Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year!

For breakfast after New Years I had raw Organic orange juice

I had smoothies of local berries, organic banana, Oj I juiced and some Pomegranate.

I also had bananas to eat. I also dipped medjool dates in pomegranate arils. I had no idea you ate the seeds with it. Like candy. I loved this.

I had more Oj throughout the day.

Then I made Savory Veggie "PIZZA " Stew recipe the one Karmyn made. It was soo good. I made for my friend and she loved it.

Cukes, tomatoes, basil, bell pepper, celery, spinach, and toppings. Sundried tomatoes too. Hot pepper.

And then more dates with pomegranate arils.

So satisfying.

Me last year, last night

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