Saturday, January 09, 2010

Fruit Juice fast

In Downtown Seattle there is a good public market with lots of fruit stands, at the bottom of Pike Street

Look do these look like dried up strawberries?

I went to this place for juice. Also "Juice it" on Pike and Terry. You have to ask them not to put sugar in though.

I recieved and got Fred Patenaude's LOW FAT RAW VEGAN DVD. I have not had time to watch it yet. My friend N told me always to make 811 recipes sweet.

I was juice fasting for 5 days. Mostly Orange.


I did have a little raw cacao powder and blue raw agave mixed when I needed energy to work.

Today I broke my fast with Roger Haeske's Corn Salad recipe. I did add three blended dates. I think one jalapeno is way too hot. I just put a half.

It had tomatillos which are delicious, tomatoes, corn, lemon juice, jalapeno, bell pepper etc etc

My friend A, her blog, .. she ordered me some dates. I was so happy to get them in the mail. I was sooooo happy. My Xmas present.

Me with my dress I bought in MIRACLE MILE Coral Gables. I lived a block away. Actually behind CITY HALL I lived.


  1. Hi Suvine,

    Glad to see you back blogging again. we took similar roads. I am now like you a Rawfoodist and not anymore a pure Fruitarian. I lost a few tooth and still have issues because of the diet. However I have a question. What can you mix with orange juice? I was told to avoid eating citrus fruits so I want to blend orange juice what other fruits can you mix with it? I was told by David Klein(Right hand of Dr Douglas) that you can't mix & blend a citrus fruits with a non citrus fruit. Take care,

  2. DO what you want with the oj. I loved Oj and bananas but I kept hearing it was bad combo. I dont drink it all the time, but I do what I want and what I like.

  3. I'm glad you liked the corn salad--I actually came up with the recipe! :)

  4. Well the reason that I switched to Raw Vegan is because of my tooth erosion(too many citrus fruits). I am a tight budget so right now oranges are cheap as well as bananas. I was told to use a straw and rince my mouth quickly after the smoothie.That's what I am doing. You are right the combon banana & oj is great even if it is not approved by Klein:). Right now I am mixing :
    watermelon, 1 banana, organic blueberries and some fresh organic dates. It is not a very tasty smoothie but it is super healthy and gives me a lot of energy.

  5. The corn salad looks delicious. I am like you about combining. I drank grapefruit banana smoothies almost daily for a year with no problems. Concerned readers kept writing to me and telling me how bad they were. I don't worry about rules; I worry about how each food or combination of foods makes me feel. :)