Friday, April 29, 2016


I have to tell you. I was really moved John, to tears.  I CRIED! I was moved to tears by your show. These women, are ideal. They are the finest. They have character, they have brains. They are virtuous.  They are educated in the CONSTITUTION, more than any lawyer I know. I was reminded by the commandment to honor thy mother and father
right away. She later said it too, so you know I am synched! 


I am thoroughly enflamed! THE WAY YOU DESCRIBE LAVOY....HONOR THY MOTHER AND FATHER comes to mind to me. You then mention the bible! See, I am your people. The way you describe him...took my breath away, how do you do HONOR him. Thats something noone will do, 

Noone will do that for the individuals who shot him. Their families will turn away from them in SHAME. Empty funeral seats for those.

Its a love story you are reading. It was your husband! WHO TAUGHT people about rights! 

Who had a mission, you went into, how he helped SO MANY. SO many looked up to him, looked to his decisions. They respected him. He had respect. You speak of VIRTUE. Thanks for the lesson. I will look this up tomorrow. I will write out what my principles are. 

Girl you speak so well. I love when you give definition for Despotism. Its cruel tyranny. It sounds so.....LOW. I love that word to truly explain how I feel about these tyrants, they love the power they hold...these little "Hillary Clintons", running around taking land from Ranchers, Oh they must feel so Bossy! With pantsuits and stained teeth.

THANK YOU FOR THE CONSTITUTION LESSON. For the Jefferson quote. Thanks.

(You know John, this story is the big story! As an aside, you got the hottest story on internet. Everyone is listening, TIME MAGAZINE is hating themselves for not being allowed to cover this. China is listening, VLADIMIR PUTIN I bet is rolled up in bed, with Vodka, loaf of bread, and sausage. Listening to these women, he got the phone call saying, TURN ON THE CARAVAN. HI MATT DRUDGE out there listening 
GIVE THIS TO HIS EARS! This is IMPORTANT!! Yes, you have nooo idea, 
this is TABOO story of the year. )

So Robert hello. You speak well. I hate the media lie too. LAVOY was not a militant, he was not anti government. Thats slander. LYIN MEDIA. LYING to the world. I hear you say that the Federal Government cannot possess a certain amount of land, by our laws, and they own almost all of MIDWEST NOW! THATS OVERREACH. Thats why Lavoy was protesting. Its criminal. 

Its mafia. Its what they call, Obamas world. This is what happens when DESPOTS rule us. It trickles down poisoning our police, everyone thinks they can be despot too. Hey maybe I can be despot too. Lets prey on the PUBLIC. I would hate myself. I would. I am as good as the worst government worker. 

Finnicum family this is. There is also BUNDY Family. This is not them. Right. RIGHT. To clarify. I know. HONORING private property rights. LAVOY FINICUM, will go down in history, as the man who honored Private Property, the table leg of CAPITALISM. 

Liberty people make this trendy! Write about this. You will GET HITS. This is secret knowledge!

Lavoy Finicum has a youtube 


I am so with you ladies. I am. You are the HOPE for us all. I wish I had a family like you guys. Its so admirable. You guys have each other.  Lavoy, what a beautiful name. Is it French! GOD did use him. That moment God was living it, with him. God saw all those faces shooting at him.

Mother- your words are so fine. You make such good points. I am so impressed. If you are like me, you want to do good. I can feel your love. This is what is good, you have done good by sharing your story. Thanks.  Mainstream Media will change. But for now, History will be written by the people. Like me. Bloggers, Viewers, and we wont let History forget. 

THE INDIVIDUAL vs COLLECTIVISM. I love your point of view. White versus Black. You can belong to a group, if you want to,  but only when you feel like it. When you ready, when you 
want, and only your holy threshold. 

My thoughts on yours, the girl speaking. You are on a rant, that means you have passion for a man, you respect and love. I feel so patriotic. He sacrificed himself, this was an offering. I dont know about you. Thats pretty SAINTLY to me.


Now you women, putting all on the line. Speaking to the world. 
Speaking to god. You are praying to GOD.  He loves getting attention. I feel god is lonely. Like us. 
Dying to connect, with anyone. I feel God is like us, inside, wanting to do good too. And when you speak, he speaks back, U KNOW! You have gods protection all of you.

We will banish evil to the undergrounds, if you know what I mean. Its coming. The world is changing. We will find a place for evil. BELOW! 

