Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I got the emergency tweet from Roger Stone,, saying to
tune in to ALEX JONES.

"On this Wednesday, April 27 edition of the Alex Jones Show we cover the Super Tuesday results, Donald Trump’s victory, and the mathematical elimination of Ted Cruz from the race. We also cover the possibility the GOP will search for a third party alternative if Cruz is defeated next week in Indiana, the ongoing Islamization of Europe, and Alex Jones’ open letter to the CIA, NSA and other collaborators. On today’s broadcast, we talk with former Navy SEAL Matt Bracken about Islam’s 2016 European offensive and political consultant and strategist Roger Stone about the upcoming protest at the RNC convention in July."

Roger Stone looking good! Wearing white suit! I love it! Archangel Michael of politics. His words slay demons.
SO HERE I AM ready to share this message.

I love you Alex. I know who you are. I love you Donald. You have my
vote and my decision is FINAL. I love you Roger. I heard your last
interview online, and you kicked ass! "HILLARY IS TRANS ACTIONABLE" was the quote I remember.

I know its ABOUT TRUMP. But let me give YOU some shout out. GO STONE! SLAY THOSE DEMONS with your pen. Your words. Its amazing your skill. GOOD will win. You will go down in History. I will make sure history is written correctly. Stone is the one who helped get TRUMP elected our President and SAVED the world. Who else can do the job? YOU are the man. Noone else can do what you can. They are your inferiors. You are the top of the cream for this kind of political adventure. You have people all around you looking to you. Your decisions are so vital.

Which is why you cannot trust anyone else to do your job ROGER. You have to be ON TOP. THE BOSS. Eyes on all. No breaks. UNTIL TRUMP TO THE WHITE HOUSE ! Stay focused! Drink Fresh juices DAILY. Salad along with every meal. Raw nuts as snacks. No cola. No junk. Tropical Fruits the best! They will rehydrate you and the all natural sugar is BRAIN FUEL.

You are right ROGER STONE. Robespierre, the famous orator of the French Revolution, made the mistake of tolerating Violence. It ate him, in the end. I am with you now. Its got to be BRAINS we beat them with. This has to be PEACEFUL.

STOP THE STEAL, BE THERE!  "The object is numbers." STONE SAYS. I am
going to be there JULY 18-21. I will be there rain or shine. You can
count on me. I will bring my prettiest POSTER with the best WORDS for
this cerebral battle! I do not know where to stay, hotels might just cancel last minute, so will just show up. Buffalo is my original home and its not far away.

THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR. Mans Greatness. I have dreamt of this moment. To crown the best of man, the best in all men, to crown him! USA PRESIDENT!  World Leader! Ahead of all collectives...ahead of all corporations, gangs , businesses, countries, United, Councils, Departments, ahead of them all.. he is the "I" in all men. He is the one. Noone else can be him, right now. This is it. All of us, need to really pay attention.

Polticians, and the entire world need to see, our numbers, that WE WANT DONALD. Numbers. 

The LYIN' Polls are fooling the world. We do not want HILLARY. America REJECTS HER!

The LYIN' media is FOOLING THE WORLD, the world leaders, they are thinking we are HALF HALF or something, on HILLARY. Thats why they fooled countries into their BS plan. NO. NOONE wants her. This is Lyin Media.


Look at their faces!

The world are taking bets who the evil will crown king
despot of the UN. Thats why Obama is shopping around for votes. Maybe
celebrating BAAL Temple opening, AP 19, in London. Having BABY
snacks with MERKEL. ahahha The dreams of madmen.

TAKE THE PLEDGE for DONALD. We will know who is and who isnt
representing AMERICA. Ted Cruz did it.
I get you ALEX!!

"Media Monkey" Roger Stone calls the media!

60s Nixon Campaign, Roger Stone has experience. He knows. He is
synched IN, with what works! He is tied in. He is in it. He knows that violence will fail. He has insider info. He is expert on all revolutions. He has knowledge. He studies political books. I seen his list on twitter. ADD HIM. Roger Stone "KNOWS" something. If you want to be like ROGER, then read his posts. You will see.

SOROS is the evil socialist with the long pointed finger, who raises his
finger and says...." Remove this uh, TRUMP" and his minions go, UUUH We cannot sir. THEN THEY GET THROWN IN THE BOILING OIL! He lives in the GREAT PALACE HOME of the SENIORS. The loony bin. 

Roger Stone knows. He knows. He has eyes. He can see.
THEY USE TRICKERY yes , I agree, thats what Roger Stone says. I would be terrified of Roger Stone if I were evil. His words, what he says "goes". You know why, he is properly trained! He will NEVER put out a story he didnt check out. His words, they would spiritually kill evil, when the evil is exposed. He is  flawless, like his suits.

Trump people are the smartest, the most individually minded people! The most AMERICAN you will find. They put two and two together to make four. Not common core math like TED CRUZ. Thats the perversion you see on tv. Its not reality.

This is about DONALD TRUMP. I agree. He is the GOLDEN ONE. He will
take the establishment on and turn this country GOLD again. GOLD.
Not fools gold paper money. GOLD has affinity for DONALD TRUMP. 

Alex keep on Roger for another hour, dont let him go, sometimes, the higher self slips in, during slower moments, and he comes out with gems! Oh my god. I would call. But when I have something worth calling about. Roger is ten steps ahead of me. But maybe I may have something that will help you BOTH one day. I will call you then.

ANYBODY got insider info, call up the show. I mean we want WHISTLEBLOWERS!

Roger I love when you talk about REAGAN. I feel he is important. Also JFK.  Believe me, they tie in to this election. Right, do you see it?  Evil behind the scenes? 

We know. REAGAN believed the LYIN' POLLS. He thought America wanted HW as VICE. He said, WHY CANT I pick someone I like! He thought polls were accurate!

We do not fall for lyin' polls anymore.

LYIN POLLS lied. Bush was worst mistake Reagan Made. I read that in your book JEB and BUSH CRIME FAMILY. I am on the chapter about POPPY now.

GLOBALISM is evil. Thats the GLOBE.

Stone said it first!
Kasich Cruz ALLIANCE. UNHOLY. laughable. 

 The woman card for
Hillary, is a total gimmick. Yes I agree Alex, Roger says its a hail mary
pass. I like that.

Roger Stone: wants a Trump VOLUNTARY LOYALTY PLEDGE for delegates. YES I want that too. Ted Cruz came out and did it too! He was afraid of JEB dumping HIM!

GOOD POINT a caller, had a good question, what if a fake assassination attempt on OBAMA to  cancel elections, martial law...etc. I pray for Trump. I pray for you too Roger.

Trump is the golden one. He is the one! Glenn Beck takes bribes ! Roger, I
wrote a letter to Glenn Beck, saying TRUMP would forgive you if you came out
and admit you took bribes for CRUZ, right? Trump would love him for
that. We would forgive. It would be the biggest story. It could be like
Marilyn Monroe admitting she took some nude photos, " to pay for her
car payments". The people DO FORGIVE!

Roger sat at the foot of Richard Nixon. He did. Alex says. Roger says stay focused on CLEVELAND. BE THERE July 18 Cleveland. You will know where to go I am sure. Make
a contribution, I will. STOP THE STEAL flyers will be collectors items, so
please order posters! Place them in your shops!! COLLECTIBLES!


I send Donald Trump Presidency All the LOVE I HAVE! I want you to send all your love to.

FUTURE for all of us. Trump Lifestyle for hopefully generations. Making THE FAMILY cool again.

My favorite version! I love psychedelic posters from the 60s

Here is MY #SELFIEforTrump


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