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MY OPINON Roger Stone on Caravan to Midnight Ep 501 3 31 2016

Before I start, I want to speak with you John, on your rant. I wrote it right away but I had to wait two days to post. People are on to me, my secret blogging life. I have to find the secret time, when I am all alone and everyone is asleep!

I agree that psychopaths run politics, its one of the end products of governing others. It doesnt have to be, if individuals are erased. We are not governing others though. We are really governing ourselves and if laws dont apply to "I" then they shouldnt be made. Personal Property, Individual rights, has to count. The collective we have to replace with individuals, in charge. My thoughts, see how synched we are!

You mention Oscar Wilde. I read Dorian Gray when I was 15. I loved the story too about the statue in the garden with the ruby eyes, the birds picked out.

Did you ever see the movie OFFICE SPACE? Imagine having world leaders like that despoting ? MMMK? Leadering over countries, telling us what words we can use, what bathrooms we have to use, what pieces of paper we have to hang on our walls. What areas we can and cannot hang a sign up in. Would they make new months, like they did Gregorian, its an un-natural calendar. We need to have a permit, If we dare touch fake paper money. Parasitic people. Power trippers. Inside jokesters. That joke you made was so much fun.

PATHOCRACY what a great word, I will use it this week I am sure.
You ask, would you have a drink with these guys. I would not have a drink with Obama, unless we talk about his flat earth speeches. His bungled flat earth speeches. I really want to know what he meant when he was talking about the sun travelling over us, across the flat lands.

Imagine John, your parents, right? Now we are adults, we do not need parents, to keep us from falling into the fire, or ingesting mercury, etc WE KNOW BETTER. So isnt it about time, civilizations outgrow their parents, and start saying HEY MOM, you know, you did bad when you lied to my dad, etc. Or Dad, when you told me you were giving me allowance, and you spent it on gambling...We grow up, we see the wrong of our parents, we blame them, dont we? and well, what happens when kids grow up? Judgment comes on your parenting.  JUDGMENT. You judge your parents!

It is time we take over our government and fix it. Its time. We are grown up, They have done us wrong JOHN. Our inferiors are ruling over us. WE HAVE to stand up and judge them now.

OUR INFERIORS. DMV like workers, cant know right from wrong, its programmed out of them. They are baited with kickbacks, commissions, they are rewarded to become traitors to the USA. Good people, are being turned evil. Like TED CRUZ. He is as phony as they come, but I think with Ted, the weakness he has, is he needs to be loved. Right now, his handlers and showering him with love, but its not LOVE TED. Its fake. Real love you would be showered with, if you came clean and admitted whats happening behind the scenes. I am reaching out to you TED. COME CLEAN live on air, support DONALD and apologize and tell the truth and if you proof is good, you will be a hero.

"Donald Trump is a US Nationalist in a field of globalists "- Roger Stone quote

ROGER STONE- Love to your mission. I send your mission POWER. I sometimes pace around my kitchen island praying for you, sending you ideas. Anything I can. I see all your peoples reporting to you and papers and copies and lots of work.

In the beginning of this interview, you use the word, AGITATE. I say agitate everyone enough to tip the scales over to DONALD. I hear you say that word AGITATE and its something that stood out to me as important. This is a good idea. Sometimes you have to agitate. 

Like for me, MY BFF is going to a BEYONCE CONCERT and I almost lost a friendship over this. But I agitated enough and I did. I think I made my point clear. We have to twist the wrists of our loved ones and friends who are brainwashed. And treat them like innocents, with no judgment. Lead them to the truth. AGITATE to get your point across. YES!