When good overthrows evil. THIS ELECTION.

There is a boy in this interview. A son?  ROB, great rant. I mean it. you look the FBI in the eyes. IN this interview, you look at them. You do. Your eyes wide open. Look at what you 
did to me, your eyes say, what you took from me. YOU TOOK MY FATHER! 

Your father was murdered ? And the world lied about it? The 
mainstream media peed all over you guys. Knowing full well, what
they were doing to themselves. THIS WILL BACKFIRE on them.

Evil is looking upon you, wishing they had what you have. Really. 

How we good people live is so vastly different than people in other countries. why, because of the CONSTITUTION. Everyone admires Americans, or USED to, because nothing bad could ever happen to you. WE WERE Royalty. It was about something HIGH class like, innovative fearless style, gold and money, it was about PERSONAL rights. All you did was pull out your passport and doors opened, where they closed on others.  YOU WERE SPECIAL. Noone could hurt you. 

 The ranchers country makes one good I feel, being in nature and
around animals. Your land is precious to you. Your rights, your land. Its your property! It belongs to you. No one is allowed on it if you say so. Whats with these new taxes on homes? Whats with gopher rights? Whats with land being in danger?  Resources in danger, what? Over a bestselling book someone wrote?  How does that turn into taking all 
land next to rivers and streams! 

How does that turn into starving and torturing men in prison? For the endangered rodents and that GOLD under your land.

Sounds like, same as 
always, the collective is evil and when the " I " is erased, in place of the "WE" then you know its evil. 
"I", replaced by and  for the will of 
many,  Or "I" replaced by animals, or dirt, 
thats how evil is born. Socialism makes proud Americans, turn 
into the nightmarish living dead in spirit. Zombie police. They just follow orders. They dont care if an arm is hanging
ZOMBIE FBI,  I will close any door to them I can.
Unless they come clean, and really come clean.  Next year a best selling book exposing them will 
come out.  Time is now, to let the ranchers free, when it matters.

You speak of  land being taken away, because of "Artifacts". Or did I hear wrong? I heard in CHINA  a farmer found gold and the state took it claiming the CHINESE VERSION of DEPARTMENT OF RESOURCES owns 
it. Thats coming here next right! 

Hey, did you know CHINA is buying up all the land in the midwest.

THEY HAVE RANCHER FETISH. They want to be like us. They want to dress up like a rancher, just for a day! Who is selling the land to CHINA? 


 Not with Trump, let me tell you, all of 
it will be replaced or expelled. Obama's birth status will come out and everything he did we can cancel! My hope. All these departments, Bureaus, Closets, and Councils. THE CLINTONS when their rape stories, 
so many of them will come alive to the public's ears, and TRUMP, they will not silence his mic, 
for that...after this, all their evil councils, they invented, will be erased too. Death to departments. All of them. I mean it. It will all be cleaned out. I know it. I feel  it. They do not good for the Land, nor the animals. NOR the resource. Especially NOT AMERICANS. Thats like the last on their list.

They do mineral reports, AKA snoop around, and if they find ANY on your land, they take it. You get a letter saying oh get off, in 30 days or pay $10K a month fee. 

Right, thats how they do it right? Legalise words, that means the opposite of what it means. Like when they say they want to make something diverse, its they want everything THE SAME. 

 And people just buckle, they never in their lives been prepared to do this, in the land of milk and honey for 

I embrace you women. I do. I embrace you. THANKS for touching me. I ASK GOD to send you the ideas that will win this case. At the right time the right place GOD Send them the right things to say and when and how to act I want to be shown to them, as if in a vision.

I am listening to this live, not watching, so I am talking to the woman speaking. I cant see who is taking turns. I know its a mother and her children. I speak to all you at once.

Dad was not a militia member, not a militia men. Never served in the MILITARY. He was god fearing competent, man, I love the way you describe him. LAVOY. What a great rancher name. 

I have a pocket constitution. Its in my car. On my dashboard. I seen someone give on to Trump a while back when he was signing 
autographs, a boy gave it to him. And thats how many times I thought of it this year. I love when you read the ammendment,showing them, they have no rights to do what they did. VIOLATION.

And its too bad the BLM agents, have JUDGE brothers who just make it so hard for justice. Am I right?

