Friday, November 22, 2013

Fruitarian Art

Here my friend Nadia who is all fruit eater, took a drawing my 2 year old did and turned it into a painting.

Click on it to see. She is amazing. I send her love love love love love from my beating heart. I space time travel to heal her.

Nadia has lived with me before and my life was perfect, it was real. Her energy and mine in the house together and our raw food creations, it was like being in heaven. I truly loved her. I was proud of her. We went on we were on . We both were boy crazy.

I never lived purer than with her, which is why I think having raw vegans around in your energy bands really affects life.

I feel so grateful and I feel love in my heart. Someone cares for me. Someone does. Time and distance does not stop the love.


 It is Thanksgiving in two days. I just do not feel it. I am not going anywhere near a cooked turkey and low energy food. So I guess I can just be Thankful.
Am thankful for

Raw food
My daughters
Where I live
my body
my mind
my soul
power that is mine
My beating heart
My hands
Anais Nin
Classic Literature
My ex
The planet
Our very safe future
Our eternal beings
second chances
the grid
Christ consciousness
other planets we have lived on
Keys to hearts
Being one
Jim Morrison
Marilyn Monroe.
The past
Imaginary lovers
Rich men
Safety and Privacy
Good overcoming all evil

1 love
2 beauty
3 thin
4 happiness
5 good books
6 audiobooks
7 fashionable clothes
8 great access to raw vegan foods
9 juices more
10 watermelon juice

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