Monday, October 28, 2013

Chia 1tb in 8 oz Banana Milk and Zucchini Ribbons with Tomato Basil Mango sauce

I feel good today. Much better. Raw food is the way to go. 100%. Rejuvenating. Loving. Blessing, and makes miracles appear in your life, just by changing your energy and your aura, and you start living on a higher level. Being who you really are inside, an angel. I can never go back to cooked foods. I just cannot. It is not healthy and does not inspire greatness beauty and love. I have to heal myself, heal my heart, see through my heart like glass, sensitive and aware. Juicing I have been doing, I bought a 50$ box of oranges. I take four at a time and juice then add half the amount in water and mix. It is starting to get cold where I am.I just want to be happy and loving. I want to treat others nice and be well taken care of. I want life to be a joy. I hear so much everywhere, terrifying stuff. I have to stay above it, I just have to love and forgive the world.  That people and men are the greatest things, in the universe. The Greatest. There is only love and a call for love.

Listening to Audio book I downloaded from librivox called Maggie Girl of the Streets by Stephen Crane circa 1900. Also downloaded some hypnosis cds about how to be a good housekeeper and get more sex. I love listening to them, especially when they ask you to imagine your perfect man, your soul mate, someone you never met Intense.

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