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My opinion of Roger Stone, Wayne Madsen, Jon Rappaport on Alex Jones Infowars May 4 2016

On this powerful Wednesday, May 4 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we look into the triumph of Trump in Indiana and the final fall of Ted Cruz, who has suspended his campaign after the loss. Trump insider Roger Stone breaks down the extent of this devastating victory and what’s next for the Trump campaign. Infowars investigative journalist Wayne Madsen breaks down Rafael Cruz's ties to the JFK assassination and Jon Rappoport discusses the rising awakening happening across the globe as populist movements spring up against the destruction of freedom and culture. 

Tune in!

What a great show Alex. I just want to tell you my commentary in case you ever want to know what a listener is thinking when I hear you.

Dont be mean to TED CRUZ's daddy! He will cry. He was promised his son will be president some day, he was promised, he did some BAD things for that promise, you better not take it away from TED !  Daddy had " BUSH PINKY PROMISE" that his son would be groomed for US presidency. It didnt matter George said, that he was born Canadian. They can do anything, he was promised. He was promised!! Bush said!! Guarantee it was! He will Cry. Dont make fun of Ted Cruzs Daddy. He will cry.

LITTLE COWARDS want to run our lives! I love your rant! The WHORE MEDIA and the fake voodoo christians. Oh we can do voodoo too Alex. Ours is the light that the rats run from. The words you weave. Weaving spider I am. U too right.

We need to keep Donald Trump Honest. Thats what you say Alex. I know who he is. He is moral businessman. Its in his blood to be fair make deals and his deals mean shit if he is dishonest, so you know he is good, he has proven it. I LOVE TRUMP ALEX. I love him. I used to watch celebrity apprentice just for his insight in things. I didnt miss one. I know how he thinks and he truly is an individual. The Boss. Midas Touch. He is Howard Roark , running for President!

Alex do you remember in the OMEN movie, the son, of the devil, they went to the mothers coffin, and it was a jackal! The anti christ, was born from a JACKAL?  DO you think Obama was born inside  A CHIMERA? You spoke of them this episode, and it would make sense. The movie OMEN. DAMIEN. You say Chimeras have been grown inside of people for 100 years at least. Ever see the movie BOYS FROM BRAZIL? Its possible. Anything is possible when you worship lucifer. Thats his promise. To be godlike. Well, all you create are ghouls and things everyone REJECTS. They dont create life, they ruin it. Its already perfect. Its already done. All they do, is pervert it and create something that will shame you. You will have nightmares.

I think. As I hear your show today.
Our votes do count Alex, Thank you for telling the listeners. Our votes do count. I know its not 100% democracy, because the mob is a monster. But if our party doesnt put in who we want, there is a problem. It is. Dont unleash it until you mean it.  Dont open it, until you know you can control it. There has to be a voice, THAT DOES NOT ALLOW VIOLENCE. It has to be the perfect one. I think its YOU ALEX. You are the leader. But dont do not wish that on anyone. The mob they will seal all evil, they will seal Obama and Hillary in their own bunkers forever. Gods plan is to banish all evil underground, right Alex? I dont wish that. I wish they all come clean and expose their puppet masters and we can then all agree to put Trump in.  Even Hillary, can step down for Trump, in exchange for my forgiveness, but I also need all the names and I want to read her emails. I will judge. Spiritually.

I love how you point out the drug wars. Its a joke. El Chapo goes to jail and people call him a a monster. What about his bosses? CIA?  Our government? BUSH FAMILY? I love reading about it in Rogers book JEB! and the BUSH CRIME FAMILY. And what Barry Seal died for.

If Trump gets the nomination, Alex, they will do Chemtrails over all the African American neighborhoods, JUST LIKE PRINCE SAID.  And everyone will start fighting because they have been sprayed with anger, get angry meds. Then they will say, look, see , we found some people, who riot, so we need clamped down. No Elections.

We are not VASSALS all of us are in gods image.  I reject what the evil create. They lie. They spend all their gold, to bring down Trump, and they cannot. THEY CANNOT. Trump has my love. My love. Nothing can penetrate that. I feel it. He is so protected.

