Friday, October 04, 2013


Cruise ship raw food Bahamas

Watermelon sanibel island

Fruit fruit fruit Mangoes Coconut and Avocados

Vegetarian restaurant in Iceland

Raw vegan in Iceland

"The man who acquires
 the ability to take full
possession of his own mind
may take possession of
 anything else to which
 he is justly entitled."
~Andrew Carnegie

Thou shalt not poison yourself. "The solution to pollution is dilution"
"8 out of 10 people are malnourished and overweight" "There is no such thing in nature as a sandwich" "Eat fruit for breakfast"

"I like pizza too but pizza doesn't like me",.."if something doesn't agree with you, then it is not people friendly." "Could you make a meal out of vinegar, processed sugar, oil or salt?" .."The Baby RULE: Would you give the food to a baby? That is the RULE..for people friendly food.."


Forgiveness is realizing what you thought happened, didn't.


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