These bills laws, gangs,  should not even be considered! It is NULL and void, if UNconstitutional? I know free will trumps blood oaths. This is why I ask all of you. You have free will. 

Do you guys think SATANISM is prevalent in our law enforcement? I am dead serious, any law enforcement out there,  belong to LIARS CLUBS? Or SECRET SOCIETIES? 
Do you know of this infiltration and threat? Because Islam and 
Satanism, have infiltrated, all the great societies. Think of that my
friends. LOVE to you. 

This is an explanation, of how good men, could 
turn wicked on a dime, for a dime, thats been long spent. When you get your BOOTY, you wont want it.

Political Prisoners, the ranchers all are,  you say to write them letters and reach out to your reps. and tell them to release them ranchers. They do not deserve to be tortured and in solitary. 100s of them. They are innocent. 

And yes, they are being starved. YOU KNOW IT JOHN. I know it. You will find out later, I was right. But thats perfect, because in FASTING, when you FAST on just water, any thoughts you need or spirit,  comes to you better and clearer.  And we have asked 
him for help, right?

I am crying now! I am in tears! I have to rewind and hear again this whole thing.

One Cowboy Stand for Freedom is the website you say.

UN FREE ZONE? You bring this up. The UN? Who? They have no power here. They just a bunch of people from every country, they are not a country. They are subject to the laws of their OWN country. 
They are just individuals representing populations? DO they know this? The populations. do they know they are being represented?  DO they have peoples' permission? I bet you they do not. Hey, the UNITED NATIONS as a logo has a flat earth map. WEIRD. They are deceiving us about something. LUCIFERIAN SOUNDING TO ME HUH LADIES.  Did you hear LEO diCAPRIOS horrific global warming Oscar trinket speech!

Nice story of George Washington. I am moved. Thanks ROB.

Dont forget John, I am listening to every show you put out. When you have a bad day or feel like noone gets ya. Know that I am out there and I understand. Make that known. If you have a down day, I probably am too.  

I feel so comforted when I hear
that deep dark voice of yours. Cavernous. hahaa Its time to relax, I 
always say, when I hear dodo dodoo dooo your theme song. 

And if you are an "up and coming" guest of Caravan to Midnight, and,  you LIE TO JOHN, Know that I will KNOW. I see you now.  Dont even try it. I see you. OK? 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Commentary Donald Trump FOREIGN POLICY Speech. 4/ 26/2016

This is he 38 minute shortened version. His very famous and most talked about speech!

Foreign Policy definition.
for·eign pol·i·cy
  1. a government's strategy in dealing with other nations.

Time to shake off the rust off America Policy, he says
Thats it He is doing this for us!
He is writing us a new type of Foreign Policy, CONSTITUTION. I LOVE HIM.

Of course, I know we are superior.  America is SUPERIOR. There is NOTHING like us. I get ya. We did save the world. We beat everyone evil. We saved the world so many times. We saved all of man, from COMMUNISM, I agree. He quotes REAGAN.

GOD, do you hear his brains? Hear him. Listen. to his tone. America is not used to this. Being talked to with respect!
America is in tears after this speech, tears of joy! I AM IN TEARS! 

--- Thank you Donald Trump, for acknowledging AMERICA. I bless you. ---

5 weaknesses he goes over. He goes into this in detail. He hands me the flashlight, to look at this Government. I am seeing it. I see it. I see what he is saying.


Our Allies do not cover THEIR FAIR SHARE.

( They been lied to by the evil cabal, dreams of madmen who lust for Despotism in the UN, My Opinion) 

The whole world will be safer with Donald Trump. He will lead the free will. The world he enVisions, will be FUNDED beautifully.  Our current President OBAMA bows to our enemies. This has never been seen before! ( He BOWS on the floor to the SAUDI KING!)

He raises up ISRAEL, finally! FINALLY, a civilized culture! Peace area! Scientists! Obama has made savages who loot and plunder, superior to a civilized culture!

The WHOLE WORLD is confused. They are our inferiors, and they are starting to think, we are INFERIOR. Because of OBAMA.
Nobody greets Obama. No respect! NONE NADA NOONE LIKES HIM



We are laughed at now. Its humiliating. I am so ashamed of OBAMA.

China is playing with STAR WARS, lying about going to MARS, and the moon. Faking space faking nukes.  THEY ARE LIARS.

I HEAR EVERYTHING YOU SAY.  This is a very different speech. You highlight your brains in this one DONALD> You show off your brains and its the death knockout PUNCH.