Rappaport! He was amazing today Alex. AMAZING, I stopped dead in my tracks and let out a holler!!!!!!!! Like a GOOOOLLLLL, or TOUCHDOWN kind of reaction to his talk today. He is so spot on. As if he were a verified FEer. He is so spot on.  Were you drinking champagne because of his interview! It sounds like it.  " HILLARY CLINTON IS DISGUSTING" _ alex quote

I never know which side of the stream I am in, up or down. End or beginning.


The ELITE are not acting like they hate Trump, Alex Jones, you say THEY REALLY HATE HIM.
Globalists need to be flattened. Thats it. All of them. Mafia. HOARDERS of the GOLD that belongs to AMERICA, and the rest of the world, all of them, have no gold anymore. Dont they want it back? They have to go with TRUMP.

TPP Toilet Paper. I agree with your opinion. TTIP Toilet Trash Impotent Poopoo

I love Rappaports collections on his wall. Are they bugs, flowers? How cool is that. I bet you he has the mind of a  pristine clock.  John Rappaport is so spot on. His shows are the very highest.
We will oust all evil, this election and BAN the evil to the underground. Isnt that GODS Plan Alex Jones? To banish all evil underground? Well, the globalists, they built their own homes already, in bunkers that span miles. Why cant they be sealed down there forever?

Get out of the EU RAPPAPORT says. You agree and so do I.  Time to take the TRASH OUT.  Every country needs to get their own DONALD TRUMP! I say, every country has a DONALD TRUMP of its own. Like a magic genie. Go find yours. Elect him. Join the fight for the culture. For the individual. For the freedom of the internet. For privacy. For protection. For the GOLD.

We are sick of the lies John Rappaport. We are sick. I hate it. It makes me sick. How upside down our leaders have led us into. What has happened? Phoney, Non Americans, foreigners. Satanists probably. Super delegate insanity, you coin. I like it.

Colorado forcing vaccinations, GET THESE PERVS OFF US ALEX AND JOHN. GET THEM , BANISH THEM UNDERGROUND! They need to be sealed off. Away from all of us. We are not standing for it. We have free speech. We do. You cannot take that from Americans. NO, thats our pride. Bottom Line, I love it.  WOOOO I love your show.

We are in the fourth dimension, (you ALEX speak of entering a new paradigm). I am here Alex, look into Flat Earth, the real FEers, not the luciferian Feers. The latter confuse you and call you idiots all day long. If you want to be really abused online, sign up for a fake flat earth group. I can prove there is serious flat earth coverup and mocking, making fun of, community, they openly admit it, hiring people to discredit us. Or make up Moon holograms or concave to confuse you. Or they show you water falling off an edge, and they fight all day long, all day long and all night, they call Flat Earthers idiots. Their GREAT WORK in the societies of LUCIFER, trying to get to that level, only to find out the truth, is what they been discrediting.

Stop talking about killing Trump. Stop it. You send me off the deep end Alex, say in your video titles, DONALD TRUMP WILL LIVE FOREVER. Please. No evil eyes to Trump please, dont scare people. DONT SCARE ME LIKE THAT. Its voodoo. Say Trump will be protected from all evil. Thats a great video title.

I love your insight Rappaport, you show Alex, he isnt the only one with lightning ideas. You got some NEW ones of your own! I love Trump, and I love the caller who defended Trump this episode somewhere.

POPULISM you mention. Can I come on as a guest ALEX I have a plan for his campaign, I do. I want him to conquer the HIDDEN GOLD of the evil CABAL.  I have some ideas. You ask this, when your genius caller called in. So thats what I am speaking of. One day, you will have your callers on as guests. You say.  The smarter ones. Like caller of the month, type award. I agree!! You should. I think you need to have a journalism awards show and make it real glitzy. Gowns and Tuxes. Champagne and balloons. So then the internet journalists and citizen journalists can be on more. On fire more.

