I have to tell you. I was really moved John, to tears.  I CRIED! I was moved to tears by your show. These women, are ideal. They are the finest. They have character, they have brains. They are virtuous.  They are educated in the CONSTITUTION, more than any lawyer I know. I was reminded by the commandment to honor thy mother and father
right away. She later said it too, so you know I am synched! 


I am thoroughly enflamed! THE WAY YOU DESCRIBE LAVOY....HONOR THY MOTHER AND FATHER comes to mind to me. You then mention the bible! See, I am your people. The way you describe him...took my breath away, how do you do HONOR him. Thats something noone will do, 

Noone will do that for the individuals who shot him. Their families will turn away from them in SHAME. Empty funeral seats for those.

Its a love story you are reading. It was your husband! WHO TAUGHT people about rights! 

Who had a mission, you went into, how he helped SO MANY. SO many looked up to him, looked to his decisions. They respected him. He had respect. You speak of VIRTUE. Thanks for the lesson. I will look this up tomorrow. I will write out what my principles are. 

Girl you speak so well. I love when you give definition for Despotism. Its cruel tyranny. It sounds so.....LOW. I love that word to truly explain how I feel about these tyrants, they love the power they hold...these little "Hillary Clintons", running around taking land from Ranchers, Oh they must feel so Bossy! With pantsuits and stained teeth.

THANK YOU FOR THE CONSTITUTION LESSON. For the Jefferson quote. Thanks.

(You know John, this story is the big story! As an aside, you got the hottest story on internet. Everyone is listening, TIME MAGAZINE is hating themselves for not being allowed to cover this. China is listening, VLADIMIR PUTIN I bet is rolled up in bed, with Vodka, loaf of bread, and sausage. Listening to these women, he got the phone call saying, TURN ON THE CARAVAN. HI MATT DRUDGE out there listening 
GIVE THIS TO HIS EARS! This is IMPORTANT!! Yes, you have nooo idea, 
this is TABOO story of the year. )

So Robert hello. You speak well. I hate the media lie too. LAVOY was not a militant, he was not anti government. Thats slander. LYIN MEDIA. LYING to the world. I hear you say that the Federal Government cannot possess a certain amount of land, by our laws, and they own almost all of MIDWEST NOW! THATS OVERREACH. Thats why Lavoy was protesting. Its criminal. 

Its mafia. Its what they call, Obamas world. This is what happens when DESPOTS rule us. It trickles down poisoning our police, everyone thinks they can be despot too. Hey maybe I can be despot too. Lets prey on the PUBLIC. I would hate myself. I would. I am as good as the worst government worker. 

Finnicum family this is. There is also BUNDY Family. This is not them. Right. RIGHT. To clarify. I know. HONORING private property rights. LAVOY FINICUM, will go down in history, as the man who honored Private Property, the table leg of CAPITALISM. 

Liberty people make this trendy! Write about this. You will GET HITS. This is secret knowledge!

Lavoy Finicum has a youtube 


I am so with you ladies. I am. You are the HOPE for us all. I wish I had a family like you guys. Its so admirable. You guys have each other.  Lavoy, what a beautiful name. Is it French! GOD did use him. That moment God was living it, with him. God saw all those faces shooting at him.

Mother- your words are so fine. You make such good points. I am so impressed. If you are like me, you want to do good. I can feel your love. This is what is good, you have done good by sharing your story. Thanks.  Mainstream Media will change. But for now, History will be written by the people. Like me. Bloggers, Viewers, and we wont let History forget. 

THE INDIVIDUAL vs COLLECTIVISM. I love your point of view. White versus Black. You can belong to a group, if you want to,  but only when you feel like it. When you ready, when you 
want, and only your holy threshold. 

My thoughts on yours, the girl speaking. You are on a rant, that means you have passion for a man, you respect and love. I feel so patriotic. He sacrificed himself, this was an offering. I dont know about you. Thats pretty SAINTLY to me.


Now you women, putting all on the line. Speaking to the world. 
Speaking to god. You are praying to GOD.  He loves getting attention. I feel god is lonely. Like us. 
Dying to connect, with anyone. I feel God is like us, inside, wanting to do good too. And when you speak, he speaks back, U KNOW! You have gods protection all of you.

We will banish evil to the undergrounds, if you know what I mean. Its coming. The world is changing. We will find a place for evil. BELOW! 

When good overthrows evil. THIS ELECTION.

There is a boy in this interview. A son?  ROB, great rant. I mean it. you look the FBI in the eyes. IN this interview, you look at them. You do. Your eyes wide open. Look at what you 
did to me, your eyes say, what you took from me. YOU TOOK MY FATHER! 

Your father was murdered ? And the world lied about it? The 
mainstream media peed all over you guys. Knowing full well, what
they were doing to themselves. THIS WILL BACKFIRE on them.

Evil is looking upon you, wishing they had what you have. Really. 

How we good people live is so vastly different than people in other countries. why, because of the CONSTITUTION. Everyone admires Americans, or USED to, because nothing bad could ever happen to you. WE WERE Royalty. It was about something HIGH class like, innovative fearless style, gold and money, it was about PERSONAL rights. All you did was pull out your passport and doors opened, where they closed on others.  YOU WERE SPECIAL. Noone could hurt you. 

