Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fruitarian art

I ate oranges, celery, a small salad with sesame oil and salt. I had banana smoothies. Maca coffee.
Having two kids is a handful. When they both cry at the same time, its like its in stereo or an opera. I have to run around, making bottles as fast as I can or heating up some soup for little one. She loves to play toddler games, like dress up baby, wash the dog, etc. These online games that seem Chinese.They are very cute.

It was a cold day. My wheatgrass was frozen outside, I woke up in the middle of the night to bring it back in the house. We have a wood fire. My box of oranges were left outside all night and now I hope they are not damaged. I will make some juice soon and see. I cut the wheatgrass and put it all in a bowl in the fridge.
I watched some tv shows. Played with the baby. I worked too in and out of the workshop. I run the website and read and answer emails and take credit card numbers and process orders, money in the bank!
I am thinking about taking a nice hot bath and sitting in it, relaxing. It is kind of chilly and I am not wearing socks which makes my feet cold. We have a wood fire in the living room, and an electric heater in my bedroom. The wood fire is really hot. We bought firewood earlier this year. Sometimes my chihuahua barks at the door and I get really scared because I am all alone here in the woods. But its nothing. Or maybe we have possums or raccons, who knows. I saw an elk in my backyard once and I always see deer. Here they just come out and eat your apples off your trees.

I am in the bedroom I gave birth in. To my second child who is named after the princess in AVATAR movie. I want Anzaca to do the floors with wood panels. We did my toddlers room and living room. It looks so much better. I cannot stand pests of any sort. Why I do not like carpets. I spray, powder and I have so many pesticides, just in case. I like clean. We have a carpet in here I got at a garage sale for twenty bucks brand new.

I chatted with my beautiful mother on facebook. I love her. She says she has many photos of me as a baby. She is in Paraguay now. I say please please scan them.

I was in the car driving and I was listening to an audio book about a women who escaped the FLDS, the Mormon polygamist cult, with Warren Jeffs. Its hard to listen to as she was 14 when she married and the ultimate victim. It is so sad. Anzaca cannot stand to hear it, he keeps saying quietly, " You got to be shitting me", when the story goes on about her life. I think I have like 8 hours more of this.

I am going to get an expenisve lense and take photos everyday. I want to. I know so many people who make a living off taking photos. I am really good at it. I know how to model my models. I just have a hard time asking anyone for money. I do it for free.

Well I will go now and take a hot bath by myself and if she wants to join me we can do fun things like inspect her owies or brush her hair or sometimes she likes to take a pail of water and dump it on my head.

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