Friday, December 11, 2015


If god is the source of it all, then the source would have to be in the past, a place in time, right, when everything first began, that first has to be in the past, God has to live in the past, because all time is linear correct? Is it, even in outer space? We dont know that for sure. But based on what we do know, the source of everything exists in a place in time, one would think in the past. So that would be god? The past? And we are moving away? And all we want is to go back? The first thought? A powerful one. Now, can one talk to that one thing in time, back when it was -one thing? It has to exist in space and time. I can transcend that in my mind, correct? So here I am seeking that which loves me. That which adores me. That which thinks I am so special. That which sees my beauty and sees my desires, and wants to help. I am seeking that which knows all of me, all my desires, my worldly and what I want for those I love..that who loves me, and knows me..I am seeking. Hello? Are you there? Can you here me?

Now would that be the god of all. And since we are pure consciousness in an animal body, is there such a thing as a god of man? God of all men? So that would be another god...correct?

I meditated on the SRI YANTRA today. The questions came to me,  from this meditation. Wow, its the symbol that contains everything. Even the pyramids, built even with the entrances to kings chamber, exact copy of the Sri Yantra. You even see a sphinx, but with a lions head, not a pharoahs. You see that when you stare at the symbol. You also see the three pyramids. You see all animals. You see a human face. You see a tower facing towards me and a tunnel the other way out the other side.  You see pi, golden ratio..Its all coincided with your chakras, the heart is the first fourteen triangles. I know you probably think what, what what? Yes, but just remember the SRI YANTRA. Its divine symbol to meditate. Older than the pyramids.

My mind makes sense of it. It does, its like a puzzle. Its like oh wow, it is a vortex tool. It is very trippy. Its Hindu. But they say it may be older than the oldest religion itself. They say everything man has to experience is in there, They say its a roadmap to your desires. How to get there, it shows you like its crystal clear and you know how its going to happen even, and you know who will help you. You just know. You have dreams where your phobias are cured vividly.

 They say India has never had war, because of this symbol built into all their ancient temples. In fact, some of the temples are giant 3d sri yantras. In Oregon a crop circle showed up, and three guys took credit , but couldnt recreate it at all. Not even the lines in the ground. It was all perfect the grooves over 13 miles or something. You could only see it from a plane. Anyways. Year later, it made the area fertile! Water appeared etc. Cymatics, you know what that is? The shapes sound makes if you put sand on speakers. Anyways, the sri yantra is the om sound. And it appears, the shape of it. On certain frequencies I do not know the exact science. But I have seen it on video.

We are pure consciousness, but we have an animal body leading to all sorts of strange desires and wants. The purpose of life is to attain worldly desires. To ultimate liberation...and I think you can overcome stuff as well using the sri yantra. If you desire. I been warned to use it only for good. But I have done it for bad- in emergencies.

One who keeps getting unwanted results in life could benefit from meditation on the Sri Yantra. Do you really want to overcome sensual desires? I can see where that would be divine in a way. But I do love man a lot. Jealousy false pride avarice failures avarice miserliness I would love to overcome. But like I said, I love man, and I love mens things.

when I go shopping, I always put in my cart, what I have reached for. I shop with my intuition. I do. I put whatever I have in my hands. You know how you look at things, but put them back? Well, if its in your hand, you are supposed to buy it. Its your unconscious that picked it. Where my eyes fall when I go down an aisle, it is usually what I need, but I never know for sure until I go home and when I go home, I am like THANK YOU I REALLY NEEDED THAT. Your mind knows what's in the entire store. Space out a little when you go shopping. Remember, if you are reading or looking at it, you need it. It makes it easier to shop and a lot quicker. I always said I should write a book on psychic shopping.
There is always, oh will I have enough money...and I don't really need, and..well, I dont know if I have enough...that voice in your cannot listen to. You are overthinking. In my remote viewing classes Ed Dames, I was told that once you think something, you have it wrong. X that out and start over. It takes time to do that. your mind loves to analyze and figure and translate and it just cant.
When you speak and you stutter, or type and make typos, that means you are not being honest. Communication has to be clear and pure or its all messed up.
I made some pomegranate bombs, you know big chunks of them, the fleshy seeds in packets? with some soaked goji berries and ate that. I also had a lot of warmed cacao tea too. I have a salad I made in the fridge. Tahini dressing. With lemon juice, raisins, water..

I have photos I have to upload.

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