Sunday, December 13, 2015

Healthy Wealthy Blessed

Marilyn Monroe needed to connect with people all the time. Spiritually she was a christian scientist.
Robert smith of the CURE just wanted job where he can be in ecstasy all day. He wanted to make a living.
What is the purpose of this entry? I think I would like to talk with the entire population. I think I would. Hello? People? This is what I have to say to you. Its best to be with the best ideas. That is what we all are. Is walking ideas. If we are truly to have a one world leader, he has to be the perfect man, the man of mankind, the god of mankind.

We have to love more, the ones we love. We have to be the best we can be.  We must eat only organic. We must eat better and reach for higher knowledge.
 We need disclosure. We need transparency. We need a ruler- of all man- who is perfect. Who is the perfect man spiritually. Who I wish for all our sakes, can come and show us. What is right? 

I would say my loyalties are to love. And to what is good and right. What will lead me to all my worldly desires. Happiness, know that blissful path, the spiral of ecstasy.

 It starts with the people working in the government.  They are protecting our way of life. Our very existence. They have to be the finest character. They have to be men and women we want to be like. They have to be beautiful. They have to have good ideas, They have to have the right ideas. They have to love humanity. They have to prove that. They have to do whats right. They have to rule with LOVE. Rule us with love.  That is what we would want. They have to lead us, lead us, in the world, from the very best, Representing us as people.

 If you are not involved with politics, then inferior people are ruling over you. You have to be involved, in the game of controlling everyone. If you want to live how you want. People who are not afraid to speak honestly as if they were speaking to all light itself, we need ruling us.

The business of ruling others is complicated and we need a leader. We need one bad. I am not talking about our country, but as a man. How do we want to live? What standards? Anything goes? Do we want to suffer or be happy and free to choose either. I am sure there are parts of you inside your heart, that want other things, always no matter what side of the fence you are on. Maybe we constantly are wanting. And we never stop and we always want and that is the meaning of life, to overcome or get your worldly desires. Or to just be curious and taste everything and go with the wind. And try different things on different days.

I want to say to the world, we have to allow every human on the planet freedom. We have to protect the life of every man child and woman. We have to protect the private property.

Beauty, talent, skill, genius in children has to be funded. Not the other way around.

Everyone has to feel safe. Everyone has to feel free to do whatever they want. Without others permission, or red tape, or taxed. Free will has to be protected.  If someone wants to live in a country house, they can and they can flourish. If someone wants a sky scraper then go ahead. Its your choice. You live how you want.  The tools are all around you. Make it easy for everyone to succeed and get off their backs. Teach anything in school. What is needed in the workforce and in sciences. Give every man power of the gods to create. Think thoughts you want. Thoughts are free. You cannot control someones thoughts. So do not take this for granted. Think yourself free, focus on overcoming, winning and achieving all your worldly desires. Or overcoming them.

I feel we have to connect with others all the time. We always have to attach ourselves to someone in our thoughts. We are never not thinking about others, and very rare, people I am sure, this is where you get genius, they attach to things or information or music notes or numbers. The do this instead of attaching to parents. Marilyn Monroe for example. Her genius is she connected to others in her need of her mother. She needed to connect. Or she didn't exist. And she dreamed of others all day long. She was on the phone at all hours. She had lifelong loyal friendships. She was truly good. Goddesslike. No woman is as perfectly submissive and loving, joyous and happy.

What is it that everybody wants? Whatever that is, who controls it? We all do. The power is in all of us. The collective mind. The internet. This is the mind. There is a darknet too - the sub and unconscious as well. Who knows whats in there.

We all are allowed what we desire. And there is always that person seeking what you are seeking no matter how taboo. Free will must be respected. There is always that seeking you. Just obey free will.

Alternative medicine should be the next big thing. Spiritually advanced people, more and more should be appearing. People that hold your hand and speak to you, look into your eyes, and smile and hug, those will be rewarded with your loyalty.

Is it imagination magic? Yes. But this helps people. Its just using thoughts to heal. That does not mean it is a scam, unless you knowingly lie about something.  People use meditation, to find out something. To speak to higher powers, feel higher things, see their goals, or to become better. To make decisions, or to know what it is you have to do. Make this a science. Its important.

I had a great papaya and soaked goji berries and banana smoothie. I put goji berries in everything. I been eating mac nuts.

It is possible to live in bliss. To feel high on life. To be high on life and love it. Its so alive. It is possible to experience good emotions. To overcome fears, to love and connect with others. To succeed. To win. to know so much about your desires.

I do have dreams and thoughts. I imagine people, places, and I long for conversations. I long for emails, I long for my family. I long mostly for news stories. I wish I were more of a writer. I wish I was a spy. I should write about other people.

I am glad you are here.

Let us move into a new world where right is right.

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  1. hey Suvine! I used to follow your blog years ago... was just wondering how you were glad to see you are still online and writing! <3 and light from MN