Thursday, October 17, 2013


I wish I could have watermelon juice.

I feel really good, I am so grateful to my friend. I have the best company and I love talking and emailing.

I am so happy today is another day and it will be a great day.

It will be a day I do the the easy way . I do what comes easy. Nature does not strain to grow, it happens naturally and I want to be like that too.

I feel so much goodness and love, I want to love, I love. I feel so much for some people. it is good.

I am listening to opera and feeling nice.

sep 27

All day 6 smoothies with Avocado, Banana, and Strawberries

9 pm 13 dollars worth of cut Watermelon and Whole Foods

10pm a handful of mesclun greens to eat like chips

12 am two white peaches

all day a bag of grapes

grape and banana smoothie
oct 9-30

6pm Guarapo (sugar cane juice)

 9pm Watermelon juice

11pm Cucumbers, tomatoes and celery from Buffet

 12pm Watermelon juice

 2pm Mashed Avocados with lime

 4pm Smoothie apple banana

8pm Guacamole

 9pm Orange juice

 1030pm 2 glasses smoothie with Orange jUice , strawberries and banana

11am Orange juice

Today I am getting my hair done and cleaning my apartment. I have been watching LOST episodes.

I went shopping, bought my friend a suit and shoes and Custo Barcelona pants and t shirt with a cute kitty. Also silk hiking pants for Switzerland and some silk shorts and hiking stuff like boots.

I want to have a spotless apartment, I want to look good and I want to wake up early and do things in nature.


4:30 pm 2 glasses Orange Juice
5 2 glasses oj
6 1 glass oj
8 pm 1 glass OJ
830 Mashed avocado and lime
11pm 4 smoothies with banana, strawberries and blueberries
12 midnght 1/2 sliced cantaloupe
12noon smoothie with OJ Mango and strawberries at Jamba juice
4 2 glasses ice smoothie with papaya and OJ
8 2 glasses papaya and lime juice smoothie with ice
11pm PLUM


10 pm -green organic Grapes
1030 salsa and chopped tomatoes
11 pm -raspberries, blackberries, blueberries

1pm chopped tomatoes, florida avocado and lime juice
3  2 glasses smoothie avocado, yellow raspberries, banana and lime juice
6 smoothie apple avocado banana 3 glasses

Noon Watermelon juice 2 glasses
2 coconut milk from press
3 pm Fruit salad of Papaya, watermelon, orange, bananas and cantaloupe, Orange juice 1 glass

12 pm some muscadine grapes
2pm a banana
3pm and orange juice from Jamba juice
530pm smoothie of cactus fruit  and a peeled orange, watermelon chunks
9 pm orange juice
930 pm half a large florida avocado mashed with lime juice

I felt really euphoric ridong my bike tonight, Like I was on air.

the whole city of Coral Gables looked so beautiful, it was alive and I felt so much love energy coming from me. Vividly.

I felt so in love with things. I did. Everything was so nice, my thoughts were so clear and almost like breath.

Yesterday I felt euphoric in the supermarket as well, I remember it felt so good to walk down this particular aisle . I felt really tall, thin and floating, beautiful.

Although almost with such clarity, I could smell all the chemicals in the  different bottles and I was headed straight for the meat department, I tried to get a reading from the meat, like feel something, but nothing, I knew how disgusting and horrific those lives were lived and the holocaust pretty much..the murder, it is too ugly for me to think on, I just past it all ,headed for the produce section.

 Going to Ballet class was something too, I drank two bottles of water before glass and one in the middle. It was so beautiful, everything was so easy, simple, here I was just feeling the art of Ballet, here I was doing it without staring at someone’s feet, here i was just doing it , just thinking about me.
12pm a smoothie with 2 bananas and a large starfruit

4pm avocado with spoon, haas

430pm a smoothie with a banana, peeled orange and a mango

 5:15 pm Haas avocado with spoon

745 pm a smoothie with banana, peeled orange, avocado, and passion fruit scooped out

9:00pm juice of half a watermelon, some muscadine grape
 2 pm smoothie with 1 Mango cut up , two cheeks first and then cubed, turned inside out and cut and then whats left diced and ice/water

4pm a large half Papaya , cut in half, deseeded and scooped out with a lime, cut in half and juiced with lemon press into it and water /ice

5pm orange juice from Jamba juice

9:00 pm an Orange and some Concord Grapes

11:00 pm Juice of a small seedless watermelon ( blended in vitamix)

2:30 am Haas avocado

I would like to wake up and be in paradise and everything goes as I wish it.

the thing is we are and we dont even know it, our thoughts create our universe and in our thoughts we need to think paradise and perfetcion and just a big beautiful beach.