YOU DID GOOD TRUMP. YOU DID GOOD. I am speechless. This speech will be the most watched ever.


And GOLD seems to love Trump. GOLD seems to have an affinity for TRUMP. 

I see it.

HILLARY CLINTON has a muslim sisterhood girlfriend. One who understands how bad men are, so they comfort each other. Dreaming of world domination. QUEEN DESPOT fantasies. She wants to use ISIS. SHE IS the commander for Isis. Clinton is. She wants to use ISIS to lock down the "GLOBE EARTH" so she can rule. Using the UN bill collection service,  to collect money from everyone. It funds her. My opinion.

I know TRUMP we will win! We have a plan. I love your plan. 

Jihadis are the worlds cancer I feel. The world, has to come together, and they have to be good to US. We need to find a solution.  No longer it is one way. Its two way now. US. WE , I. I have to feel it.  Struggle against JIHADIS are amongst all of us. We must stop importing them. WE MUST, They are demons. They drown their own children for "honor" look it up! They have the worst ideas. We have the best ideas. WE ARE SUPERIOR. I feel. I know. I see. 

I am with you DONALD TRUMP. 


MILITARY DOMINANCE, we must NOT question. I feel you are talking to me. I will obey you. I hear you. I so love that. We want SNAPPY DRESSERS in the military too!

OMG our debt. Only you can help. We have to budget. Our trade and immigration policies strong again. I LOVE IT.

Our Veterans we need to treat them well. WAY BETTER. YES. FISHING clubs for them all! Lodges and dinners! Let VETS have cannabis rights!! I say. Big Pharma will kill them. I say.

I will never forget 9 11 and not rest until I know step by step what happened. I will awaken souls from the dead to judge them. I will banish them underground!

We have to find out friends. I believe PUTIN is one. Russia has seen the horror of Islamic Beheadings and Child Sex Slavery, the child female body parts are operated on, so they become virgins, each time they are raped. Until they die. THIS IS BENEATH US.

China is doing crazy things. They have no respect. They are out of control. We do not approve. Obama lied to them!

I love you DONALD. I love the DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENCY. I love this. It is MY WILL that you are president. It is my will. I WILL IT. Donald Trump is THE BEST OF MEN. He is the best in all men. 

I will it. I will that Donald Trump is our PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES.


Victory with a capital V 

The WHITE HOUSE is GODS CAPSTONE. Gold will find its way to TRUMP. 

I believe in TRUMP 100%. Countries who read this, he is the ONE. He is the GOLDen one. Tell that to your people. 

"The SAVAGES whole existence is in public.", AYN RAND, " Civilization is progress towards society of PRIVACY."

He is STRENGTH. He is POWER. He is the INDIVIDUAL. Before all corporations, all gangs, all religions, all secret societies, HE COMES FIRST. AMERICA FIRST. 

We must. Time is now. 

PERFECT SPEECH. You know its not teleprompter. 

Its time to help us, other countries. Its time. I know AUSTRIA is. I know it. Too much destruction out there. Americans must be confident. We are not CONFIDENT, under OBAMA. We are like animals stuck in a trap under OBAMA, We are like the losers with OBAMA! COUNTRIES: Help us get TRUMP in. We will reward you. Remember. GOLD.

Trump equals GOLD. He is the GOLDEN one. Do not forget countries.

He is the greatest defender. GLOBALISM,  Let America flatten this earth then, shall we! America will banish all evil to the UNDERGROUNDS!!


I feel faint. I do. I feel faint. I have so much love. I have to go lie down.

The ‪#‎NEWYORKTIMES‬ called Hillary Clinton a CONGENITAL LIAR! ‪#‎NYTIMES‬ ‪#‎HillaryClinton‬ in 1996

Remember that AMERICA MEDIA.


I got the emergency tweet from Roger Stone,, saying to
tune in to ALEX JONES.

"On this Wednesday, April 27 edition of the Alex Jones Show we cover the Super Tuesday results, Donald Trump’s victory, and the mathematical elimination of Ted Cruz from the race. We also cover the possibility the GOP will search for a third party alternative if Cruz is defeated next week in Indiana, the ongoing Islamization of Europe, and Alex Jones’ open letter to the CIA, NSA and other collaborators. On today’s broadcast, we talk with former Navy SEAL Matt Bracken about Islam’s 2016 European offensive and political consultant and strategist Roger Stone about the upcoming protest at the RNC convention in July."