Dont be too hard on a plant that grows easily and freely.
I tell ya, Alex, the more people use Marijuana, the more they will tune into your show and wake up. It has those kinds of truth attractors, love creators, god finders. Its the cannabis thats healing us. We all have a endocannabinoid system on our bodies, doctors know nothing about. When you take cannabis oil, your endocannabinoid system lights up. You vibrate from the inside, and its energy. The Living Dead, have some THC and they for the first time, can sleep, eat, enjoy movies, and they feel love and can pay attention. It heals people.  On record, like you like to say. They want to dance. and you cannot overdose. Or feel bad the next day. MEANWHILE big pharma!! My opinion. Plus I know you want to smoke a bong with Tricky Dick, NIXON BONG that ROGER STONE has in his political memorabilia. He has a Nixon Bong. When Trump gets in, maybe you should! And you can finally sleep and watch movies.  Or read LEGACY OF ASHES about the CIA. Thats a  great book. Eat some dark chocolates. Get a massage. Watch Three seasons of Orange is the New Black.  Give it a try. Try the cannabis ACO suppositories.

Ok David Knight part. I love your style David. You always wear a suit, because thats how you were raised. In our best of best  schools. You probably read the Iliad in fourth grade. Made cunieforms in 7th! Right! You are smart and fast and so official serious and to the point.

I love the commercial about HIllary Clintons quote of " AMEN" after talking about taking our guns. Why is she saying AMEN to that.  and CHelsea Clinton-Hubbell her "DEFINITIVE." ABout how now SCALIA been suffocated, they can see definitive change in court rulings on guns. THANKS CHELSEA, you will never have a future in poltics. Her quote....the way she said that....oooooo she is CO CONSPIRATOR, thats what Roger Stone called her, online, I remember all his ideas.  She PROFITEERS he says too.

You made a DOS EQUIS JOKE so I will match yours. You have a photo of the guy and he says " I dont always drink beer but when I do, its someone elses" and then you photoshop Bernie Sanders on his his fancy beard and suit.

I love your news with ROB DEW ! HE IS NOT IN THE BACK POCKET OF THESE PEOPLE is Rob Dews best quote on Trump today. I love the EPIC

I watched that like 10 times. I will watch one more. Trump is so ALPHA DOG, he is the leader of all packs. His ideas.

Rob Dew, you shouldnt chew food, while on air. Thats not cool you should have swallowed that fast! Dont over go ALEX JONES SAFE SPACE!! He is the alpha dog. I sense some tension. Or maybe you drunk of the champagne right! I love how you went town to town and city and showing the vile ghouls, vampires overweight, hot pocket eating, mumu wearing, freaks. I viewed them live sometimes on facebook live chat. I seen them Alex. Rob Dew u were amazing in them. U were so sweet when U shouldnt have been. U R polite. U gave everyone respect, and I like that.

If you took a CABLE TV SHOW contract Alex, it would ruin you. You would be like forced to ask Trump questions you really dont like to ask, like, " WHY WERE YOU MEAN TO MEGYN KELLY?" Do you want to ask BS questions like that?

 Your instinct to win will win. You are a pioneer Alex. Yes yes, Youu are a human and you are coming to get them, I swear! Hot blood! You like to fight Alex yes yes! ahhahaha I LOVE YOUR RANT. YOU ARE HERE.

Alex when you talk about why they take babies blood, I have to tell you my story. Never give birth in a hospital people. They are not the same as when we were kids. They are the most dangerous place to be. They tell you, a mother, that your arms are dangerous, for your baby, you cannot hold your baby anymore Alex, if you YOURSELF are not vaccinated. These days in Hospitals. They have posters terrifying you, of you giving your child some disease, just from holding it, because YOU have to be vaccinated too.

85 year olds I AGREE,  are NOT trailblazing the future. INFOWARS dominates the political MEMES. I want to choose one. Yes yes you are the future Alex. Foxnews, is dead. This time next year. GLENN BECK you chose your dark prince lord. BANISH HIM TO THE UNDERGROUNDS 2016!

