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MY OPINION Caravan to Midnight EP 512 MIKE NORRIS LAURA PRESSLEY #voterfraud #amerigeddon


John, the Amerigeddon Guy was so sweet, he said he was starstruck to
be on your show. I feel the same way, been following you for long time,
I can vouch, I know you. You are good, for good, do good. I will see his movie!

Ep. 512 – In this edition we explore Cracking the Code: Electronic Voting Corruption with Laura Pressley, PhD. Then, director and filmmaker Mike Norris joins us as we look into his new full-length feature film “Amerigeddon.

"Like me Johnny!"

ahahahah I caught that! in the intro

Laura Pressley PHD oooo SHE LOVES DETAILS. She said Ted Cruz just is not getting her any details. I like that! Smarty! VERY SHARP. Like my mom,
too is a PHD. I love brains. People who think outside the university and

I heard this interview last night. I heard the second half first. I
sometimes mix it up. Now I am listening.

Cancer is man made! I knew that. I did. I been raw vegan since 2003
John. I cured myself. I was on my way to getting it, the symptoms all there, 
Imagine, getting my body parts removed! Its the wifi its the cooked processed foods, its the
vaccines, and the meds people take. I believe it. Tumors are the bodies way of saying this food you feed me, is abomination. Some vegans say TOO MUCH cooked fried MEAT causes
cancer. Cell phones. I have a copper tiled roof and there is no wifi , anywhere here. Cancer is man made! Its your fault if you get it. There are no "GERMS" out to get you. Germ theory is so false. Ask Pasteur on his deathbed. Thats just a theory and its false. The TERRAIN is everything,  Moquitos do not come to a clean lake, they go to swamps. Its all how you feed yourself! Cancer is not about the germ, but about the terrain!

South Africa gun owners have to pay a tax, and now Hillary wants a
gun tax, ewwwwwwwwww I cannot stand her. 1000$ tax to give to the
feds so they fund their GUN DISARMING, and can disarm us? People, all
people, that is criminal. STop them! Dont just "follow orders" because
there are higher moral laws. Such as our CONSTITUTION. Please say no
if you are in the administration, and if they threaten your life, well
bust your bosses and rat them out! This is AMERICA, that dont go here.
It starts with a small tax, you give them a little, they take a mile down
the road. JUST SAY NO. Do not compromise with evil! Stay white! not
Grey. Just to make them happy. No, fire them! FIRE THESE SECRETARIES,
American Employees! Of US!

 The left agenda are the CRAZIES of our
world. We must put them back in the GIMP basement.

Why is Chicago GUN FREE how stupid! That will create a wasteland!~  DUH Is that what they want, ahhh I get it. DO they want a terrorist attack? Let the people protect themselves.
Gun Free Zones create wastelands and pain and then your government officials can do WHATEVER They please. 

 They can decide ok we want to
put 1000000 refugees from Crazy Arabia in NYC and you will not be
able to defend yourself against this army of religious fanatics for
jihad. You and your family and all of NYC will be destroyed, NYC will look like its been CARPETBOMBED. Thanks Gun Free zone. We have to
HAVE OUR GUNS to keep this NWO insanity away, keep it in Europe, they
brought into the NWO completely They tied in. We cannot let that
happen to us. More guns less crime! Thats it! Your future secured! Your childrens futures secure too! MAKE SURE. I agree.

Tabu subject you speak of, Hookers are ok in libertarianism. I say so. People who want to do this
kind of business ,are not committing any "free will" crimes. Its

 If you are a serial killer, you will find a woman who wants to be killed. Place an ad.

Thats why free will works. Thats an extreme idea, but my point is, we must allow every man his free will. He can go with his money and do what he likes, and women love money. ALL MEN KNOW
THIS. Men like sex. There are no forbidden thoughts. When you make
something illegal, you make it dangerous for the young college students and
young girls who genuinely are interested in this lifestyle, dream of it, write about it, blog about it, its their choice to pay for School. Some are Ivy Leaguers. I knew one in Harvard Square who
went to Harvard, who thats what she did. Her bills were all paid on
time. She was from Romania and she told me once, she loved it. I was shocked. She
was Harvard Law. Not bad huh. Its a business.

