Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gorilla walks like a man

Energy soup, lots of sprouts, avocado, papaya and greens
Me sleeping
Mashed up food with dulse on top. Raw food at the Ann Wigmore Institute
Plate of papaya from outside
Raw vegan rolls packed lunch day at the museum

Friday, January 28, 2011

Possibility of a rapture

View from bedroom in Puerto Rico
Raw vegan dessert made by Mike Pollack, the chef at ANN WIGMORE INSTITUTE
Me drinking Coconut water. It was so hot in Puerto Rico
Green energy soup with sprouts, papaya and raw sauerkraut
Another dish there, all raw vegan, very green

So many souls on this earth

Raw Vegan Art, actually me sitting outside ART BASEL
Shayla and Paul Nison, raw food guy
Shayla and cacao tree at our friend Sauls tropical fruit farm. He is on the web
GREEN JUICE- two cukes, half head each of kale and celery
What I got at U PICK once:

Every thought you have is a prayer

Raw Vegan Pie in Miami, during a class
Alton Road
Rolls I used to make with my friend Shayla
Cake I made for a girls bday, Raw vegan cake
Energy soup with basil

We are all one body. Open possibilities.

My plate at a raw food class in Miami with Tracy. Look at all the yummy raw vegan food.
Raw vegan cracker sandwich with guacamole and toppings.
I order this vegetable naruto when I dine japanese. Its all veggies wrapped in cucumber slices.
Me in France by crypt behind my hotel.

We are gods, the pure level of conciousness

Hiking at night in Geneve by the chateau I stayed at.

Watermelon and COCONUT WATER
Jakfruit in Homestead Miami
Giant Star fruit, sweet and ORANGE, sun ripened. Not supermarket.
Baby pineapples growing wild

The 12th dimension is 7th heaven

Me skinny dipping on a hot Miami day.
Oj with raisins bananas and what not. My boss made this for me at work.
Raw vegan cracker with banana and nut butter/ nutmeg. WOW Heavy but good

Me in Geneva with Durian
Heaven, I ate lychees all day here

Not all of our thoughts are our own

Salad greens at the farm, organic. I used to bring a bowl and raw vegan dressing and sit under a tree and eat a salad.
I made this one.
Protesting at PETA outside KFC meeting in South Beach
This was at the juice place in North Miami on the beach. The guy was jamaican and had books around.

meditating 3 hours all this info downloaded

YUMMY giant mamey fruit
Loquats? Yummy delishhh. Had this in Homestead
Me and my brother have alot of fun together
I was into putting Blue Green Algae in my raw smoothies at this time. E3

Me on the beach sunbathing in my sisters bikini on SOUTH BEACH, FL

Wasn't in my physical body

I love this Papaya hammock in Miami Beach. Those tomatoes were wild and so sweet. I think that is breadfruit and guava too.
Raw Vegan Avocado salad with tomato. This was way before the 811 book ever came out.
Me riding horses. It was beautiful experience. In Lucerne.
I made a raw vegan sorbet with strawberries frozen overnight. Is that still raw? I think so.
Raw vegan Spirooli pasta with sundried/ tomato / spice sauce


Me in Geneva having a salad
Raw Vegan Rolls I used to eat alot of these with tahini dressing
Exotic fruit in Geneva
What I had at a restaurant. I asked for a special salad.
Raw Cacao brownies. I learned how to make this at the Tree of Life in AZ retreat where I stayed for three months.