I have been spending time in bed, recuperating, feeling better. Watching movies and emails on my hd tv screen .

 would like to buy a large watermelon, but how am I going to carry it to my house?

I slept well last night but kept having to wake up and drink water. After I have a drink I sleep so well.

I was going to go to the Venetian pool this morning and sunbathe, I need a tan, I do, I am white again. I love going in a bikini and lying in the sun. South Beach is a bus ride, but when I am all the way out there I spend money on smoothies and water.
I learn best by Visual learning style. That means I learn by seeing things in my mind the best.

 Some people learn by hearing, feeling, hands on..

The Seven intelligences which are: Visual/Spatial, Verbal/ Linguistic, Musical/Rhythm, Logic/Math, Body /Kinesthetic “sports” /Interpersonal ” people smart”/Intrapersonal ” self smart” or Naturalistic “nature, environment”.

 I am really good at VISUAL/SPATIAL, VERBAL LINGUISTIC and NATURALISTIC, in that order.  That means I think in pictures, love to create images, am word smart, communicate well thru language.
 ( uh , all this is duh.. I know alll this.) I also I scored well in my interest in the environment and can recognize flowers , clouds and I like hiking.

So all this means is I need to find work/majors in these areas. Also, it means that when studying, I need to recite aloud, join study groups,use charts, drawings, visualize and also be outside as much as possible .

Personality type. I could be either extroverted/introverted, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling or Judging/perceiving.

Out of each combination, of what you have chosen,  there is a unique personality type.

I am Extroverted, meaning I live in the outside world, draw strength from others, am outgoing, love interaction and being the center of attention. ( I thought I wasn’t,  but with friends I am always talking, preaching and blabbing about everything and I keep a public diary and always want to be loved the most, and be the best, and I want to bring out the best on others and also supoort them to be incredible)

I am Intuitive meaning I see possibilities and rely on gut feelings and am innovative.
(I read into things alot )

I am Feeling meaning I make decisions on what is just and right. I like to live in harmony and peace.  I value others opinions, into people being happy and very tactful. (That’s me. I am this. I feel that what is, and comes natural, is right and what feels good is a sign I am on the right track. When others are happy I am. I like to spoil people.)

I am a Judger,  I am orderly and need structure in my life. Good at goal setting and sticking to it. I work before I play. ( I am always on time, always finished my work, my task, what I need done I do, I love taking orders)

So I take that combination and look it up and I am ENJF:
” Very concerned about others feelings, I respect others, I am good leader, usually I am popular, good at public speaking, but can make decsions too quickly and I trust too easily.”

 I bought MBH a Green Star 2000 and I am so proud of him, making all this cabbage juice, spinach, carrots etc..It makes me HAPPY!! He will be healthier and hotter because the blood will flow back in his skin, he will feel more alive and have more energy to be the best lawyer in the courtroom, always. Because he is the best lawyer and he is very exclusive and the richest and most important people trust him with all their secrets. I know I do.


Midnight snack- dehydrating pineapple rings
11- smoothie with dates, cherries, avocado, banana. I bought this big giant gulper jug with lid, from Jamba juice and it always fits all my smoothie I make.

1/2 cup water
10 large ripe tomatoes
2 medium red bell pepper
spicy pepper to taste
8 pitted dates
1/2 cup lemon juice
1 large bunch of fresh basil

Pour the gazpacho liquid into a bowl and cut the following vegetables into 1/2 inch cubes:

2 large avocado
2 medium bell pepper
8 sticks celery

Add the chopped veggies to the liquid.

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