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Flat Earth Crash Course MY COMMENTARY

Thank you DIRTH for this list. It will take me a while to watch everyone and comment, but check back until its all commented on. I will post it up to leave the work in progress.
If the earth is flat how would it ever get dark?

DITRH click for his youtube channel. 

I can vouch ERIC DUBAY is above average intelligent. He called Alex Jones once, Alex blushed so hard, couldnt take that kind of truth yet. Hung up right away! LOL Thats how it is. 

But I can take the ridicule, because I know now, the people making fun, are just nasa trolls, thats what they do ALL DAY LONG. They have armies of them, working for evil. So you know who they are.They confuse people. They make really bad comments, like, " Thats been debunked!" for everything! They didnt even watch. Or they make videos and really badly done memes, full of lies.We know who they are,but they turn the public off to FE completely. Raging angry trolls, arguments, and grimly fiendish fake groups. And Neil De Grasse Tyson, Hollywood actor, is the worst of these demons. He is in on it. 

Eric Dubay Flat Earth Veritas Radio Interview

I heard this one a long time ago. I loved it. I am hearing it again. He speaks well, the interview goes fast. Over all the flat earth facts. He read flat earth books from the 19th century and was like, THIS IS FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, he was surprised to find proof and evidence. I love when he speaks of the POLES. Plateaus of ice. The ELITE prove the south pole with each countries flags in ice! Thats the proof. 

 There is a ring magnet in nature. Eric speaks of. One pole in the center. And the South is the barrier around the circumference, like a ring magnet!

There is something in the SOUTH POLE, they dont want you to see, They lie, they make up fake travel websites all owned by same company and none of the reviews are real people, not one. You may get a ticket, but no matter who, it will get cancelled.

Ships disappear over the horizon, because of PERSPECTIVE. If you get a NIKON COOLPIX, the ship comes into view full on.

If you zoom in on the horizon, you should see into outer space because of the supposed curvature! If it were a ball. But it is not. So that is why you just see flat everywhere. The Hulls are still there with ZOOM cameras.

From the Great Lakes you can see CHICAGO. 60 miles away. Not mirage, its when its inverted only. This is real skyline. Where is the curve? Why google caught lying about the curvature amounts?
Aren't we on a ball? Don't balls have curves? If a ball had no curve, then is it still a ball?  I ask you. Thats what they speak of in this interview.

These rockets never go straight up, in NASA space fake agency, its all a curve, then goes into the ocean. They cut out the feed so you dont see, its just a rocket. Camera TRICKS. Like the movie GRAVITY. Its green screen. ZERO G PLANES. DARK POOLS with LCD screens to do outside space walk scenes.

Satellites in the floaty spot, these satellites they say are made of gold and silver, above the melting points? HUH? They do not exist. Common sense, says they are ground based towers. People are used to the FAR OUT and fantasia like stories. Too difficult to understand. Only smart people can understand it. Only university. Only smart people. Not I. CELL PHONE TOWERS are satellite towers. Thats why your dish is sideways.

5 layers of Van Allen Belt the astronauts hadnt discovered it when they went. So it didnt exist then. NASA means Never A Straight Answer.

Arthur C Clarke INVENTED satellites in his SCI FI BOOKS. People claim, they can see a satellite. Its not.  If its geostationary, it would be still. It was PLANE or DRONE. I have photographed DRONE. I did. A weird one. OVER JBLM. 

WHY do the elites use a flat earth map? They talk about that. 

Why do they lie? Why do they mislead children? Why NASA? The reason the innocents cant see it, they cannot comprehend such abomination. When the world finds out, you all will be banished to the undergrounds, forever. The bunkers that were built FOR YOU. Come clean, I do not wish that on you. A joke is a joke, I get it. But come clean now. And get rid of all the satanists and the ISLAM that has infiltrated your societies. Bring Trump the proof positive of all the crimes of this. Get him in. Do good, turn it all back to GOD.  

Sun worshippers. HelioCENTRISTS. Luciferians. Liars for rotten Self Esteem. The CURSED. The damned. They will be sealed inside the undergrounds forever. Killers of JOHN LENNON. Killers of JFK. Killers and destroyers of many I love. Like our COUNTRY. I love America. Who doesnt, only they, robbing us, will fund their evil. We have to cut them off, take all their gold. 

ANTARCTICA TREATY....look into it. The mystery is so easy, just go there. But you wont be able to see. Someone has to do it with a USTREAM Eric Dubay says.

Admiral Byrd was supposed to go to to South Pole with diary of strange explanations..but he was a freemason also. So even though he went on air and said there was land unknown, unseen by man, etc. his testimony is SUSPECT.  And when he was interviewed, there was a flat earth map in the background. In the 1950s. Noone has gone from North Pole to South pole, circumnavigation, over, they just go E to W AND YOU CAN DO THAT ON FLAT PLANE AS WELL. 

