Friday, November 22, 2013



The mother, gives all love. And is love. I know this from being one. Its love and true love at the highest and noblest. But I can be a mother to the entire world. By giving out unconditional love.

I heard Yaron Brock talk the other day and it made perfect sense. I should post it here.

Can I give out love? How do I express that in language? Do I take you on a journey? Do I send out intention and consciousness? It has to go somewhere. This whole life of wanting love. and not realizing that what I need is a void in my life and I cannot give the void to others. I must give them all filling up of their love buckets.

I wonder what my shopping list would be

1 Bananas ripe ones
2 Durian
3 Thai coconut
4 Greens
5 Raw nuts
6 Tomatoes
7 kombucha
8 mmmmmm stay away from agave...
9 oranges for juicing
10 cacao mmm stay away..

I have been meditating. Today I seen myself very clearly.. asking my chakras questions ( red orange yellow, etc all the way to the crown of the head) and I got really weird overly obvious answers that were crystal clear but yet went against my gut, as far as what my desires are..things like I crave moving back to Coral I? Really, I dont think I want to go back there. I want to go where I am loved. Things like people I need to be with, the pictures


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