Saturday, October 05, 2013

Caribbean love

New recipe I tried. I cup water 1 teaspoon maca in hot water with some honey- MACA COFFEE
So good.

The best of everything
Better than I expect. 
My life is. 
I am totally a new person.
I have crawled into this new ideal.
I am so much better than I thought. 
My life I can weave as if I am a god. 
I can decide what I want. 
I can create what I want.

I truly am the happiest I have ever been.
I can see miles down my life.
I can feel, 
I sometimes feel I have superpowers.
Life is a bit kooky. 
It is so empty to most people,
they have no idea...
the pleasure 
and power one can feel living
and driving life. 

its passion, magic and beauty.

I am so happy all is well and I am warm.

My blood is beautiful.

I am warm blooded.

I send love to all, everyone I know. 
I wish nothing bad on anyone.
I wish love on everyone
and I mean it. 

Everybody needs all the love
they can get to succeed.

Other's love..invisble love.

Like Dolphin to glass.
to dream to pull to life.

It awakens in the heart of me 
many black thoughts.

my life is perfect.

The provenance of all my life
comes from my dreams.

I feel so utopic. 
Even when my Haridan boss complains,
I just laugh.
i do. 

I don't take life seriously.
or maybe I do take life seriously. 
whatever seriously means.
Seriously means ....?

I have better goals 
and better views 
and my life is just opening up.
I have been living a half life.

I crave singularly
the tokens of your kisses blue
they've waited upon me forever.
Washing on the beach 
they lie on the sand 

and awakened a true mirror matrimony.

Lost and broken 
to peals of laughter.
A dream spoken to you
craves sunshine
and bliss 
upon the walls of time
that have no barriers.

I crave perfection,
crave new newness
and lost peals.

I have eaten total fruitarian foods,
Mameys, Mango Dates haas Avos.

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