Thursday, December 05, 2013


I bought alot of fruits. I am so glad because I love to bite into

some cherries or dates. I love fruit. I could eat it all the time.

If I have enough around. Dried fruits go really fast. I got a

watermelon from the supermarket. I got some purple grapes. I

meditated earlier. I tried to open my third eye by this meditation

and I saw my brain as a cave and there was an opening letting in

light. I havent

seen anything, asked for anything. I am just beginning. My goal is

to become a spiritual being. And to live like that, healing loving praying

for others and only doing psychic work for good. I am eating a

juicy yummy sweet tangerine. I ordered some orgonite and rose

quartz. Bought some goth boots on ebay. I want to embrace my

divine feminine more. And be more female. I love high heels. To me

that is glorifying my feminine side. I really for a long time have

wanted to grow spiritually and psychically. I took remote viewing

courses, I did all sorts of exercises and

hypnotherapy off youtube. I just want to be one of those people-

who balance the earth, send and work actively with energy. They call them lightworkers.  I

would like to see and fix auras with permission. I would like to

see other realities, at least in my imagination. I do want to

knock at the doors of perception. I want to download information

from the divine. I want to talk to angels.

Today was a nice day. I took a ride into town. I get so excited for nothing. I just close my eyes. Wear sunglasses and just love. I feel love in my heart. I send love. I think of things I love. I imagine silver cords that tie my daughters hearts to mine.
I think of what I want, I fantasize. I just want so bad some things. I do.

I ate bananas, oranges, avocados, dates, etc etc I bought lots of yummy fruits at coop.
My daughter loves them. She always steals mine. Toddlers are interesting. Fun little things.

Look juice from oranges in those cans and refrigerated sections will have pigs genes soon

I always eat organic. I love it. I made a raw food pie for my family today. They love them

Today just carrot juice and apple juice. I am eating oranges all day. Maybe a ton of smoothies. I am working up to all fruit. I just am patient.

I made this for my family its a raw food pie. I make one every night, they love it. Banana, blueberries, avo, dates, lemon, persimmon and date nut crust

Raw Vegan Pie

My boyfriend now juices every morning.

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