Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I juiced three watermelons and had that. 

Watermelon juice

Every night I made savory veggie stew. I added laver seaweed for a salt craving I had.

Savory green veggie stew raw vegan

I ordered dates from From a farm. They were super juicy and big. I eat alot of dates.


I made Kale Apple soup with celery and grapes on top. It was a Cherie Soria recipe.
2 Oranges peeled, Apple, Kale. I added a few dates and lemon juice.

Kale Apple Soup

I am watching Fred Patenaude's dvds and maybe I will make a recipe from it.

I got 4 thai coconuts. I eat them with a spoon. I love them. I have lots of oranges.

Also making a lot of banana smoothies with dates and a teaspoon tahini

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