Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Carrot pudding

I got this from Fred Patenaude's Low Fat Raw Vegan recipes DVD

It didnt seem low fat but hey, it looked good and my friend bought me 4 thai coconuts anyways, so I made it. I took out the coconut water which was really refreshing

Then I took the coconut meat of a few and blended with dates and vanilla

Then added shredded carrots. OMG IT WAS SO FREAKING GOOD. To die for really.


I juiced three watermelons and had that. 

Watermelon juice

Every night I made savory veggie stew. I added laver seaweed for a salt craving I had.

Savory green veggie stew raw vegan

I ordered dates from From a farm. They were super juicy and big. I eat alot of dates.


I made Kale Apple soup with celery and grapes on top. It was a Cherie Soria recipe.
2 Oranges peeled, Apple, Kale. I added a few dates and lemon juice.

Kale Apple Soup

I am watching Fred Patenaude's dvds and maybe I will make a recipe from it.

I got 4 thai coconuts. I eat them with a spoon. I love them. I have lots of oranges.

Also making a lot of banana smoothies with dates and a teaspoon tahini

Monday, January 18, 2010

I made a salad dressing of mango, tomato, basil, sun dried tomato, dates

I had tons of smoothies, kiwi, banana, date, ginger. I bought a case of bananas.

Banana ginger date

I made a salsa with leftovers. Mango, Tomato, juice, dates, bell pepper etc..

I had Roger Haeske's recipe for savory tacos. Jicama as filling. It was very spicy. I liked it. Blended stuff like tomatoes and chili and cumin added

The leftovers made a good savory veggie stew itself.

I love my grocer. He is French Canadian.

I ate all my dates. I have been eating some cacao beans. I went to event and was so hungry cause there was no food around.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I made tons of Smoothies with cherries and bananas and dates.

There is my cherry pitter.

I went out to eat with another friend and I had two salads with Pico and avocado as dressing. No big deal, but can't do that every night..

Mostly all night I ate frozen bananas and sun dried tomatoes. I had a few mandarin oranges. I watched Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory show on Tru tv. Love it.

I made a veggie stew, based of Fred Patenaude's recipe. I added and changed some things.

It had tomatos, cucumbers, lots of mango to make sweet, thai chili dried pepper, bell pepper, chives, and lots of basil. It was good. I would add more mango next time. Its blended to make chunky. All 811 recipes should be sweet. If savory.

veggie soup

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I dont want raw vegan food to be all I think about but..

Today I had gazpacho,
minus my sundried tomatoes cause I ate them all..

It was up to 4 cups in Vitamix tomatoes, lots of basil, lemon juice, orange juice, dates, agave and one dried thai chili pepper. I should have added two cause I couldnt taste it. It was based on Karmyn's recipe.

I then Made Fred Patenaude's Fruit soup, with my own ingredients.
I love his soup. Based on Pineapple and all sorts of diced fruits you can make. From his dvd. This had celery, pomegranate arils, cherries, grapes, and pineapple.

Fruit soup

I had lots of banana smoothies and frozen bananas. With dates, berries and vanilla.

I went out with friend, to Mexican restaurant, And I got a salad with pico de gallo and little guacamole. This was challenging as she had veggie burrito with cheese plus we were talking.

I then had dates for snack. We went bowling.

All last night, watching movie called Duchess of Langelais, I ate sundried tomatoes and some mac nuts, and tons of frozen bananas. I was a little piggy with the frozen bananas. I ate a whole container.

You see I bought a whole case and went away just when they were spotty, so I cut them up and froze them.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

This morning I mashed up apricots and dates with banana.

I had lots of smoothies, tons of them, with local berries, bananas and dates.

I ate a bag of cherries.

I snacked on sundried tomatoes eaten with a mac nut each time. Weird I know. Usually for my dog to eat after I chewed it up.

I was watching Fred Patenaude's dvds. I cannot wait to have fruit soups. I cannot. Also he taught me a few things I never knew.

For dinner I had raw savory veggie PIZZA flavor stew. This time I used large cuber for veggies which makes it more filling, like I am stuffed full.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Fruit Juice fast

In Downtown Seattle there is a good public market with lots of fruit stands, at the bottom of Pike Street

Look do these look like dried up strawberries?

I went to this place for juice. Also "Juice it" on Pike and Terry. You have to ask them not to put sugar in though.

I recieved and got Fred Patenaude's LOW FAT RAW VEGAN DVD. I have not had time to watch it yet. My friend N told me always to make 811 recipes sweet.

I was juice fasting for 5 days. Mostly Orange.


I did have a little raw cacao powder and blue raw agave mixed when I needed energy to work.

Today I broke my fast with Roger Haeske's Corn Salad recipe. I did add three blended dates. I think one jalapeno is way too hot. I just put a half.

It had tomatillos which are delicious, tomatoes, corn, lemon juice, jalapeno, bell pepper etc etc

My friend A, her blog, .. she ordered me some dates. I was so happy to get them in the mail. I was sooooo happy. My Xmas present.

Me with my dress I bought in MIRACLE MILE Coral Gables. I lived a block away. Actually behind CITY HALL I lived.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Today I had Oj squeezed first thing.

Also last night I had a lot of smoothies. Peaches, bananas, berries, Oj and dates

Today I had alot of giant ones too.

I also at a box of frozen blueberries, frozen overnight.

I made more Savory green veggie Pizza Stew. This one was very spicy!

I love my veggie chopper

Its only 5 pm so I will probably have the other bowl of SVS and also more smoothies and OJ.

I have frozen Washington peaches too I need to use up.

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year!

For breakfast after New Years I had raw Organic orange juice

I had smoothies of local berries, organic banana, Oj I juiced and some Pomegranate.

I also had bananas to eat. I also dipped medjool dates in pomegranate arils. I had no idea you ate the seeds with it. Like candy. I loved this.

I had more Oj throughout the day.

Then I made Savory Veggie "PIZZA " Stew recipe the one Karmyn made. It was soo good. I made for my friend and she loved it.

Cukes, tomatoes, basil, bell pepper, celery, spinach, and toppings. Sundried tomatoes too. Hot pepper.

And then more dates with pomegranate arils.

So satisfying.

Me last year, last night