 The ranchers country makes one good I feel, being in nature and
around animals. Your land is precious to you. Your rights, your land. Its your property! It belongs to you. No one is allowed on it if you say so. Whats with these new taxes on homes? Whats with gopher rights? Whats with land being in danger?  Resources in danger, what? Over a bestselling book someone wrote?  How does that turn into taking all 
land next to rivers and streams! 

How does that turn into starving and torturing men in prison? For the endangered rodents and that GOLD under your land.

Sounds like, same as 
always, the collective is evil and when the " I " is erased, in place of the "WE" then you know its evil. 
"I", replaced by and  for the will of 
many,  Or "I" replaced by animals, or dirt, 
thats how evil is born. Socialism makes proud Americans, turn 
into the nightmarish living dead in spirit. Zombie police. They just follow orders. They dont care if an arm is hanging
ZOMBIE FBI,  I will close any door to them I can.
Unless they come clean, and really come clean.  Next year a best selling book exposing them will 
come out.  Time is now, to let the ranchers free, when it matters.

You speak of  land being taken away, because of "Artifacts". Or did I hear wrong? I heard in CHINA  a farmer found gold and the state took it claiming the CHINESE VERSION of DEPARTMENT OF RESOURCES owns 
it. Thats coming here next right! 

Hey, did you know CHINA is buying up all the land in the midwest.

THEY HAVE RANCHER FETISH. They want to be like us. They want to dress up like a rancher, just for a day! Who is selling the land to CHINA? 


 Not with Trump, let me tell you, all of 
it will be replaced or expelled. Obama's birth status will come out and everything he did we can cancel! My hope. All these departments, Bureaus, Closets, and Councils. THE CLINTONS when their rape stories, 
so many of them will come alive to the public's ears, and TRUMP, they will not silence his mic, 
for that...after this, all their evil councils, they invented, will be erased too. Death to departments. All of them. I mean it. It will all be cleaned out. I know it. I feel  it. They do not good for the Land, nor the animals. NOR the resource. Especially NOT AMERICANS. Thats like the last on their list.

They do mineral reports, AKA snoop around, and if they find ANY on your land, they take it. You get a letter saying oh get off, in 30 days or pay $10K a month fee. 

Right, thats how they do it right? Legalise words, that means the opposite of what it means. Like when they say they want to make something diverse, its they want everything THE SAME. 

 And people just buckle, they never in their lives been prepared to do this, in the land of milk and honey for 

I embrace you women. I do. I embrace you. THANKS for touching me. I ASK GOD to send you the ideas that will win this case. At the right time the right place GOD Send them the right things to say and when and how to act I want to be shown to them, as if in a vision.

I am listening to this live, not watching, so I am talking to the woman speaking. I cant see who is taking turns. I know its a mother and her children. I speak to all you at once.

Dad was not a militia member, not a militia men. Never served in the MILITARY. He was god fearing competent, man, I love the way you describe him. LAVOY. What a great rancher name. 

I have a pocket constitution. Its in my car. On my dashboard. I seen someone give on to Trump a while back when he was signing 
autographs, a boy gave it to him. And thats how many times I thought of it this year. I love when you read the ammendment,showing them, they have no rights to do what they did. VIOLATION.

And its too bad the BLM agents, have JUDGE brothers who just make it so hard for justice. Am I right?

These bills laws, gangs,  should not even be considered! It is NULL and void, if UNconstitutional? I know free will trumps blood oaths. This is why I ask all of you. You have free will. 

Do you guys think SATANISM is prevalent in our law enforcement? I am dead serious, any law enforcement out there,  belong to LIARS CLUBS? Or SECRET SOCIETIES? 
Do you know of this infiltration and threat? Because Islam and 
Satanism, have infiltrated, all the great societies. Think of that my
friends. LOVE to you. 

This is an explanation, of how good men, could 
turn wicked on a dime, for a dime, thats been long spent. When you get your BOOTY, you wont want it.

Political Prisoners, the ranchers all are,  you say to write them letters and reach out to your reps. and tell them to release them ranchers. They do not deserve to be tortured and in solitary. 100s of them. They are innocent. 

And yes, they are being starved. YOU KNOW IT JOHN. I know it. You will find out later, I was right. But thats perfect, because in FASTING, when you FAST on just water, any thoughts you need or spirit,  comes to you better and clearer.  And we have asked 
him for help, right?

I am crying now! I am in tears! I have to rewind and hear again this whole thing.

One Cowboy Stand for Freedom is the website you say.

UN FREE ZONE? You bring this up. The UN? Who? They have no power here. They just a bunch of people from every country, they are not a country. They are subject to the laws of their OWN country. 
They are just individuals representing populations? DO they know this? The populations. do they know they are being represented?  DO they have peoples' permission? I bet you they do not. Hey, the UNITED NATIONS as a logo has a flat earth map. WEIRD. They are deceiving us about something. LUCIFERIAN SOUNDING TO ME HUH LADIES.  Did you hear LEO diCAPRIOS horrific global warming Oscar trinket speech!

Nice story of George Washington. I am moved. Thanks ROB.

Dont forget John, I am listening to every show you put out. When you have a bad day or feel like noone gets ya. Know that I am out there and I understand. Make that known. If you have a down day, I probably am too.  

I feel so comforted when I hear
that deep dark voice of yours. Cavernous. hahaa Its time to relax, I 
always say, when I hear dodo dodoo dooo your theme song. 

And if you are an "up and coming" guest of Caravan to Midnight, and,  you LIE TO JOHN, Know that I will KNOW. I see you now.  Dont even try it. I see you. OK?