Roger Stone looking good! Wearing white suit! I love it! Archangel Michael of politics. His words slay demons.
SO HERE I AM ready to share this message.

I love you Alex. I know who you are. I love you Donald. You have my
vote and my decision is FINAL. I love you Roger. I heard your last
interview online, and you kicked ass! "HILLARY IS TRANS ACTIONABLE" was the quote I remember.

I know its ABOUT TRUMP. But let me give YOU some shout out. GO STONE! SLAY THOSE DEMONS with your pen. Your words. Its amazing your skill. GOOD will win. You will go down in History. I will make sure history is written correctly. Stone is the one who helped get TRUMP elected our President and SAVED the world. Who else can do the job? YOU are the man. Noone else can do what you can. They are your inferiors. You are the top of the cream for this kind of political adventure. You have people all around you looking to you. Your decisions are so vital.

Which is why you cannot trust anyone else to do your job ROGER. You have to be ON TOP. THE BOSS. Eyes on all. No breaks. UNTIL TRUMP TO THE WHITE HOUSE ! Stay focused! Drink Fresh juices DAILY. Salad along with every meal. Raw nuts as snacks. No cola. No junk. Tropical Fruits the best! They will rehydrate you and the all natural sugar is BRAIN FUEL.

You are right ROGER STONE. Robespierre, the famous orator of the French Revolution, made the mistake of tolerating Violence. It ate him, in the end. I am with you now. Its got to be BRAINS we beat them with. This has to be PEACEFUL.

STOP THE STEAL, BE THERE!  "The object is numbers." STONE SAYS. I am
going to be there JULY 18-21. I will be there rain or shine. You can
count on me. I will bring my prettiest POSTER with the best WORDS for
this cerebral battle! I do not know where to stay, hotels might just cancel last minute, so will just show up. Buffalo is my original home and its not far away.

THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR. Mans Greatness. I have dreamt of this moment. To crown the best of man, the best in all men, to crown him! USA PRESIDENT!  World Leader! Ahead of all collectives...ahead of all corporations, gangs , businesses, countries, United, Councils, Departments, ahead of them all.. he is the "I" in all men. He is the one. Noone else can be him, right now. This is it. All of us, need to really pay attention.

Polticians, and the entire world need to see, our numbers, that WE WANT DONALD. Numbers. 

The LYIN' Polls are fooling the world. We do not want HILLARY. America REJECTS HER!

The LYIN' media is FOOLING THE WORLD, the world leaders, they are thinking we are HALF HALF or something, on HILLARY. Thats why they fooled countries into their BS plan. NO. NOONE wants her. This is Lyin Media.


Look at their faces!

The world are taking bets who the evil will crown king
despot of the UN. Thats why Obama is shopping around for votes. Maybe
celebrating BAAL Temple opening, AP 19, in London. Having BABY
snacks with MERKEL. ahahha The dreams of madmen.

TAKE THE PLEDGE for DONALD. We will know who is and who isnt
representing AMERICA. Ted Cruz did it.
I get you ALEX!!

"Media Monkey" Roger Stone calls the media!

60s Nixon Campaign, Roger Stone has experience. He knows. He is
synched IN, with what works! He is tied in. He is in it. He knows that violence will fail. He has insider info. He is expert on all revolutions. He has knowledge. He studies political books. I seen his list on twitter. ADD HIM. Roger Stone "KNOWS" something. If you want to be like ROGER, then read his posts. You will see.

SOROS is the evil socialist with the long pointed finger, who raises his
finger and says...." Remove this uh, TRUMP" and his minions go, UUUH We cannot sir. THEN THEY GET THROWN IN THE BOILING OIL! He lives in the GREAT PALACE HOME of the SENIORS. The loony bin. 

Roger Stone knows. He knows. He has eyes. He can see.
THEY USE TRICKERY yes , I agree, thats what Roger Stone says. I would be terrified of Roger Stone if I were evil. His words, what he says "goes". You know why, he is properly trained! He will NEVER put out a story he didnt check out. His words, they would spiritually kill evil, when the evil is exposed. He is  flawless, like his suits.

Trump people are the smartest, the most individually minded people! The most AMERICAN you will find. They put two and two together to make four. Not common core math like TED CRUZ. Thats the perversion you see on tv. Its not reality.