The Measurements do not add up. Experiments they say that prove the ball, never been done. Or shown. They cannot get their stories straight. You will wind up in dead end, if you try out their experiments as proof of ball earth. CUZ its never been a globe. THEY SCREWED WITH OUR MINDS.

Neil DeGrasse is saying earth is pear shaped, oblate spheroid. He says, the Hollywood actor, like SETH ROGAN type, funny smart man actor. Spokesman for space. 

We can see POLARIS shouldnt see that on a ball. Same place every night. For eternity. Open your eyes and shut your fake textbooks. They make stuff up for satanic reasons. To fool you that we live on a ball. Its bizarre. Thats their power, their advantage over the masses. 

Luminaries. NOT PLACES. OK?

ASTRO-NOT CHRIS HADFIELD master viper liar level. CGI technology. Men in black style. Hiring fantasy artists. SEX is written in the cloud formation on their globe earth photos. SO FUNNY. People with eyes to see WINK WINK

People buy it, they comment AMAZING, OUR TAX DOLLARS ARE AT WORK...yeah TRILLIONS of our dollars, a BILLION just for faking the moon landing.

Imagine all the years of listening to CIA agents on ART BELL or COAST TO COAST.

LYING to you. Faking planets, this above is CANADA! They find rodents they have to photoshop out! Sometimes you find them. 

The moonlight putrifies, is cool, the sunlight gives life, is warm Its blue hue versus warm hue. Different light. Plus moonshade is warmer than moonlight. Sunshade is cooler than sunlight. Right? 

The eyes cannot see what the indoctrinated mind 
refuses to accept....

What the Hell is this! Rainbow colored places?

He BAALS ! He Baals! Yes, he was in London April 19 same time as opening of the Temple of Baal. One in NYC opened too. Look it up.

The Zionists, Freemasons, and NASA's Biggest Secret
Ok so the earth is flat infinite plane. then what, who knows, who keeps this secret, and who created the ball earth lie? Thats what this video is about. But first Eric goes over totally different proofs in the beginning, like about eclipses and ancient religions and RAHU. I love the moon. 
NASA they all have forked snake tongues, like in their LOGO. The DUPERS delight. Its fun. Hilarious. Its a joke! They are the authority then. We go to the priests!
You can see STARS right through the moon. Did you know this? The ISLAM and MIDDLE EAST FLAGS has this symbol. 

You have to be a psychopath to lie like this. Like NASA does.
Eric goes over why high tide only happens in Oceans, and nowhere else. Water remains level. It never curves. They cannot show you any example of water gravitized around a ball. 
Its a lie that ancients didnt know this and interacted and we knew of another continent. It was suppressed, Columbus knew. There is no way the official story is real.  There were dark ages, but we know now all the forbidden archaeology stories. Obelisks all over they exist. They all had connections. This is technology. ELECTRIC.
We are not the pinnacle of evolution. The IPHONE is not it. Our heritage is ALIEN to us. 
The interviewer asked what his opinion was, on what the planets are. He says, we have cults that go out of body and visit stars and they say they are beings or gods, sometimes, they draw nordics and reptilians, and they are all on an astral plane. Not on this one, a different plane. When these shamans, TAKE DRUGS they see these planetary beings. But they are not physical. They are not planets. or PLACES. They are Internal technology he thinks the stars and planets are.  CGI photos of JUPITER are all fake. NOT BALLS. Why do planets shine as bright as planets? They are wandering stars, they do not follow the pattern of the other lights or stars, electric plasma, Tesla called STARS. Wandering stars wander, the stars stay fixed, like clockwork, for all eternity. Same with CONSTELLATIONS. The same, by the second. Doesnt sound like we are flying through space at all! We have not moved. A single inch. Parallax doesnt lie. The stars are fixed. They rotate and move around us.In pattern. You can predict. Sounds flat to me. The night sky should not look the same every night if we were flying on a ball.
NO You are not special. You are meaningless. There are billions of places, just like us, Just worship the sun. Shut up and pray to the sun, pray to the triangle, and pray to BAAL. Put it out there the HELLFIRE Nasa sun, any day now, the KILLSHOT. They want you to FEAR. The deception is so high class. 
I am the pinnacle of evolution, ERIC DUBAY says. I am the center of everything. I am the smartest. I am  the best.
He speculates that the aliens , he was asked, are astral. Imagination some sort of place. 
SO who is reaching for FINANCIAL DOMINATION using globe earth lies? It is a JOKE on you. And you are expected to laugh it off. Just tradition! Capital P pseudo science. He says.
I am at 48 min. I will continue this commentary later tonight. He is just getting to the good part!
The flat earth movement, is filled with SHILLS.  He says the Jewish Freemasons are doing it. They infiltrate the flat earth movement. He says some agents money the waters, throw in hologram moons, like Mark Sergeant, with so many fake lies, to turn people off to the movement. But I think it backfires on them. I agree. So everyone points fingers at each other. I was called a shill for being pretty. 

