Wednesday, December 09, 2015

12 9 2015 POETRY

I definitely seen what is happening years ahead. I always seem to see things way before they happen. My eyes have been all over the news years ago- before its happening now..I have opinions on things no one else does. I seem to like unpopular ideas. I see through propaganda. SO many times people are like Mado, you are the only one who thinks this, and then a few years later I go I told you so. I do not know what this is. Is this intuition? Well I see dark things coming. Very dark and we are all in the web. We must be confident. Good always overcomes evil. Its just what happens. Good ideas will always win over bad ones.
What is the ultimate idea? What is the way we are supposed to be? How are we to live? That is for young philosophers. How are we to respect or disrespect human life? How do we handle our power our free will, choices and contracts? This body computer.
 What are the rules besides anything goes? Is there a light? Is there a will we have inside, leading us to what is good? How do we know we are on the right path? Does one feel it and then uses common sense also? Is it a feeling or do I have to sit down and draw diagrams and plans? Do I have to make goals for my life, for my week, for my hour, for my minutes? Because intentions change per moment. I have so much emotion, I feel alive.
 I feel spiritually, gifted, I definitely take for granted my gifts. When you got something, you just got it. Its not that exciting. I have desires. I now know my will. I do. That is where our magic is.
 I have some weaknesses. I feel support. I know I am on the right path as unpopular as it may be, I know what is right. I have senses. I have a brain. We all do. I want what is right. I want to touch it. I want to have a relationship with it. What is our future here in planet Earth? This awakening is so profound, the imaginary tide turning- is turning now. Its so fast. I came so far in just five years. Every minute it seems I am feeling things, rushing through my nerves. I get thoughts sent to me from all over. I have conversations and I make connections with people, even though I do not see them or speak with them in months. I have to translate my own thoughts. Sometimes they are not my own.
My favorite psychic game, I been playing for years, is, when I send someone an email, or photos, or a joke, I know exactly when they open it up and read it. Sometimes I forget for days. But when I feel in my heart the memory coming back with even new forgotten memories coming back, I know that person is reading it right at that moment. I open up presents with the person I bought presents for, even out of state. I read emails all over again from new eyes. I hear messages, and I know whats been read and when. I do. Its instant. You cannot ignore it. But I do notice that there are moments when I feel I am witnessing something in the future, and my reaction to it in the future. Like I can see ahead of time, someone's thoughts or reaction. And then again when it happens in full color. I do this so much I take it for granted. Its like everyday. I know, no one has to call me.
That is it. I want to become more spiritual. I want to love more.  I want to share a Great love. I want to reach new heights. I have so much to share. I have been through what works. I am lucky enough to be dating, in a relationship with,  yes, father of my kids, a real idiot savant with numbers. Totally incapable of these things like basic social skills, but so gifted- Antonin is a true psychic, the real thing. I am dating a psychic that has skills that come so naturally. My skills are self taught self trained. His were taught when he was a child by a traveling healer father. His dad taught him so much. I have seen things. I leave this as its all poetry, all fiction. Imagination. All my writing. I wish I could write all day. Maybe I should.
I am reading so many books on Audible and on my Prime. I love it. I want to learn everything. I want to start hypnotizing people and finding out through their own words, what people were in past lives and even future, with information that can heal. I want to start doing it. For free of course.

Its funny I do free tarot and I have to beg people to give them.  I have to beg others to give them free readings and I wish they would appreciate. They laugh, make fun, dismiss it. Its so special when I do them, to me at least. So much information is out there ready to be accessed dissected cut up analyzed. I love my readings, I can do one a day. I am very shy. I am very quiet.

I went to Paris twice and Iceland and I didn't talk to anybody when there. I don't know many people THAT shy. That's me.

SO for me to find guinea pigs for my spiritual transformation..its like the photographer of people, who is afraid of people. To ask if ok to take a photo, forget it.

I also love my SRI YANTA but I have not found a way to read with it yet. I don't know if I want to share that technology with anyone, yet. Its so good. I consult it daily through meditation. Its from the Hindu religion, a tool for yogis. Its older than the pyramids they say, because the configuration of the pyramids is exact to the SRI YANTRA. Its a mandala looking design that actually has PI in it,  the GOLDEN RATIO. It seems to be 3d. It goes up and down and to the sides. There are circles squares and triangles. And like the tarot, everything that man has to experience in life is in there. I have had profound life changing events using this tool, yet its power eludes me. I take it for granted. Power is like that.

I should start writing about people I know. DO portraits. I love writing.

There are beautiful friends I have. I can maybe talk about.

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