Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Questions. Love. Light.

What is right and good in the world
What is right for humanity
What is good for individuals
What is the highest moral best a person can be?
How do you know what to do?
Can you tap into an energy, an invisible force, imagination, as others would call it...and ask it questions
and have it answer you somehow. Do I have to be on the table knocked out next to a reader to give answers or can I be concious and write it myself.
Can I talk to you reading in the future?
Can I talk to myself in the future, now?
Can I talk to all humanity? Can I speak to the entire planet?
If I were to create a world religion, it would be all about free will. And how it must be respected. Also, about whats right and what is good. That which is safe and leads to all wordly desires.

But everyone has free will, so they may choose evil. Look I can only speak for myself. What is right and good for me. What is the best, What decisions are all right. What decision

Its not a right if someone can vote it away from you. We have a functioning democracy and no longer a constitutional republic. This is aiding our enemies. And we need to stop before all is lost. You are subject to the opinion of others, now it seems. This is not how we are supposed to be. How can you know what is best for others. You can know what is best for yourself. And your own world.

Heaven is other people. Bliss is connecting to others always. Always be connected to someone psychically or else lose yourself in outer space. Connect and stay connected, hold on every moment to someone else. I think Marilyn Monroe had to be connected to others all the time, day and night. She was so vibrant and energetically glowing with love. I want to be like her.

There is no home, just other people. That is what home is. Others. Or thoughts of others. Others others others that is love. Who am I if there were no other people? There is no Paris without all the people who have created it. That takes love. Not just love, but love shining down on you. You being loved. Love loving you. That is what its all for. Love of others for you. Eyes upon you, like you were a baby and your mom was looking at you longingly.

Is this what heaven is? The love of someone else? The praise? And if so, why do so many of us not see this? We go around loving others like crazy, why because we have to, we have to love an ideal man or ideal woman. And we have to look at people, on screen, we have to listen to them on computer and the tv. We need others.

I need you and you need me. I need you to write to and you need me to read.
Today I had hemp lemon juice salt agave dressing atop wild greens and cilantro. I had banana sage smoothies.
I want to be a winner in everything I do and want. I want to know my will. I want my will to be out there working for me.
I want to succeed. Everything that is good and right. I want to communicate with. I want to translate messages from all that is good in life. I want to only be in this space all the time, as much as I can.
I want my energy to guide me and my family. I need to depend on my energy to always know where to be where it is safe. I want my family to be safe. I want to live abundantantly.

I think people are always connected to others, some more than others. Some all the time. And I think you go from one person to another, like anchors, when you think of them. There is also what is good and right according to your worldly desires. What is good and right is your desire. What is good and right is these worldly desires.

Statism is the deathnail. When the heat hits, all is going to melt like snowflakes. Government as a whole, wow, they are not good. Anything to control man. Outside oneself. One must control oneself. One must be reminding to not kill hurt or steal from others, or lie in contracts. One must use the laws against the players. They write it to seem like it means how they want, but its written out pretty clearly. And no one reads anything. The constitution itself can be used.

If I am able to contact anything, I would like to contact all that is good and right. I would like to ask it...am I replacing a person for you? Is god other people? Am I supposed to be praying to another human? Am I to tell all and confess to a person? Am I supposed to ask for all my desires, of another? Is there an entity that is good and right that leads and helps humans? Of course there is. I would like to speak to an entity that helps humans. I am looking and awaiting. I am asking, how do I know when I am on the right path? Can you lead me to where all my dreams come true? All my worldly desires granted? Can I make a spiritual request?


  1. My dear Suvine, Islam has all the answers you're looking for. It tells you who to connect to and gives you that joy in the heart like nothing else. Islam is peace and submission to One God, the Creator of the universe and our Master. Don't discard it based on what you've heard or read. Its like when you have a car, it can be driven by various drivers, some amateurs and some who really don't know how to drive but think they know. If the car crashes whom do you blame, the car or driver ? Driver of course. Islam is the car and the best driver of it was the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). Read his biography and trust me, Mariyln Monroe will be nothing against him. He was the epitome of humanity and the most perfect example of goodness as well as strength, something that you are striving towards.

  2. The prophet Mohammed appears to have been an evil person that used those around him. Women, children and the weak. He may have started out as good as all humans do. In his later life he killed and tortured anyone that didn't agree with him. Much the same as all evil powerful men. He leaves our world today with the same legacy hate and murder of those that are of different beluga and faiths.