Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Commentary Donald Trump FOREIGN POLICY Speech. 4/ 26/2016

This is he 38 minute shortened version. His very famous and most talked about speech!

Foreign Policy definition.
for·eign pol·i·cy
  1. a government's strategy in dealing with other nations.

Time to shake off the rust off America Policy, he says
Thats it He is doing this for us!
He is writing us a new type of Foreign Policy, CONSTITUTION. I LOVE HIM.

Of course, I know we are superior.  America is SUPERIOR. There is NOTHING like us. I get ya. We did save the world. We beat everyone evil. We saved the world so many times. We saved all of man, from COMMUNISM, I agree. He quotes REAGAN.

GOD, do you hear his brains? Hear him. Listen. to his tone. America is not used to this. Being talked to with respect!
America is in tears after this speech, tears of joy! I AM IN TEARS! 

--- Thank you Donald Trump, for acknowledging AMERICA. I bless you. ---

5 weaknesses he goes over. He goes into this in detail. He hands me the flashlight, to look at this Government. I am seeing it. I see it. I see what he is saying.


Our Allies do not cover THEIR FAIR SHARE.

( They been lied to by the evil cabal, dreams of madmen who lust for Despotism in the UN, My Opinion) 

The whole world will be safer with Donald Trump. He will lead the free will. The world he enVisions, will be FUNDED beautifully.  Our current President OBAMA bows to our enemies. This has never been seen before! ( He BOWS on the floor to the SAUDI KING!)

He raises up ISRAEL, finally! FINALLY, a civilized culture! Peace area! Scientists! Obama has made savages who loot and plunder, superior to a civilized culture!

The WHOLE WORLD is confused. They are our inferiors, and they are starting to think, we are INFERIOR. Because of OBAMA.
Nobody greets Obama. No respect! NONE NADA NOONE LIKES HIM



We are laughed at now. Its humiliating. I am so ashamed of OBAMA.

China is playing with STAR WARS, lying about going to MARS, and the moon. Faking space faking nukes.  THEY ARE LIARS.

I HEAR EVERYTHING YOU SAY.  This is a very different speech. You highlight your brains in this one DONALD> You show off your brains and its the death knockout PUNCH.

YOU DID GOOD TRUMP. YOU DID GOOD. I am speechless. This speech will be the most watched ever.


And GOLD seems to love Trump. GOLD seems to have an affinity for TRUMP. 

I see it.

HILLARY CLINTON has a muslim sisterhood girlfriend. One who understands how bad men are, so they comfort each other. Dreaming of world domination. QUEEN DESPOT fantasies. She wants to use ISIS. SHE IS the commander for Isis. Clinton is. She wants to use ISIS to lock down the "GLOBE EARTH" so she can rule. Using the UN bill collection service,  to collect money from everyone. It funds her. My opinion.

I know TRUMP we will win! We have a plan. I love your plan. 

Jihadis are the worlds cancer I feel. The world, has to come together, and they have to be good to US. We need to find a solution.  No longer it is one way. Its two way now. US. WE , I. I have to feel it.  Struggle against JIHADIS are amongst all of us. We must stop importing them. WE MUST, They are demons. They drown their own children for "honor" look it up! They have the worst ideas. We have the best ideas. WE ARE SUPERIOR. I feel. I know. I see. 

I am with you DONALD TRUMP. 


MILITARY DOMINANCE, we must NOT question. I feel you are talking to me. I will obey you. I hear you. I so love that. We want SNAPPY DRESSERS in the military too!

OMG our debt. Only you can help. We have to budget. Our trade and immigration policies strong again. I LOVE IT.

Our Veterans we need to treat them well. WAY BETTER. YES. FISHING clubs for them all! Lodges and dinners! Let VETS have cannabis rights!! I say. Big Pharma will kill them. I say.

I will never forget 9 11 and not rest until I know step by step what happened. I will awaken souls from the dead to judge them. I will banish them underground!

We have to find out friends. I believe PUTIN is one. Russia has seen the horror of Islamic Beheadings and Child Sex Slavery, the child female body parts are operated on, so they become virgins, each time they are raped. Until they die. THIS IS BENEATH US.

China is doing crazy things. They have no respect. They are out of control. We do not approve. Obama lied to them!

I love you DONALD. I love the DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENCY. I love this. It is MY WILL that you are president. It is my will. I WILL IT. Donald Trump is THE BEST OF MEN. He is the best in all men. 

I will it. I will that Donald Trump is our PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES.


Victory with a capital V 

The WHITE HOUSE is GODS CAPSTONE. Gold will find its way to TRUMP. 

I believe in TRUMP 100%. Countries who read this, he is the ONE. He is the GOLDen one. Tell that to your people. 

"The SAVAGES whole existence is in public.", AYN RAND, " Civilization is progress towards society of PRIVACY."

He is STRENGTH. He is POWER. He is the INDIVIDUAL. Before all corporations, all gangs, all religions, all secret societies, HE COMES FIRST. AMERICA FIRST. 

We must. Time is now. 

PERFECT SPEECH. You know its not teleprompter. 

Its time to help us, other countries. Its time. I know AUSTRIA is. I know it. Too much destruction out there. Americans must be confident. We are not CONFIDENT, under OBAMA. We are like animals stuck in a trap under OBAMA, We are like the losers with OBAMA! COUNTRIES: Help us get TRUMP in. We will reward you. Remember. GOLD.

Trump equals GOLD. He is the GOLDEN one. Do not forget countries.

He is the greatest defender. GLOBALISM,  Let America flatten this earth then, shall we! America will banish all evil to the UNDERGROUNDS!!


I feel faint. I do. I feel faint. I have so much love. I have to go lie down.

The ‪#‎NEWYORKTIMES‬ called Hillary Clinton a CONGENITAL LIAR! ‪#‎NYTIMES‬ ‪#‎HillaryClinton‬ in 1996

Remember that AMERICA MEDIA.

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