Thursday, October 17, 2013


Fruitarian dish

Raw Vegan Gazpacho

Suvine Mado Everrglades

Me protesting

Tropical Fruit

Sublime Vegan Restaurant Tomato Caper dish

Suvine Mado Everglades

My love

Glaser Farms

Stuffed Raw Vegan Avocadoes

Guacamole and  watermelon juice


I want to be a fruitarian, high fruit, raw vegan diet. I want to share myself and love the world. I want to be nice to people. I want to bring light to all my readers. I love reading diaries myself. Anais Nin is my favorite. I love tropical fruit. I do live in a cold climate. I want to live a full life. I want to be able to love those it is hard to. I want to have an amazing life.

Suvine Mado the MALL hahaha

Fruit eater raw vegan is my ultimate goal. Anything with a seed is called a fruit. Some consider soaked sprouted seeds and nuts as well as raw greens- fruitarian. I do too. I am not strict and will dabble in raw gourmet food. I will not deny myself that if I come across it.  I want to end up perfectly fruitarian. But maybe not, Maybe I will just do straight fruit with no cheats. Just leaving myself some room. I have many years experience with fruitarian diet regimens and I somehow failed. Nothing is changing. So I have to.
I want to get my life of beauty back. I want to feel all those emotions of success and victory. No fear. But lots of discipline awaits me. I will be honest with my diary. I may lose everything I have. 

Passion Fruitarian Dish

I know many fruitarians who have long since quit, I hope they join me again. Lets do it . Lets start living again. Do it your way this time.

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