Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Red Avocados

I took this photo above, it was on someones website. Red Avocados I saw when I worked at farm in Glaser Farms.

Cherimoya in my backyard office

I took that photo too and it was on another website.

I took this one too. It is on some cats website.

And that one. He is not a cat though. I remember when I met that fruitarian.

Poached Pear Raw Vegan

When I worked at the Tree of Life. "poached pear" but raw.

Mango Pasta at this Italian place in South Beach with raw vegan menu

My meal in Switzerland, only thing in restaurant raw was tomatoes and I snuck in avocado. I think it was Grindewald city. The man I went with got some of that melted cheese, fondue, thats what was in front of my plate. I didnt have it.

I was a happy girl, happier days full of sun. I was reading lots of David Wolfe back then.


Salad with store guacamole and wakame
Salad with wakame oil and salt
banana smoothies with dried strawberry
wakame and sunflower seeds
avocado half

head hurt, back ached, lots of farting, ears feel like they are leaking, craving cooked potatoes, found myself thinking, do I really want to be all raw. BAD BAD Detoxing day. Banana smoothies tasting dry. I am walking with slight limp because of bad back. Awful mood, crabby.  Googling all day. Craving champagne...tea you name it.

Poured Hemlock and Doug fir hydrosol all over me. MMM

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  1. I'm so happy your blogging again. I love your posts and I'm so glad you are actively finding your happiness again. Love to you and your beautiful family!