Tuesday, March 29, 2016

BARACK Obama his latest flat earth reference. 03-28-2016

He will work with anyone but FLAT EARTH people, he says here

Someone has to have a meeting with us. Its really important. I have invited Objectivists, REAL LOVERS OF TRUE SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHERS, anyone...ask yourself, how you know we are on a globe and then cross check it with flat earth facts. It took me a year. ITS FLAT AS A PANCAKE all my doubts explained. It cant be proved in one post. Do not make fun of me. I am smart. I do KNOW SOMETHING. I promise.

I commented on the the first video, here are my thoughts: Poor Obama. His brothers are saying, we are not toasting, your grand lie was not crafty enough. Evil has no talent. He can't even act. He cannot think of what to say, he doesnt know what he is supposed to think, he fumbles..he can't speak well, if it is not from a teleprompter. I am mad. I hope Trump addresses this SOON!! LOVE YOU TRUMP

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  1. hi miss vegan ,yes f.e. is real . the time loop is now broken see mandela effect . and our maker returns soon ,pray with us n.w. usa. love you too, Raleigh