I love when Matt Drudge highlighted TED in ELIMINATED headline once. I want to call him that from now on. EliminaTED

Donald Trump is UNCONTROLLABLE. That does not mean, you cant whisper things in his ear!.. It means, he is led by something HIGHER. Nothing on earth! He has very good JUDGMENT of people. He can read right through you, and he has creation skills. He is the LION with the THREE PYRAMIDS, they put a pharoah's head on top of-- later! He is THE O.G. ORIGINAL LION.  Leo lines right up to the pyramids now. The time is now. And God has always been good to DONALD TRUMP. Look at how he lives. Ok. Thats proof enough I think. America has held his accomplishments up in HIGH ESTEEM. I like that point.

He cant be bought. I love that idea too. He can't be. Gold loves him. Gold is just attracted to him like a magnet. Isnt it? Or am I making stuff up? I am not. Those who know know. Roger Knows. Gold is very important I feel. Its what the elites have hoarded, and we must release it. Then they cant buy FAKE PROTESTERS with it anymore.

I FEEL,  thats really what this is about. The gold. All the societies are battling right now for their share or even the whole thing.

 I say to all the secret societies out there, hijack them, and force them to support Trump and turn back to GOD. Ban Satanism and BAN ISLAM. And be the caretakers of the "secret" become to PROTECTORS of innocents. Remember, Free will takes over any blood oaths. It TRUMPS blood oaths. So hey, if you want to really do GREAT WORK, then lets get the gold to America! And Trump! Your grandchildren will live like Kings. And you will elevate your good brothers to leaderships.

Roger forgive me if I have different point of views. I want to introduce you to some of them. I can say to you, I am not an IVY LEAGUE writer, I am not a published author. I can say and write things, you cant.  Just like none of us are running for President either.
Good can be everywhere. In all of us. We can all support Donald Trump in our own unique ways.

I see this as a spiritual battle.  I see DONALD as the world savior for CAPITALISM. And individuals everywhere! For the first time, the world sees the hole, it can walk right through, to freedom. And DONALD TRUMP I mean, how perfect is that, that HE is the one leading us! It would make sense. It makes sense to me. He is the best in all men. The world needs to know who he is. Their media has fooled their populations. But not here in the USA. We are the last truth tellers. All of us need to realize this message, is not just for the USA. Its for the GOOD in all men. We are teaching the ENTIRE flat world, our pond, our message, that love, will overcome fear. We love DONALD TRUMP so much.......that will be what wins. LOVE FOR HIM. PRAISE FOR HIM. He is PERFECT! I feel thats a powerful idea to carry across to. Its not just for America, but for the good in all men. In every country YOU GUYS ALL HAVE A DONALD  just for you. LOOK at Austria.

Roger I wish you would talk more. THERE WILL BE NO JFK MOMENT. It doesnt exist in reality. There is no SCHRODINGER BOX,  with that option, I broke it. I broke that box. I did. Look online at my tweets. Anyone who writes of that, I will rewrite and post everywhere and reflect that curse back.  He will make it. Its the EVIL EYE GUYS. Dont put it past them. Trump and Roger, you both have GODs PROTECTION. I know it. He is obsessed with you two! God is obsessed with all men choosing the side of good.'

ROGER Au Revoir A bientot, you know there will be more gorgon medusa beyonces. They will come flying out of everywhere. When its all done, we must banish all evil to the undergrounds. Whats your opinion, Have not the elites built bunkers for themselves to live in? How about we put them there, to live, forever! BANISH HILLARY CLINTON TO THE UNDERGROUNDS 2016!

MELODY KRAMER I downloaded your interview in my kindle I will hear it today and write you my opinion! Later loved it



I am listening to you LINDSEY-man, and U R a nobody. YOUR view is so global. UR SO WRONG about Donald. ur just creating lies, to smear him. Using keywords. Your lies, they will backfire on you. In the real world, its so boring. UHAVE No basis in reality. You have no power MR LINDSEY. Nobody knows who you are. Noone likes you. You have no friends. They are using you. Stop taking bribes from Ted and then talking about religion and women. You do not speak for women. I banish you to the undergrounds 2016! LINDSEY. GLOBALISM is NOT HERE TO STAY, DO not threaten Americans! I banish you to the undergrounds!

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