I like Fox news too. Alex, do you like JJ?  I like Judge Jeanine. I want her to be SCJ. ALEX get her in there.  She loves Trump. Have her on as a guest. About herself. She is a role model for all of us women.

BTW a BLUE BIRD just came on my window. Thats a gift of gab, talisman. Right? Nice.

Alex I think you need to do a Putin Style video shoot, of karate and horseback riding topless , you know Putin Style. Manly ! Fencing maybe! Yeah jousting! I love the lifting weights, but we need to make it current, take a week of lifting, a week of practice and do a manly shoot. Maybe riding a horse. With arrow on your back. With Joe Biggs machine gun muslim terrorists!! . Banish her. Do a black magic spell video where Hillary and Obama share baby snacks.
Rob Dew sounds a little drunk Alex Jones. A little Bit!! DRUNK. I call it. ahahahah Thats my  FE psychic for you..ahha

Ok Ok, Ok Yes yes...
David Knight is so funny, Tranny Problem....ahahhahahhaa thats so great.

Someone make a meme of Glenn Beck as Marilyn Monroe saying " I did the nude photos so I could make my car payments" and how everyone loved him still.

"Trump knows the art of the deal, " Alex Jones. There is no way Donald will sell us out. I hear what you say about people holding him to his promises. Yes didnt he meet with CFR and then a week later they smeared him? I mean what is that? Who gets away with that, but THE LION. Trump is the LION. I say he is the Lion of all Lions. Leo. They cant pervert Leo. Well, the Egyptians carved over the lions head and put a pharaoahs head on top of it, perverting its true meaning. The SPHINX was originally a LION statue with three pyramids. It means something. Its the return of Leo. I think Trump is. Plus Lions eat elephants all the time, alone. Right, thats the Republicans Mascot. And LIONS destroy donkeys. They eat media monkeys too. Lions are bad ass. Lions dont give a shit. ahhaha

Alex you are the voice. You are. That caller was right. The aussie sounding one. He knows, what they lost, they took all their guns.

I love the card your daughter made for TRUMP. Thats so sweet. Your daughter needs to put those in plastic and put inside a time machine.  Maybe with a Trump hat too in there too. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN HAT. I will politically go after the elite if they betray us, and if they betray my daughter too. They tried everything to vaccinate her with 100s of poisons and pig blood and I said no.   I will take on the globalists too. FLAT EARTH LOVE ALEX. I will back you. I will support you. My heart is with you ALEX.  Lets banish them to the undergrounds 2016! The elite! The bankers! Hillary! Obama! They committed crimes. They sold us out. They are the devils. SCJ Judge Jeanine and Chris Christie Attorney General. Have them get Obama.  Lock him up. ahahhaahahha I see polls online all the time, and everyone wants this. Unless they come clean, we forgive.

  • ROGER STONE so glad to hear you. So glad. Here I outlined some of your bullet points. You speed talk for radio perfectly well done. Good job. Nice. You are made for the internet. The more you are on the more followers you get. For all eternity. Everyday I look for your next video. WWRSS What would Roger Stone Say.

  • Trump Supports American Sovereignty
  • Donald Trump is a BRAWLER. 
  • Trump Supports Military Strength
  • Mexican,  Pope, Chinese Government are our enemies.
  • Trump is a force of Nature
  • Trump is Hillary Clintons WORST NIGHTMARE
  • Ted Cruz poses as a constitutionalist
  • Trump is a US NATIONALIST 
  • "I am looking forward to an EPIC battle"
  • "Hillary Clinton is going to have a BILLION DOLLARS"
  • Bob Dole Story you guys need to hear.
  • Donald Trump will savage that Witch ( Alex quote) 
  • "I havent been this excited since RONALD REAGAN getting elected."
  • STOP THE STEAL DOT org - not com
  • "Donald Trump was conned, he thought he was helping children, by the CLINTON FOUNDATION."


