Thursday, December 08, 2011


I want to be a messenger, messiah, prophet of love. I was reallly into love. I did this exercise at an event where we dress up as what we want to be like, I dressed up as love, in red, feathers and lots of glitter. We were blindfolded and for four hours we danced, as if we WERE that which we dressed up as, we became it. Quite tough when I was blindfolded and realized I didnt know what LOVE was. Well. It was beautiful. It was a pagan ritual. I got lost in trance blindflded I became love. I was supposed to attract it I guess after that. It was before I met my previous boyfriend and had a daughter, so did it work? Yes. I think so. I also had the best time with an old boyfriend on a visit back home, before I met my previous boyfriend. I remember looking down at him with such love. He said something really rude like C'mon get into it. Oh well.

I have to give love to everyone and every situation. Always. Love.  Just love. Soul LOVE. Anyways. I am going to do all these guided meditations until I get there

Last night I watched a documentary on youtube called The prince, the showgirl and me. The movie is coming out My week with Marilyn, its out already, just not in my town. A guy had a fling with Marilyn Monroe one summer and wrote about it. Very cool.

Today was less difficult. I had half an avocado with braggs and cayenne, tons of banana smoothies with dried strawberries. I had a whole cantaloupe. For dinner I will have a salad with some wakame and maybe a tsp of oil. In WA I am eatign lots of bananas. The mangos here are no good, hard, chilled and when you buy them they are rotten inside and still green.  I will also have a thai coconut tonight. I miss Miami fruit. There is nothing here fresh but apples and squash and I dont like either.

Here are some photos. I still have alot. I want to do videos soon.

Me eating purslane at the green smoothie retreat in Oregon

My pregnancy in hospital was very hard. I do not recommend. I had no rights. No choice. Thats all I wish to say at the moment. The photo says it all.

I loved the farmers markets in Coral gables

My lion statue from Miami

  Where I took my breaks when I worked at Law Office in South Beach, on the roof next to jacuzzi and pool

Photo I took in Philly and did all HDR like. I was really into HDr effect.

Raw food hummus plate in las vegas, ok. Zucchini, carrots, cucumbers with some flax crackers.

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