Saturday, February 01, 2014


 My theory

When you eat something, you become one with it, with the spirit, and then it passes through you on.

So when you eat a cherry, you become one with its spirit, and it passes on..

..and when you eat meat, you become one with the animal and its entire life of suffering flashes before you, through you, maybe not consciously... and then leaves you.

What effect do those things have?

Well, look at  the difference between a bee and a fly. One eats garbage and the other nectar. As you can see, one is a-lot more beautiful than the other. Vultures look at them.

I do not think anyone has taken this diet so seriously as to live in for an entire lifetime., but some have come close. And they look different than others, they are very thin, very happy people. The energy just pours out of their pores. They glow. Like they have just had a facial. Hair is
 strong and healthy too. People are happier. Face it. Food is not that great on the body. And if you are going to eat it, why not something that deeply satisfies you..spiritually- and makes you look perfect.

You have more energy to meditate and intend and create visions. You can be a visionary. You can silence yourself and become psychic. You will get messages in the forms of ideas and thoughts, that you know came from somewhere else, and you will say to yourself, I have to write this down, its too clear of a message, to not mean anything. Sure enough, it happens just as you saw it.

So I think I need to practice and to write down my visions so I can prove it myself.


  1. definatley! Nice theory, and on a physical level, the hormones and stress chemicals those animals release before death are present. So you literally digest fear, lifelong suffering and stress.
    You are what you eat, living colorful vibrant food, or rotting fear filled dead flesh... It must have some effect on how we live, how we think, the decisions we make in life. I know since I stopped eating meat, my spiritual quest grew stronger, my dreams are more vivid, and I released the guilt from knowing there was something not quite right with doing it.
    Crazy journey through the choices we make in life, the love I have for animals means I won't ever eat one again.
    Namaste, thank you for your blog. i just started my raw vegan journey, you can follow it, if you like -


  2. What about the happiness of the animal, that would pass through too. No?

  3. Where did you go? This was such a pretty and fun blog..

  4. Hi Mado/Suvine,

    I am a long-time fan of your blogs. There is something incredibly hypnotizing about your writing style. It seems that you haven't written in some time, but I hope to see more of your work in the future. I used to be a fruitarian as well, but I only lasted a couple of months. Still amazed that you did it for three years. I wish the best for you and support you on your goals to reassert your frugivorous lifestyle.

    I too am transitioning back to 100% raw, with an emphasis on fruit. I think the labels high-carb, low-fat, low-carb, etc are all meaningless. Remember the days of raw chefs and feeling brilliant and no one was secretly a faker and selling garbage supplements the whole time, or politicking for views on YouTube? There was something beautiful and sacred about when even gourmet raw wasn't considered junk food. How can whole plants be junk?

    But fruit is the strongest, no doubt. It incites ecstasy like nothing else, a pure happiness like being a child. I think it should be the emphasis for everyone. Have you read Left in the Dark/Return to the Brain of Eden? Very compelling.

    Fruity Jules and Anne Osborne and you are all such wonderful people... It would be fantastic to see this movement reignited.

    Best wishes,