Friday, October 04, 2013

Veggie PARIS

Paris in Clichy

I walked around Clichy today, the Rue, the Avenue and the Place..I read Paris in Clichy by Henry Miller,
three times.., it was very clean and pristine and there were so many shoppes

I was going to go to Chopin's house museum, but I forgot and got lost.

It is very very cold out, I have to drink tea and then it feels warm
I am wearing a warm jacket and wool sweater but I do not have scarf or hat and I do not want to buy one because I live in Miami and wouldn't need it when I got home.

I saw alot of boys, grown men, straight looking, with long beautiful hair, some wearing headbands like little girls do.
But it works because if you are beautiful who cares if you look like a girl!

You look hot.

and they are so pretty and young
dressed like preps

OH I saw a ton of boys with their collars up!! Like polo shirts (with blazers).. like in the 80's and you know what looks GOOD!!!

young boys with their velvet jackets and flawless cherubs or choir boys

I also have not seen a single american store..not one ..actually only a large United colors of Benetton. And all the music \I hear is French..

I am surprised. We are really of no influence here except mayeb mtv and even french Mtv is all different cool COOL bands from Germany and europe and the US music videos they play is like strokes and madonna
and everybody LOVES 50 cent!

Church bells are ringing

This is our vacation
you are very here with me
I feel you everywhere and always in my heart
and in my mind
you are very very powerful
and to me like the sun
as beautiful
Yes I am your angel
I am yours 100 percent
I am yours and I believe in you

I saw these shops today
Department stores in Paris
I died
I walked in and died

It was like being on a different planet
the coolest of the cool
the best of the best
I couldn't believe

I saw things simple things like chairs and stuffed animals and I was like What on earth IS THAT
the colors the weirdness uniqueness..I saw many many bizarre cool things just like works of art.
Silverware that was like sculptures of fine materials, knives sculpted out of rabbit designs..


I looked in the cookbook section,
the vegetarian section was too cool
There are all these hot Veggie celeb chefs and everything
With sexy french names

I think the place was next to Lafayette something
it was in a very pretty part of town
I got lost in Paris
this section was regal
where kings and queens shop

raw food book

The Louvre

Napoleons paintings

Paris Sprouts

This was delish lentil caviar

Raw vegan food in Paris

Vegetarian restaurant

I got durian here in Paris

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