Monday, April 18, 2016

My OPINION Wayne Madsen on ALEX JONES 4 18 2016

This is the show I am commenting on

"China who has mobile execution vans, who sell peaceful protesters organs, while still alive they cut them out, and these people are telling us, Trump is like Hitler" - ALEX JONES You can get a heart in two weeks if you ever need it Alex BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Paul Joseph Watson broke it down too last hour, hear to the end! He spoke about how the elite are buying luxury bunkers. And how all the Chicago Millionaires are leaving Chicago in droves, New Orleans again anyone? Also how Lloyd Insurance is asking people to protect against  civil unrest. Preying on peoples fears. Just saying I know alot of people been preparing for like 25 plus years. But yes, its coming really this time I swear. Its here now. Look around, you can see the visual signs. People walking up to you, asking if your kid is ok, like Alex Jones spoke about how this lady came up to bother his son in a park. About being nosy.

Muslims dance in the streets as their agenda to jihad comes true. I hear ya Paul. Its so bad. Everyone is hiding satanism agenda, behind the muslims, what a stupid plan. The muslims versus the satanists, mmmm, I think the latter would lose.

The Earthquakes are going and I seen geoengineering vandalism from planes doing loops around Harts Lake. I seen it. 

"84 million Mao Tse Tung death toll by the CHINESE guy alone. Chinese are mass murderers of their own people who didnt resist you! and you tell us Donald is like Hitler, So all whites are like Hitler now. " I love that part Alex I laughed.

This was the first time I heard you, Alex Jones talk about how the Norweigan people are now becoming radicalized too, against the muslim swarm.  Thats extreme too. I seen a video on hooligans protecting women now, they the ones the police go after. Not very fair is it. Well, then. 

 I heard you talk about how Merkel is arresting men who criticize in social media about a president of Turkey. You see how DUMB EVIL IS? They doing themself in! Its like they are begging to be voted out of their office. They dont want it, it doesnt matter anymore now the NEW EARTH IS HERE. BWAHAHAHA

They want panic civil race riots that they create with billions of our gold. They just give money to anyone willing to fake anything. Actors, they put ads in papers. No one is buying it still. They are just waiting until someone else says something. Soros with the ghouls, the GIMPS they let out!

You mention Alex how the Saudis bought off Obama, Obama thinks they are giving him something imaginary, after he is done with his duty to whatever evil, THE booty. So just like the H Clinton Lady. Thats why she has a handler. George HW and W love the SAUDI KING, because they are getting big bucks in exchange for the business they kill to make room for oil. 

These weirdos spend billions, of our gold, to change our country radically. Its not the same as when we were little about to grow up. This country was very friendly and nice. I agree. 

Trump is getting ripped off, dis-repected, AND all of America is being pooped on, laughed at, this is the ritual of whatever weird names they call their levels. Hocus Pocus Evil fakery Doomporn crafty level. Evil has no skill. They are incompetent. All they have is your willingness to believe their lie.  Them and their Fantasy play. Its so outrageous, we would all laugh. They want us to believe their make believe, they talk to spirits? ahahah what a stupid idea. Without question. For generations they have hurt us. Into eternity they want you stupid. These these same men, are hurting Donald Trump and America. 

These delegates are DOUBLE AGENTS thats why Roger Stone said he wanted him to have their hotel room so he can go and have them sign a loyalty pledge and open a discussion about it! Why cant he? Its our COUNTRY.  Roger Makes Presidents. HE DOES NOT FAIL. Join his side or LOSE! For the people will write the history of the world, we will rewrite all of it. The way we see it! The truth! Once and for all and we will bury it under neath a pyramid, forever! 

WE WILL PUT IN : Capitalism is good, SOCIALISM is evil, and about how this happened to our country. Capitalism does NOT make spoiled brat kids. Something else had to have happened.  I think a takeover is what happened to our country. Not enough security, a BIG BREACH. The collective. That is not AMERICAN. I think the people, have not stood up. Because we do not know what the world lives like. Thats the fault of our media. It was taken over too, I guess we underestimated the power of television, back in George Washington's days.

It will never happen again, now with internet!

Alex and his guest are like TRUMPS ENEMIES, look who they are, its like a rogue gallery of police crime photos! TRUE you have CHINA socialists. Soros! Hollywood Babylon, hates Trump, and The Kitchen Sink and Socialist Pope. 

I made a video on Socialism! a short one. I have no talking skills. But I like to write.

Enough is Enough!

Trump has had it and so have we, and he is the perfect ideal man, Trump is. Look at him, hear him speak, people love him soooo much. 

"STALIN didnt tell you the correct size your toilet should be," ...ahaha, I hear ya, these people are are NAZIS FROM SPACE!