This is about DONALD TRUMP. I agree. He is the GOLDEN ONE. He will
take the establishment on and turn this country GOLD again. GOLD.
Not fools gold paper money. GOLD has affinity for DONALD TRUMP. 

Alex keep on Roger for another hour, dont let him go, sometimes, the higher self slips in, during slower moments, and he comes out with gems! Oh my god. I would call. But when I have something worth calling about. Roger is ten steps ahead of me. But maybe I may have something that will help you BOTH one day. I will call you then.

ANYBODY got insider info, call up the show. I mean we want WHISTLEBLOWERS!

Roger I love when you talk about REAGAN. I feel he is important. Also JFK.  Believe me, they tie in to this election. Right, do you see it?  Evil behind the scenes? 

We know. REAGAN believed the LYIN' POLLS. He thought America wanted HW as VICE. He said, WHY CANT I pick someone I like! He thought polls were accurate!

We do not fall for lyin' polls anymore.

LYIN POLLS lied. Bush was worst mistake Reagan Made. I read that in your book JEB and BUSH CRIME FAMILY. I am on the chapter about POPPY now.

GLOBALISM is evil. Thats the GLOBE.

Stone said it first!
Kasich Cruz ALLIANCE. UNHOLY. laughable. 

 The woman card for
Hillary, is a total gimmick. Yes I agree Alex, Roger says its a hail mary
pass. I like that.

Roger Stone: wants a Trump VOLUNTARY LOYALTY PLEDGE for delegates. YES I want that too. Ted Cruz came out and did it too! He was afraid of JEB dumping HIM!

GOOD POINT a caller, had a good question, what if a fake assassination attempt on OBAMA to  cancel elections, martial law...etc. I pray for Trump. I pray for you too Roger.

Trump is the golden one. He is the one! Glenn Beck takes bribes ! Roger, I
wrote a letter to Glenn Beck, saying TRUMP would forgive you if you came out
and admit you took bribes for CRUZ, right? Trump would love him for
that. We would forgive. It would be the biggest story. It could be like
Marilyn Monroe admitting she took some nude photos, " to pay for her
car payments". The people DO FORGIVE!

Roger sat at the foot of Richard Nixon. He did. Alex says. Roger says stay focused on CLEVELAND. BE THERE July 18 Cleveland. You will know where to go I am sure. Make
a contribution, I will. STOP THE STEAL flyers will be collectors items, so
please order posters! Place them in your shops!! COLLECTIBLES!


I send Donald Trump Presidency All the LOVE I HAVE! I want you to send all your love to.

FUTURE for all of us. Trump Lifestyle for hopefully generations. Making THE FAMILY cool again.

My favorite version! I love psychedelic posters from the 60s

Here is MY #SELFIEforTrump


Friday, April 22, 2016


 COME ON CBS , eye in the sky. Please....let us have TRUMP. There is more gold for all of you. WITH HIM! Not fools gold, the elite with their paper money... you will never get any booty you were promised. You wont want it! Why do we have to be THE SAME as every other country! We are better! We are smarter! If you put him in CBS, help, you will be rewarded with love of the public. If not. Then rat out your crafty bosses. They are not for AMERICA.

I LOVE HER I LOVE HER Katrina Pierson. I love her.

I love DONALDS passion in the beginning of this video. He sounds so right on. He Sounds ANGRY and SO AM I.


She handles this so well. Look at this woman. She is so spot on and so cute adorable. She is one of the angels around Trump.


The FBI were ordered to kill everyone, but they chickened out. There were MILITARY snipers in the trees. They made a roadblock. All LAVOY was doing was teaching ranchers to be SOVEREIGN CITIZENS so their ( about 100 ) ranches could not be taken away, to be sold to CHINA or BLM JUDGE BROTHERS. You can see the live footage of Lavoy Finicum being executed. TO MAKE THE LAND MORE BIOLOGICALLY DIVERSE THEY DID THIS. Mainstream Media is 100% lying and covering up. Justice is coming. And the people will write the history.

To make the land more biologically diverse, they are starving ‪#‎AmmonBundy‬ in jail.
The gophers & land, have more rights than Man does. Everyone has more rights than you, even cats, under SOCIALISM.


I love Joe Biggs. I love when he shoots up Targets of Jihadists Muslims. 




