Friday, October 04, 2013

Paris RAW

love nice

I love you

you are the best

always uplifting






and such a gem

you are here in front of my heart

You make me happy like no other

and I feel safe in your arms, in your aura

I am drinking cacao drink and honey and a thai coconut water quart.

I am so happy and glad to see you smile!

I love you
and no matter what happens 
I am happy
I am content
I am safe
..when I see that look in your eyes

You are so heavenly I could just die
You are like summer breeze in iceland 


I will have an experience unlike anything I have ever had
and it is going to be amazing
i need to get out of who i am and what i know
i want to go after ideals
i want to go after a juice bar here

I love these french guys
oui oui voila
it sounds like they are talking sexy

it is warm in here*
i knew you would be here for me*
i knew that i could rach you here* 
i knew once i left america i would find peace 
and it is real peace

i want love and I want your tender touch
I need it I need you
I have you
I will

oh there is no mc donalds here nothing at all no starbucks::it is all just strange old looking shops
I can*t wait to see what will happen:

I need sustenance juice bar help

come to me
I dont care if itsnot green or non organic:

So handsome love*love is the best thing ever*
love is what I need
I do 
I love it here
I do
I love it so much
I could live here in a dream

Everything really is better quality
I noticed some dog poop
it is because dogs have nowjere to poop and people leave it there
there is no grass; no dog park
all cement

I am happy I am all I do is shut my eyes and I see you
and I feel good
I feel safe
and everything that happens to me I am thankful for 

Thank you
this is the best vacation ever

I love you
I am so grateful

I love you and I am going to see you somewhere but definitely here tonight
I am going to see life and I am going to see light
I am

I have to figure out where I am going tonight
I want to go out
but not to a bar or stupid club but the best ever

I asked in paris what The best nightclub was and they said Von Douche

Douche means shower in french




Veggie restaurants everywhere, some even raw

Salad I ate there

Vegetarian food and juices

Me freezing in March in Paris


The beautiful owner with flaming red hair met me

she is really into raw food
We spoke for over an hour
She would not let me take her photo now,
but after I go to Louvre
and come back she will be ready for me!

Did you hear that, guys, the LOUVRE I am headed to next!

I look crappy hey I do not have plug converter yet so i cant use hairdryers etc

We talked about raw food in Paris

if I live here
I will volunteer/help out with with her and collaborate for sure, 

she is struggling in Paris as strict raw food restaurant 
I cannot tell you how I would love to help out if she lets me

Look French Raw books
The table qnd bookshelf were filled with raw food books I never even heard of with famous french raw gurus too!!
It is true

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