Monday, December 09, 2013


 Been watching my fruit and raw journeys. It's been so great, all the years I have been raw,  juicing,  running, sports, relationships and travels.  Life is beautiful. Let us do this people. Let's stick with this. Now I am wearing a low cut dress I bought in Miami Beach. Mother hood is great, but its like now I have to morph and all my sexuality and energy has to now be funneled in outlets, fantasies,  audiobooks, poems. Anais Nin's books.

Every Human Being is treacherous to everyone else, because, he has to be true to his own soul-- DH LAWRENCE

From a Paris Magazine in 1900- how to attract a man-Make yourself as feminine as possible, dress so that the most interesting portions of your anatomy are emphasized, and subtly let the gentlemen know you are willing to yield at the proper time..

The cleaner you eat, the more synchronicity occurs.- David Wilcock

Love is the force that transports light. He says.

As soon as you think about someone, we automatically connect a tunnel between you and the tunnel. Light begins traveling through that tunnel.

I am eating an apple. As we go through stress, our DNA sheds some of our light, I did not know that.

How to make a fruitarian slideshow. Go to start ; control panel ; appearance and personalization ; change screen saver; scroll down and pick photos slideshow; then click on browse and then add a folder in your pictures folder called screen saver and select it ; then adjust timing, etc ; go to Google images and find fruit and raw vegan dishes and then save them to this folder. Voila..a living wish board.

When you think of others you send photons. When you direct angry thoughts, you pull photons through it, by breaking other people down. Guilt fear shame and sadness David Wilcock says. He says to refuse the bullying and none of your vital energy will be lost.

I am eating dates and raisins.

Spiritual Healing, that is what I need. I also want to help others. I want to heal. The body and the mind. All the things that make people feel good, I want to focus on, I think thats the secret sauce. I want to heal the planet. I want good to win.

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  1. Hi Mado! I am a fan of yours. I've read your blog and feel I can relate to your thoughts as I've gone through some major life transitions these years as well such as meeting my partner, having a kid this year and trying to revive my body and spirit to where I once was before. I am trying to follow my dreams and find a place in this world. I believe fruit is helping bring me back to life and rejuvenating me on different levels. It's helping make my dreams possible. I've been able to see major differences in my health and in my daughter's. This path is so difficult, even more so after having a child, but I am inspired by your blog and your beauty too. You really motivate and inspire me! You're an amazing woman! I know you're a healer and magical in your way.