Sunday, December 04, 2011

Day after

I belong in the tropics. That is me in COSTA RICA.

 Raw  Brocolli and seaweed stew with hot water added, I think Miso was added. My friend Kasha made this. Raw Vegan Chef,

Spiroolied zucchini with some raw tomato nut sauce

 Mango fettucini

Making watermelon juice, Blend watermelon then drain
Durian Smoothies
  I love smoothies. I live off them

My raw butternut squash soup was amazing. no recipe. Just about 2 c squash and one mango, thai coconut and spice

Frozen thai coconut flesh they sell at the asian market, wanted to try.

This morning I had some thai coconut and banana smoothie with some chlorella. I watched a show abotu aliens and the show was saying that manna, the food that fed the people in the desert, for many years, was actually chlorella. They found a machine, one of those mysteries, with diagrams on how to use, its ancient. They say aliens made these people a machine to make chlorella. They lived off that and that is why some people lived 400 years. Anyways, who knows, but I bought some, it inspired me. Ancient aliens show. They had proof of it. They wouldnt have a case with thout this ancient machine. But if its not on mainstream media noone believes. Its a machine that makes algae. Once a week on Sunday it needs to be clean. One of those magic free energy machines, Anyways, it fed people they ate nothing else. Myth or not its cool show.

Dad sent me from NYC, a pin

 Snack yesterday from Olympia coop persimmons and mango

 I saw a ufo, two suns in the sky.

  Thai coconut sauce on carrots and cucumbers from a raw restaurant in Seattle

 My grape bracelet fruitarian friend sent me

Occupy Oly

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