Meanwhile, others call Eric a shill or anti semite, so there is war online.  They say he is a shill for painting the flat earth community as anti semite. I am not worried about being PC here.  I can handle words. We all adults. If he has good flat earth information, the most accurate there is, Lets listen to his point of views. They say he is a shill too for his book cover, of a ship falling off the edge. No, thats just the humor he has. People they say would think thats ridiculous. And not believe in FLAT Earth, when everyone knows, Antarctica is the wall of ice around us. Noone falls off any edge. Its infinite plane, not a disc and there is NO SPACE. How can you be a shill when the information is 100% common sense. SO what if he picked a great painting of a ship falling off an edge. His book is for advanced Flat earthers, for most people, have been so dumbed down. They need baby cartoons to explain the hundreds of proofs.

No he is not a shill. He is smart and prolific writer. He writes all the time and makes his own youtube videos. 

In the raw food community, we all have our gurus. Mine used to be JULIANO. His take on raw foods was that it had to be pretty, vegan and orgasmic. Others were only greens, others just fruits, others, into the live food, and probiotics, and some were raw meat eaters, we saw them as..infiltrators, we did. They ruined so many communities overnight. GITMR, SUNFOOD,  Natures first law, all ruined by infighting and arguments by the raw meat eaters. They were like the satanists of diet. We all loathed them. 
I been approached by 5-7 luciferians who asked to manage me, they will give me a radio show. They admitted it. Said NIMROD will be pleased. Give me his dark prince blessings. I never in my life! I didnt think they existed! And by their actions, they seem to be fighting over who manages me.  They want to know everything. What am I doing. They claim me as family, on social media, to claim me. Little things like that, be wary of. THEY FOLLOW everything I write. They comment on everything. Its so weird. Be wary of yes, satanist flat earthers, secret societies, you never heard of. They work up their levels by trolling sites and creating fake flat earth groups. I have learned my lesson. Its best to go alone. Its very creepy. One promised me my own tv show. They would set me up they said. They would pay for everything. Why do they want to infiltrate the flat earth movement. I been asking.
Look here is some proof I was passed

Its a HUGE mother of all conspiracies. You will have eyes to see evil and good, whereas before, you couldnt see evil. Before I was a FEer, I could not see evil. It was not on my radar. Like in the movie THEY LIVE. I am in the fourth dimension. I am psychic now more than ever. You do have the edge of everything when you have flat earth facts.
He says of the jewish culture, they dominate cultures,  by nature and are very cunning. I dont know what this has to do with flat earth, but he says it does. Billions they are given and then billions in reparations, still to this day. He says Hitler wanted peace. Well, the winners say,  he was trying to take over the world, when he was trying to stop the jews from hurting Germany.The Jews he says, play victim, and they are angry at any slights to them.  Stalin was way worse. Noone knows who that is. Ok there is TAKE, his adding on, to the grain of truth, thats flat earth. We all have our slants. But thats his. Its part of his knowledge. It may turn some off to FE, but the grain of truth really is good enough. 
Mysteries exist. Dont close your mind off with the nearest liars excuse for what stars are. HE SAYS, 
Eric Dubay what are your thoughts on the LUNAR WAVE videos by Croww777. He is not a flat earther, I do not know why not, but he is constantly talking about flat earth stuff, every episode. What do you think? Also of CEE DEE and his take back space MOONTV you tube stream. Telescope and live jams. Whats your opinion?


Flat Earth Podcast with Eric Dubay and Mark Knight
The Biggest Lie of All
121,000 feet Little Piggy Cam High Altitude Balloon Flight
FREE Download or read online.

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball.

Author Eric Dubay.
200 Proofs Earth is not a spinning ball video book by Eric 

The Flat Earth Masonic Matrix Manipulators
I love the fireside chats. LOL.  I heard his CROWW777 Interview too. Pushing the envelope again. 
Babylonian Bankster lines since SUMERIA. WHAT a great speaker!

Great short 4 minute video showing many Space/Earth Anomalies/CGI
Debunking the Spinning Ball Earth 
Gravity Does Not Exist! by Eric Dubay
Relativity Does Not Exist! 
Total Eclipse of the Mind
The Masonic Sun-Worshipping Globalist Cult of NASA
The NASA Moon and Mars Landing Hoaxes
The Flat Earth Truth 
The Flat Moon Over the Flat
Stars are Not Suns!
Flat Earth Star Trails Explained
Flat Earth Perspective part 1
Flat Earth Perspective part 2
Flat Earth Perspective part 3 Conclusion
True World | Flat Earth Documentary
Rivers Of Belief 
Flat Earth and the Real Stars
Flat Earth: Frequency of the Heavens

For more information about our flat, stationary Earth please 

TRUST ME, you must choose wisely with these FE groups, 

or learn the hard way. ADD THEM !

BTW for CHRISTIANS, the bible says its flat 700 times, 

right? Moon is the lesser light. FOUR CORNERS of the Earth

The masons acknowledge this in their rituals? NOT? Or yes?

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