That and Alcohol. They say its the most taxed, have you seen what the
control freaks, have done to the Alcohol industry, they killed it. The
home distilling people are all doing it illegally in their garages. JUST
even distilled the way it SHOULD BE and the alcohol is inferior NGS. Government ruins industries, makes it all the same.

Why is home distilling illegal? Canning is more dangerous! 

Earthquakes. I seen MAD CRAZY geoengineering trails lately, I saw one
doing a loop over Harts Lake. But oh well. They are not real according
to Joe Rogan. But I know something is up.

I heard your DJ interview the other day. VERY GOOD JOHN.

We know whats causing these earthquakes. all the rumors, all the
secrets, all the interviews you have done, you know what they are.
LITHIUM. On us, what do governments do John, they experiment on
ther own people! I never thought it would happen to us.

Gravity is a theoretical Fantasy designed to explain why we are on a
GLOBE. Its a fantasy, Earth is flat John. You know it. It takes you 100-
300 hours of research, start now. Your aha moment, I want to be there.
One hour a day. I only say this because you posed the question: What is
Gravity? And I love you. No matter what. You may laugh, but the flat earthers

Tax return fraud? Isnt it set up like this The whole system is rife with
problems. They just illegally go after people, convince everyone these
taxes are the law...there IS NO LAW. Find it. I agree with SALES tax but
anything else I think is unconstitutional. Plus theseillegal  aliens, they dont pay any taxes. I bet you the medical tyranny control freaks, are going to be experimenting on these illegals. I bet ya.

John I hear you talk about abortions. WICKED. Here is my meme! I
made it. Its a great point of view. I loved the movie Carrie, I read the
entire book.

Why are the FEDS still THREATENING the BUNDY WOMEN? Whats wrong
with these AMERICAN MEN? Who raised them?

Ammon BUNDY  is being starved in prison. YOU SAY? For 2 days now. NO FOOD? They are torturing AMMON. These good men.

THIS IS WHAT SOCIALISM is, Its crystal clear, now, what socialism is. Hello. HI , we care about the land, we care about the earth, we care about EVERYTHING ELSE BUT YOU. Its for " THE ENVIROMENT" Does it make sense now?

They are tortuing Ammon Bundy for the biological diveristy of the
land. Make sense, now what socialism is, evil!!! It is DOUBLE SPEAK. They want all land the same, THEIRS!
They do the opposite of what they say they do. Called CRIMINAL OPERATION. FRAUD on major scale. Lots of money, they stole.

Center for BIOLOGICAL DIVERISTY wants to make every land the SAME.
They scope out land they can sell to CHINA or they can give to their
brothers and sisters who happen to be BLM agents or judges. WICKED, they are JUST LIKE DMV workers, these are DMV like dumb people with NO iqs walking around in Nature
sticking blue posts everywhere, Acting powerful, like they have POWER.

They are looking for ENDANGERED GOPHERS , they made gophers an
endangered species lol....just to take land away! SO if you got one, they
take your house so the gopher can live with its babies in peace. On your
lawn. Wait til justice seeks you evil criminals! Who gave these people their money!

Why would they leave AMMON BUNDY in prison, for no reason and
then starve him?

We have to help Ammon. They will kill him. We have to arrest these collective cowards. PLEASE fellow AMERICANS, come together, government worker prison guards are the lowest form of life. THE lowest! Little Hillary Clintons running around. Taking LAND! Its abomination to our country. They are working for
the DEVIL. This is not good, this is not pro man. This is not pro diversity.

