Sunday, February 28, 2016

Donald Trump Jr for Vice President United States....please people...think hard!

Donald Trump Jr for VICE PRESIDENT OF DONALD TRUMP Selling points: Family, Trust, Trump Lifestyle for Generations, Good Looking, Smart, Not a politician, thats a good thing, NO MORE LIARS....HOW CAN AMERICA SAY NO.  JUST LOOK AT HIM AND TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE. I just see Mans Greatness. We can watch him grow like his dad. We can be part of that. Secure the future of America. DONALD TRUMP JR. FOR VICE PRESIDENT OF DONALD TRUMP. My idea, came to me like a vision. Stopped me dead in my tracks. Can we make this work people? Can we move, brainstorm, put the ideas out there and start looking at this? SERIOUSLY?  I just do not think anyone can trust anyone in politics. We must get the evil out of the way. 

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