Friday, October 04, 2013


Raw Vegan Icecream Pistachio Blackberry

Star Fruit strawberry cake

Dehydrated eggplant

Raw Vegan Ice Cream

I had put some eggplant slices in the dehydrator with some olive oil and salt and
 she made stacks with them. They were with yellow tomato slices, avocado, orange bell
 pepper, basil and a thick cream made from pine nuts basil and lemon and olive oil..
The dressing for the greens had a little agave in it and black sesame seeds..

For dessert it was a cake with the base made from GOLDEN FLAX AND AGAVE..COCONUT OIL AND VANILLA AND CINNAMON..
- Raw ice cream.. I blended chopped peaches with coconut milk, coconut oil and agave mixed..
 then poured in ice cream maker. I saved half...blended with some dates and made the rest
 into peach sauce.

We had also made an ice cream out of Almond flour..2 tb coconut oil..2 tb agave , salt.. all 

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