Friday, March 25, 2016


This article I commented on:''and also on this
About how the Clintons are hinting at UFO disclosure.



THE EARTH IS FLAT THERE IS NO SPACE TRAVEL, all Nasa is lies. For 500 Years Heliocentrists have told us the Earth is a Globe. It turns out the Earth is flat. The elite or keepers of the secrets, have not let the world know. I swear on the bible this is true. Look it up Ask yourself, how do I know I am on a globe? PROGRAMMING HOLLYWOOD FIRST GRADE TEACHER.. earth is flat. There is no space. You will get fried if you try. All these NASA ROCKETS they go back in the ocean. Noone even notices. BILL CLINTON KNOWS WHY THEY KILLED JFK and he should come clean for DONALD TRUMP !!! 

I would like to ADD. BILL CLINTON. I know you looked to JFK as a hero. The elite have not been good to you. They threw you under the bus. A mans worst fear is that he is raising another mans daughter and that is what Hillary Clinton has done to you. She lied and cheated. Webster Hubbel is Chelseas father. Just LOOK AT THEM. You owe her nothing. Please switch sides now. I know you have alot to air out to the American People before you leave this plane..but I want to give you a chance to be great again. It can be done. Just come out on tv and say it. Say the Earth is flat.
You can be loved. You can lead the world where the hidden gold is. You can be a man of the people again. Imagine the feeling.
Come clean for Donald Trump. SUPPORT TRUMP. PLEASE BILL.
You do not know me but I did take a selfie with you in Coral Gables. I looked up to you once. I want to do it again. I know its been hard, to have been used and compromised by the globalists, and you just went off the deep end a little bit. I know the thrills of power. But in the end you wind up right back here with nothing. Sometimes we have to do enormous things to feel self esteem. Getting the love back of the people I think would be a good plan for you.
Sticking with Hillary, there is no light at the end of that tunnel Bill and you know better.
I would love to hear the TRUTH. What a bombshell that would be, if you could just tell the truth about everything and then offer it up to the people. You may get the worlds attention. You may get forgiven. But it has to be big. It has to be genuine. EVERYONE FALLS. EVERYONE gives way to temptation. WE UNDERSTAND THESE THINGS. I think you have a chance. But only with Trump. I beg you. Save America. The REPUBLIC. You must. GO TRUMP. BE FREE. WHO CARES. You did your job!
All those questions you have about FE, satellites, ships sailing over the horizon, ISS, NASA .."images" all can be proven flat. THERE IS NO CURVATURE, Nasa uses fish eye lenses, when weather balloons take better vids for 100! AND ITS FLAT and we have a close sun, and stars are not what we are told etc. This is part of the grandest 33rd degree lie too. Celebrate how big the lie is. The protective layers of the reason it, I dont know.
Use your ivy league brains and research this.I read ATLAS SHRUGGED three times. I am so passionate about REAL SCIENCE. TRUTH.

I found this too. Valencia Avenue was it in Coral Gables

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