  1. What do we do next to HELP TRUMP?

  1. Political Correctness is over
  2. Black Lives Matter, Move On Folks will be there in Cleveland
  3. Confirming with all groups to move forward, maybe unity rally in CLEVELAND
  4. United Republican Party is the vision of RS
  5. Dont cancel your plans in Cleveland July 18
  6. Cooperate with police, and stand with LE.
  7. STOP THE STEAL has applied for their permits 
  8. BLM people they dont apply for permits
  9. BLM they dont respect LE.

"You need only 100,000 people to take over the Republican Party ", and yes Alex you have that with your listeners. We can do it. We could. Absolutely. Thats a great idea.  THANKS CALLER. What great callers I am going to call one day. I would. When I have something you need to hear.


We have free elections. We have them, this is AMERICA, its the spirit.  I believe you ALEX.
HI WAYNE. Drinking champage. I am raw vegan. But I can drink a little raw cider if I want right a sip. I make my own kombucha. That will get you drunk. I am so happy too. Get Rob Dew Drunk and mess with him Alex.  Have some fun.  Remember the Tangy Tangerine suit? GET HIM TO WEAR IT. I want to see ROB DEW in the Tangy Tangerine suit. ALEX DO IT. WEAR IT WEAR IT !

"They got the touch of losers,  the touch of death, of con men, the touch of, dishonorable filth bags" ALEX QUOTE,  Meanwhile Trump has the midas touch.

"There is a WHOLE FLEET OF PUNDITS, all over tv..."-
 "All the kings horses and all the kings men cannot sell that popular votes dont matter..."  Alex Jones Quotes. Evil has no power. Evil is weak. It convinces good men, because they good at lies. Thats their self esteem.  U r right.

"Bill Oreilley is BAD NEWS" - Alex Jones, I agree.
 "THE NWO is not good for business. Not good for prosperity".
 "LOON CULT" Alex quote. U ON FIRE with your ideas Alex. I hope the meme makers are listening carefully. Fox news lost massive viewers as soon as they dissed TRUMP.  I see it.

"Mentally ill BETAS " When you talk about Alpha Males and the opposite of them. I love your ideas. You have so many Alex I cant outline them all. But someone needs to. And make memes from them.  Your show needs to be translated. In every language. Daily.

Conspiracy theories means truth. National Enquirer means real scandals. Its funny ahaha everything is backwards now that mainstream is being challenged.  Wait, did he call Trump a Conspiracy President, that clip you played.  BANISH THEM TO THE UNDERGROUND.  Lyin Media. Thats pretty satanic. Lets banish them. Alex, is that not GODS WILL? National Enquirer is not batboy I agree. Remember PRINCE ANDREWS SEX SLAVE photos? I do.

I am ready for WAYNE MADSEN! BUSH is CIA. CIA is mystery. Its combine operations you are right. You dont want to know. SHADOW BATSHIT CRAZY GOVERNMENT, they summon spirits. They are heliocentrists!

Some Mark Dice for you.

Ok Wayne Madsen, that was long commercial to get to you!
Ted Cruz I love this topic. So SAUCY. I want to hear who gets SATURDAY NIGHT, that favorite MISTRESS.  the ones the other ones envy, What do they do? Saturday night mistress gets to go to all those high class places. I think Ted Cruz wife she gets Sunday Brunch time with Ted, she is sad, he has so many girlfriends. Two for everyday. Ted, He says HONEY, I been groomed to rule the world. And she says, Ok, let me have 20 k to go to Paris France shopping and she forgives him. She goes and meets LAURENT from Alsace. And everyone is happy. Her Doctor Feelgood makes the right pills. Life is a blast. Orders vodka on planes. Has nightmares of hell.

Jester hopping up and down talking about how Alex Jones Discrediting on cable tv. Who was that jester. FAKE INTELLECTUAL this guy is on speed. So funny the clip.

Alex, there is so much disinfo out there. I mean, years of it on radio shows. I really believe you are the one who has the truth. But if you were lying to us we will hold your feet to the fire...hahahah just kidding! I was miming what you said about Trump in todays show. Love to you. Lets banish all evil to the undergrounds 2016!

Here is a raw vegan papaya pudding I made last night

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