Friday, December 09, 2011

Day before event

Fruit Anne sent me this

cranberry pineapple date oj

Mango dressing on sprouts I did

Raw Vegan Energy soup in Puerto Rico

Stuffed raw vegan bell peppers, a raw friend made this for me. He was obsessed with parasites and always had cayenne, turmeric in recipes, to kill them.

My drawing I did at Tree of Life

My heroine with fruit

Me at raw festival

Today I have been very good. Just banana smoothies with frozen berries, or some greens, All day long. I had some green salads, organic with just wakame and oil,  some braggs with tomatoes and celery. Last night I had a wakame and sunflower seed binge, with some cooked OJ, nothing too bad. I will get on track though. Things are working themselves out.

Kind of. I want to upload stuff to my iPod so I can meditate. I feel I need to shut out the world. I was going to do a video today but I am naked with a sheet wrapped around me like a toga. That is kind of what I wear around the house. Togas. 

I feel sad a little bit. I just miss the tropics. Its cold here. I am also in a relationship. I am not used to it, and I get all fired up in my imagination all the time. I want to live in a world where I can love anyone I want. And give love.
I just want something. I want it so bad my soul hurts. I want to be a light to others. I want to make people happy. I am a brunette now. I dont even bleach my eyebrows. My eyebrow liner is now black. I just wish I could make everyone love me and that means I have to love everyone. No problem. Its what we people do, give out love and light. Those who age, dont give out love.

Its fall. The persimmons are on sale. I got invited to a bad sweater party tomorrow night. I dont have any bad sweaters. Just cashmere I got at a garage sale that a local celebrity used to own. I dont feel much like going out anymore. I need to change my attitude.

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  1. I bet you look great with dark hair. You are amazing! I miss Florida too.