THIS IS SOCIALISM, get it now? EVIL. To take the life from your children. To take your childs land and future ZIP gone. ALL OF US. We have nothing because of what these federal criminals did.
Maybe just 5 or 6 too. INDIVIDUALS DID THIS. We need names! We pay them!!

It makes me sick too John. I hope they get a judge that will put them all away and punish them for murdering Americans in cold blood, on film. They did it, we will never let them forget who did this.

Roger Stone, is the man. End of story. You gave him so much respect. I hear these interviewers, some of them, and they really dont know which
questions to ask or what Rogers Ideas to highlight, but YOU DO. He is a
cut above the rest, he did it all on his own. I see who he is. I vouch for
him. He is good. I cannot find anything wrong with him. He is all
good. I do align with his ideas.

You cannot play nice with thugs I agree. Lets play their game, and
have teams working thinking, looking for the loop hole in their
cirminal borg.

 There is a door, straight to the WH, ask the drunk guy
who crashed in it. No, but figuratively there is a wide open door, and
we all have a blind spot, we cannot see it. I am asking everyone, take
off your blinders! Ask your higher powers. GET into THAT LOOPHOLE
and then tweet Roger Stone when idea comes to you. We must get Trump in. The right way! THE HIGHEST WAY. WE WILL. Has to be good.

To show them how powerful good is. We can topple the 100 year mad
man fantasies of King Despot being crowned, of the UNITED NATIONS.

Now for your guest! Voter Fraud. Oh this gets me mad, why are they
stealing votes and cancelling elections? The whole world sees this, and
their esteem of AMERICA will sink. BUT as Reagan said, dont ever bet
against AMERICANS. We are the worlds truth tellers. The people, the test is now. The time is now. Are we good? We shall see. I think good will
overcome evil and this will be it, for this evil cabal. END GAME FOR
GLOBALISTS, Hello Trump. Lets do it, now.

I love her story. She is talking about how THEY DO IT. I get so mad.
MAD. Electronic results are bs. LETS VOTE ONLINE.
Laura analyzed the data, she has evidence of these shenanigans. More
ballots cast than voters named. Every precinct! 

Someone has to hold the state accountable for missing documents. She has hearing next week.
WOWOW The math does not make sense, first red flag. You have to hear her story. She says it has
been hacked. It can be. The election voting computers been hacked.
Extra votes, she has a documented hack scenario! Also she saw patterns
that seemed unnatural. It goes to one location, your vote where fraud
can occur. She did a recount, man you have to hear this, I do not want
to give it away!!!

She calls it FRAUD OF CHOICE, each county does a different fraud. She identified.

Now in courts they have muslim judges too, and the lawyers and judges,  meet in secret.  Trust me I am paralegal. I know all about judges and lawyers relationships outside courtrooms. I know judges even. Theya re just people. No accountability. They do  rude things and the note taker leaves that stuff out. The court system is infiltrated! People need to be fired! They rewrite laws. They are in a circus. Following orders from the world government, they are going after mens drivers licenses  for bills in other countries now, cashing in on fathers guilt and suing everyone for child support, for life it seems. Creating wastelands.

She says these guys will never be allowed to win, and she is making sure the votes get counted. She will find out in TEXAS if there are fair elections!

"To be free, a man must be free from his brothers, that is freedom, that and nothing else" AYN RAND "ANTHEM "

AMERIGEDDON trailer, you interviewed Mike Norris SON OF CHUCK NORRIS
 WOW I loved the interview.

I leave you with this, did you see this JOHN?

Listen to what he says! He has documentable proof Glenn Beck is taking Bribes! For faking his TED CRUZ LOVE! Coming soon.

Oh watch this I know you love this by PAUL JOSEPH WATSON. You should have PJW on your show Alex would be so jealous. Come on a little drama ok for radio! I want to know how come he is still alive in England, talking about this stuff. He is truly sticking his neck out. They arrest you for criticizing the refugee swarm in London.

And some comedy! For you to laugh!

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