Monday, January 04, 2016


My goals

 I want to have long hair, some bangs, dark blonde hair. I

would like to wear heels and skin tight dresses with

jewelry. I want a large mansion, easy to maintain. Lots of

books, classics. I want my daughters educated in the arts

and with homeschool tutors. I want my daughter to take

mandolin classes, for her fun, for her entire life. I want

to train her in music. I want this to be her fun. I have to

make it fun. I must never ever make it a chore or work or

study or like lessons. Never. Her mandolin lesson has to be

fun always.

I want my love to be in love with me. I want my love to love

me back. I want to do things to get his attention and I want

him impressed with me. I want everyone around me to be happy

with me.

I want to write lots of stories that women look up to when

they read. I want my story to uplift women and young girls

and inspire them to be something.

I want to be in a relationship that outshines all others. I

want to figure out how to get everyone to like me, to admire

me, to love me. I have to be the best example. I have to

lead by example. I have to by crystal clear in my intention

of who I want to be.

I want to be a writer. I want to help others. I want to be

spiritual and help people through spiritual exercises that I

create for them. Mostly focusing on goals, meditation and

overload of love. I want to know how I can connect with

everyone I meet. I want eye contact with everyone and I want

to attract.

I want to be like Marilyn Monroe when reading people. She

usually gave everyone what they wanted. I would have to do it myself. I would have to

desire this enough. Meanwhile, my life has passed by. I do

love Marilyn very much.

Love , what do I love? I love Paris. I love reading and


I would like to communicate with spirits. Good ones that can

guide me. Who do I ask for? Angels? Or is that too much of a

part of our culture. I need other worldy. How about I should

call them and ask for MY PROTECTORS.

I would like to communicate with other humans too. I am

thinking maybe I communicate with my friends in my thoughts,

and like write it down the impressions I get.

For example.
I am going to meditate on my love for ten minutes and then

write down here my impressions: 7:33 pm started/7:43 ended.

Thoughts that came up: Hexileleh I must play. That is this
Flower of life game- I must do. I should never spank my

kids..only positive reinforcement. Anger revenge jealousy

are feelings I feel that I have not expressed or fully

grieved over or dealt with. I should always look at people

and give them eye contact. I should erase anything and

everything negative that I ever write. I am a spiritual good


I would like to ask my protectors if they want to channel

through me, through automatic typing, I think I can learn. I

really feel something in me, that needs, that desires this,

and with my will for so long, I have to manifest something.

Its my will.

Is there any connection, I want to open it up. I want to. I

must. Its my desire. I am asking, any energy or spirit that

desires to be my protector, to help me be the best most

positive person I can be. Spirit= Whose will power is strong

and can lead to the fulfillment of all my worldy wishes. I

would like the skills it takes to truly read people and tell

them exactly what they want or need to hear for massive and

permanent change for the better. I would love to have

psychic gifts. I would like to be extra sensory and be able

to prove these abilities. I have talents in the manifesting

and attracting areas of conciousness. I know what I want and

if I do not I want to figure it out.

My protectors guide me, Take me to where I truly will be

happy. Help me find what works for me. Give me advice in

ways I know come from you. Take me to the dreams that will

give me the most pleasure. Lead me into the arms of love.

Give me luck. Be there for me , when I call upon you. I

would like a talisman, so show yourself!

I would like to eat simple. Pieces of fruits, tomatoes,

avocados and raw food meals when I am out. I want more

juices and coconut waters. I want more salads that are out

of this world. Kale and dates, breads and veggie chips. I

love my new dehydrator, bless it. I want others around me to

take it upon themselves to eat more raw and help me out with

preparing raw food meals. I would like to be led to



indeed. I have followed every hole. It cant be proven either way.