"Ron Paul is the bellweather for POPULISM RISING" good point Alex.

We have to vote for the Americans who are medicated and dumbed down, we have to speak for them too, the innocents. We must. They cannot speak. They brain dead from meds. Their liver is in bag, these are dead but still alive, or in other words, CANCER, those too. They cannot vote. They been taken slowly mentally by the junk food. We have to speak for them. Lots of people are like animals now.

I cannot believe that TED CRUZ is saying his votes are from a grass roots organization movement. its all about him guys, all that commontion about Trump, its about TED CRUZ! YES DUMB AMERICANS, all that love is for TED BWHAHAHAHAHAHAH ( THEY LIE!) 

"COMMUNIST CHINA HATES DONALD TRUMP, what does that tell ya? " Alex Jones Quote 

Trump connect with us, with me. I love him, look at him, he is such the ideal. He is what I want, I want the Trump lifestyle and always have since the 1980s. I am originally Trump Superfan! This moment, has awaken me from the dead. I know him. He is good. All that is good, is he. He is it. He has help and wisdom comes from within. Marilyn Monroe always got off the toughest questions, never has she not pleased. Thats like he! Marilyn Monroe and Ayn Rand would love DONALD TRUMP I promise! I am expert.

 Can someone make that a meme? AYN RAND supports Donald Trump 2016! Marilyn Monroe, Supports Trump 2016 ! Please?

This was the first time I heard you refer to TRUMP as a closet Patriot. Your words are beautiful Alex. I repeated those words to myself. Closet Patriot! WOW. One of us! We are his army!

Trump is better, he is one of a kind better. He can teach us all HOW TO BE. How to be rich, how to make deals, how to get things done..etc

Look how funny Obama is:

Ronald Reagan said about HW BUSH, as Vice Presidential pick " WHY CAN'T I PICK SOMEONE I LIKE? " but ALL the POLLS said that the American people wanted HW Bush as VICE, so Reagan, BOWED to the consensus of the POLLS. Because the POLLS tell the truth of what the AMERICANS want, right guys?

Reagan didnt like BUSH. Reagan LOVED TRUMP.

"CNN is Clinton News Network" ROGER STONE. I call him the Archangel Michael of Politics. 

Is this funny!!!

WAYNE MADSEN, I love him, when you have him on its like everything stops. Yes what is in those pages of the 9 11 attack, the gold strike, the three buildings, the lies the media told, the coverup.
Saudi Arabia is now threatening us, ok, do it, see what happens, we cut you off from vampiring off us. They are threats, and we are supposed to be fearful. Oy this is real evil. Its hard not to be. They are the devil. Its them thats bad. NOT DONALD.

Wayne talks about the connection between MONGOOSE operation in Cuba that may have involved Ted Cruzs DAD. I said he was the third BUSH FIRST! Holy MABUS. Holy Anti christ! Bushs are so arrogant and entitled. Generations of crime. Black blood.

ELECTION THEFT TOO. OY VEY I cannot stand it. Ted is such a phoney. His life may be threatened, someone send him a lifeline and see if he responds.

I agree ZIKA HAS the New World Order All over it. Bush and Saudis have to be so evil. It must be a match made in hell. They must fear each other equally. For their dark lord. It maybe the official secret religion of our government now. Satanism. EW. lol. People will make so much fun of them.

I hooked up my system to all internet, its great. THIS EVENINGS TV SHOW is Donald Trump rally in Buffalo NEW YORK. I wish I could be there. But I am watching on RIGHT SIDE BROADCASTING, add them on youtube, you get emails when his rallies are LIVE, Then, you can LIVE CHAT all you want to Donald. 

( JOIN ME, watch his rallies ) 

If you want to be like Donald, you must HEAR EVERY RALLY!! He gives you GOLD: listen to him.

Oh I love his passion when he talks about 9 11. Donald Trump will find out what was in the missing 9 11 report, he promises. 

Lets get him in and read them? 

Maybe Trump will let us read all of HILLARY CLINTONS EMAILS TOO? Would you be so kind?

Colorado, they screwed the entire population of the United States. They need someone to deal with the bosses. They need a Boss like you TRUMP. Fire the weaklings and the trojan horses. Get them on your side! Tell them ! More gold with me! 

People do not vote because they know the system is rigged, Finally a man comes along like you. EVERYONE WANTS. We are just finding this out now HOW, what a mess we got ourselves in, while the allegedly smart people ran things...mistake! Donald you show us, you are walking us through,  its like a walking through a den of crime. A maze in the SHINING OVERLOOK HOTEL. Thats what the rigged system is like. It can be beat!


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