Monday, January 18, 2010

I made a salad dressing of mango, tomato, basil, sun dried tomato, dates

I had tons of smoothies, kiwi, banana, date, ginger. I bought a case of bananas.

Banana ginger date

I made a salsa with leftovers. Mango, Tomato, juice, dates, bell pepper etc..

I had Roger Haeske's recipe for savory tacos. Jicama as filling. It was very spicy. I liked it. Blended stuff like tomatoes and chili and cumin added

The leftovers made a good savory veggie stew itself.

I love my grocer. He is French Canadian.

I ate all my dates. I have been eating some cacao beans. I went to event and was so hungry cause there was no food around.

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