Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I went to an industry awards ceremony in Seattle. Three people I knew won awards.

My boyfriend is also featured in a magazine this month, a best of 2016 big magazine.

One world government.
How would I create a one world government. I think we all should put our heads together. Because if you do not, get involved with politics, your inferiors will rule over you making laws. That's what politics is, ruling others, making laws, etc.

My ideas:

What is GOD- is Love. What is Bad- is Harm.
There are individuals. That have rights. That is all. There is no such things as groups, gangs, races, special groups of any sort, legally. Of course anyone can belong to a group, its just not regulated. Religion, should be one, a perfect one, that leads everyone to happiness and all goals. It hasnt been invented yet, but it should be. And also some moral codes about F...REE WILL...
Individuals have rights. Inalienable. What does inalienable mean? Well, there would have to be added, "Inalienable no matter what", after it. Free will must be respected, and the free will of you must be protected. You must respect the free will of another...legally of course. There would be courts to settle disagreements. If you agreed on terms and one side didn't do what they said, yet profited, there should be like a contract code. This is tough, because it really should be worked out between the two parties, and there should be mediators there, or referees, or coaches and then or until there is a solution everyone can agree on, of their own free will. That way people think for themselves, skills of talking to others, rather than let who knows who decide fates.


I would like to get work under control and I want it to be fun. I want to be ahead of my game. I want to think ahead. I want to create a plan a system that makes it so easy for me.
What do I desire what do I really want? I want work to be manageable. I want it to be fun. I want to come up with the master ideas. I want to write more. I want to say things and change the flat earth. One person at a time. I want to help heal the flat earth. . Meaning all its people. I want to do something that can help everyone become better. Guide people to the light if you will. I also want my house to be clean. I want my kids to be smart and read already. I want to write a book. Maybe a non fiction. How to love better, how to receive love to open up your heart? All these things I am interested in.
What do I need to do to make what I want happen? I have to be open I have to loosen up my typing skills so language can come more naturally to me. I have to focus. I have to plan. I have to ask powers to help me. I have to ask spirit for a new idea. I have to find the people. I have to put it out there, what I need. I have to open my heart. Maybe join a writing class or a meditation class online and learn something new. I would like to start helping others. With their unconscious. I have hypnosis techniques I want to try. I want to do quantum healing on people. I have studied long enough. Just for fun. I really enjoy it.
Who or what do you need help from to access what you want? Well, I need to start making connections with those like minded who think like me. I need to make connections with everyone I meet. I need to be open. I need to look people in the eyes and connect with them. I want to create lots of connections. This is what life is about to me. I need family. I need an answer to how to manage everything in my life, in a fun way. I need to know how to be perfect. Perfect meaning aligned with my dreams. Aligned with my will and my desires. I want gravity on things. What protections do I need so I do not get knocked back down? I need strength and I need positive thinking. Everyone likes happy. Everyone likes it. All the time. We have to be happy all the time. Or look like it. I need protection from negative sad thoughts.

What is affecting my life negatively? I would say stress worry and being not in a space where I can answer a phone without worrying about my kids yelling in the background. I think I do not get out as much as I want, and I do not entertain. I would like to move. I think my small home is affecting me negatively because I truly belong in a mansion, but we all do what we have to do, when starting at the bottom. I could say all this affects me negatively. Housework also. Its not what I do. But all this I want deleted. Gone!

What would I need to accomplish to be truly happy? I would have to have a stress free life, new house, maid service, nanny, work I ADORE, love all around me. Easy easy work. I want work to take care of itself or maybe I can hire someone I can truly trust to manage over everything. That would mean I would have to open my life, and its so risky. I want my life opened then. I have to treat people well. I want to always be in a good mood. I want to make everyone happy. I want to be liked by everyone. I want my job to be easy first and foremost and FUN. No stress. No havoc. Phones emails taken care of, as they come in, like magic. Answered, Sales made on their own. I need this fixed.

What do you have to detach from to be truly happy? STRESS AND WORRY period. Anxious communications with those I love. I have to stop anxious communications with those I love. Those who know know. This I must stop doing. And if done to me, I laugh and dance instead of engage. And I have to detach from all other loves and hobbies. I have to make this goal my main overall encompassing desire. Until I find answer

If I could be a winner at work....yes, that would make me completely blissful. I would be the most happy. I can have a life. I can be happy. I can rest. I can be with my loved ones. I win. I won.


  1. Hi Suvine, watch this to the end, its only 7 minutes. It puts in perspective what beauty really is:

  2. I didn't know you had a blog! I'm so happy to see you posting :) Love and Hugs from Oregon <3