Because its evil to receive safe spaces, only good,  to give to others,  their safe spaces. NOT YOUR Safe Space, but everyone ELSES Space Safe, is more important than yours.


Donald TRUMP is racist, because...the TV SAID SO, those DUMB magazines in the supermarket say so. The Government Oscars say so. Leo says so. Hillary says so. China says so. Saudi Arabia says so. That must tell you something. Right on ALEX.


‪#‎MUSLIMS‬ invading ‪#‎PARIS‬, FRANCE just now! They want Paris to be all SHARIA. 

That means death to MARIANNE! "Marianne is a national symbol of the French Republic, an allegory of liberty and reason, and a portrayal of the Goddess of Liberty. Marianne is displayed in many..."

I cannot pull the ones on Facebook, they are wild, I cannot share them here,  but I found one on youtube. 



Elle est dans votre cœur! 



The word WE is as lime poured over men. Capitalism is about "I" or Individual rights, private property. Capitalism will prevail. I am not the same. My brothers have to do more to earn my love than to have just been born. My happiness is the end.  Ayn Rand



Dont let the ELEVATOR TRY TO BRING YOU DOWN. Lets go Crazy


I woke up with this video. I saw it. and then I had to see it again!

She is a REAL HOUSEWIFE Beverly Hills.


Love this.


I Facebooked Infowars and told them when they make fun of ABORTION ACTIVISTS they need to play DEAD BABIES by Alice Cooper

 FF to there


ALEX please use it when you video the abortion rallies


CHINA, I am afraid Nukes DO not EXIST

I noticed this article. I commented, but my comment was deleted.

 I told them to watch this video:







10 :24 the AHA moment!!!

Roger is the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL of politics. I shudder to think the dragons he slays. And he does it with his pen. And yes a DISCIPLE. And if God is a CAPITALIST, then DONALD TRUMP is the WORLD SAVIOR. The best in men. Thats who DONALD IS. #trumpjesus STONE ZONE DOT COM for ROGER FANS he is such a good writer, if you want to be like Roger, read his posts! This is a MASTER. He is the best writer I have ever read. I think I put Dostoevsky number 2 after him. Every sentence is thought out. And the real scoop is lit up with bright lights and colorful like cotton candy. You will not miss anything. He speaks to you. Its not haughty taughty. He is writing for you. I know thats why Alex loves him so much. Alex and Roger get each other. Roger is high class. He is a leader for all of us. He has the brains. He will tell you what to and what not to repeat. This is important people. You have to listen to him. And share his ideas. People will be impressed with them. And you will do right. Capitalism will prevail. Lets save the word:  I : and make it holy. "We" is as lime poured over men. Individual rights, Private property, and GOLD.  VOTE TRUMP not just vote but do everything you can. KEEP A DIARY IF YOU CANNOT SAY ANYTHING. Just to get it out. We must expose the evil in our government and make it AMERICA again. The name of your diary can be, " My secret role getting Trump elected to the WHITE HOUSE, to the POTUS" and your grandchildrens children will talk highly of your diary. START TODAY! Buy a really nice empty book from Barnes and Nobles.


Patricia Steere posted a song 

Space is Faked people. Wake up to NASA's Scams. I mean NASA CAMS

This is from NASA


Thats A REAL PHOTOGRAPH of the darkside of the moon. Hee hee hee it looks so fake. It looks like a Computer Graphic Image. Nasa calls them IMAGES, not photos. 

So we have all these photos of Places like planets, and we have a little space ship by Pluto now. Who Happens to Have PLUTO THE DOG in it.

Do you see PLUTO the dog, WALT DISNEYs SOUL is not laughing. He is very sad. We will all be judging him.

The Father of Nasa, WERNER VON BRAUN has this Psalm on his grave. Its the CONFESSION ritual. 


PSALMS 19 : 1
The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

Funny! Good Laughs

Bush Cruz Romney CABAL beware, reject them people! You Reject Them. CLOSE ALL DOORS TO THEM.


My post about the Flat Earthers wanting to Get Obama's signature to find out Nasa's secrets. DONT TALK TO THE GUY JERANISM. Look what I wrote

Goldstrike reference is from the Illuminati Card Game

These 2 Cards Combined ARE ALOT OF resistance  and power.   If you were playing the game. Its a card game from the 1990s, like Magick. You can overpower other cards.