Sunday, February 28, 2016

DONALD J TRUMP, Vladmir Putin, FLAT EARTH - HIDDEN GOLD ! Raw Vegan for Trump

I made a video for Donald Trump. I have put three movies after it so you can understand what the Flat Earth Movement is about. It is coming soon. 57 million searches January 2016. My plan is to get Donald and Vladimir to disclose to the world. Reset everything and take out all evil. We want the Trump Lifestyle for decades and decades. This is spreading fast. It turns out, you cannot prove the Earth is a GLOBE. It never was.


I hope you like it
This is me 


Here are the videos I speak of in my video 



I made that meme myself. I am fan of history.

Thats my boyfriend above. Not below.



Why does "Apollo Craft like its made of paper?" is a YAHOO Questions and Answers. 


My book on my lap today Matt Drudge My hero for decades. is the only place I get my news about 20 times a day. I am addicted to truth. I did a book report on this book on youtube. GO LOOK HERE. 


See the sun spot, the sun cannot be 93 million miles away like Nasa says 


Check our horizon, ALWAYS EYE LEVEL. If Earth were a ball, the horizon would be at your feet  below by now Horizon...looks flat.
Curvature is necessity on a ball. You need to have it measurable. No canal, no bridge, however long, some 100 miles, ever account for this. STRAIGHT because Earth is flat.
This is how the sun goes in flat earth model, the moon its equal. About 3 thousand miles away from the Earth. Encoded in Masonic Symbols as well. Not 93 Million Miles. The Sun is heavenly and white, not hot lava sun coming to get you.




Globe Earth Cat


False Prophets: Very bad people

Pseudo Science Masonic Science
The powers want to hide the flat earth, not only that, they want you to think you came from a frog too. Lenin Marx Stalin all loved Darwin. DARWINISM created communism they say. I agree. REALLY BAD IDEAS. That we come from animals. Frogs. Stupid and Herdlike

Trump will find the worlds STOLEN GOLD #goldstrike

I made that meme. MIT came out and lied, said they found gravity waves up in space. BS. Newtons Science Kit came with Magic Wand. No Proof of Gravity ever.

WE DIDNT go to the moon! HE KNOWS ! THE ELITE KNOW ! THE MASSES are THE ONLY ONEs WHO THINK WE ARE ON MASONIC FLYING BALL. Only one. The secret is out. Who is going to find the worlds gold? I hope Trump can. THE WTC had 100 BILLION GOLD BARS IN IT, biggest heist EVER. Here is SNOOP DOG listen:

Nasa Flat Earth Cat 


The Challenger crew from the 80's alive and well people. Its all fake, space is. ALL OF IT. Its the secret that keeps the brotherhood laughing. Well, the truth will be disclosed soon. Trump will find out where the hidden gold is. Trump will tell everyone. Its only way to topple all the evil that stands in his way! Satellites? Well, They are ground based. According to real time of them, there should be zillions in the sky blocking view. ZILLIONS. You only see one? That thing you see up there, is bigger than a jet plane. Its not ISS. JUST TRASH ! All those green screen slip ups, astronauts with snorkels..bubbles going into space from their helmets IS ANYONE LOOKING...they wear harnesses to do flips and its all fake. THE EARTH IS A FLAT INFINITE PLANE. there is no globe! Never has been one!!  




My favorite flat earth video


Angry Black man Rant, EPIC! I love it He says it!! He tells you! He knows. He is trying to tell you something.
Flat Earth Oceanography....looks like it fits better! When it moves its all one line. The earthquake lines are one big circle instead of all crazy on a globe. They teach us the globe before we can discern for ourselves. If they waited until high school, we would laugh. 


Where is the worlds gold where is the GOLD? 100 Billion GOLD BARS MISSING from WTC on 9 11. CAN TRUMP AND PUTIN FIND IT? Can it be found on a globe map? Or can it be on a flat earth map. Oh look a FLAT EARTH MAP 


My plea to Bill Clinton
BILL. We know you loved JFK, do the right thing, tell the truth about his death, what did he die for? Is the earth REALLY FLAT? Tell us. You may make the worlds best comeback. I am striking a deal with you. Come clean. And SUPPORT TRUMP. The world will protect you. SAVE YOURSELF. Dont be the man who could have but didnt. Trump and the world will protect you. You are safe. Free will Trumps Blood Oaths. Come clean and bring proof positive info and the world will love you. Many will follow.  


FREEMASONS COME CLEAN blood oaths mean Nothing. We are gods with free will. Do the brotherly thing and hand Trump the proof positive so he can win this election. Our president is chosen for us already. Hand him proof positive proof the world is indeed flat! Let him share this with the world. Only way to get him in.   Please, the good in you, LIBERATE MANKIND. Don't you want to see mans greatness. ISNT THE HIDDEN GOLD ENOUGH FOR YOU TO LOOK INTO THIS....there is alot of money and power in truth too, if thats what floats your boat. Putin too. Noone is allowed to hurt me. Thats my will. Brick Solid. Join the winning side. Here is to mans greatness. FLAT EARTH IS THE END TO ALL EVIL- THE END TO CIA- UN= NASA and the people who KILLED KENNEDY FOR THIS TRUTH.. and JOHN LENNON! He sung a song about the sun on the flat earth model. I cried when I heard it with my new eyes.  Please FREEmasons come clean now. Think, of the things they MADE YOU DO, for that secret, I am telling you for free. EARTH IS FLAT. Thats the secret! WHO LOVES YOU, who told you first? Think about that. Who told you first? Lots of gold. You wont find it on a globe map. Think Hard. 


Can DONALD TRUMPS PILOTS PROVE TO DONALD that the Earth is flat and they fly straight and they make no allowances for curvature of any ball earth.?
Anyone who has any proof positive of Flat Earth, hand it to Trump and Putin to disclose to the world.  Free will trumps blood oaths. Hidden Gold. Liberation of mankind. Ascension of our lifestyle

I made that Trump Meme myself. I made it because we have to get him in no matter what.This is my boyfriend and I bought him this shirt. HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016CAN DONALD TRUMP GET OUR GOLD BACK? !! I think he can! Caravan to Midnight show last night. Jim Willie. He said AMERICANS do not even know the WORLD TRADE CENTER was the biggest private bank in the world, and the gold that was stolen from it amounted to 100 BILLION GOLD BARS
I LOVE HER SO MUCH I want her to take SCALIAS placeSecret Societies hide the true shape of our planet. Its flat, it has never been a globe. Much deception. Toss the globe. toss the secret societies. HIDDEN GOLD. Look people! SCALIA he was murdered. Nice try to take the attention away from the suspects, Washington Post. 
JFK LISTEN CLOSELY HE USES the words SPHERE HORIZON BALL DIMENSIONS GRAVITY etc in his warning speech about the plot to enslave every American. TRUMP WILL UNDO IT ALL.

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