Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tabbouleh Raw Vegan

I heard of something that really moved me almost to tears. It was a show JOE ROGAN did. 


 Joe Rogan speaks with green beret and head trauma doctor. Alot of UFC fighters- or anyone in traumatic car accident- or in a war with combat, never ever - seem to never get back to the same way, they were before. They are not the person they used to be- and its consistently. They black out, have explosive personality mood swings, they get arrested, are violent, and lose control, and get angry and  they cannot seem to explain it..

This doctor has discovered the reason, he says it is around the brain- when there is any trauma, there is a hormone that is stopped. Its shut down for reasons. You have to hear interview. He says he can fix this easily and all you need is send your blood and pay 60$ for a blood test. The hormone just needs to be TURNED BACK ON... It is MIND CHEMISTRY. Listen to this...its so important! 

I mean, I was in a horrific accident outside my high school on a bike, by a car full on,  after school on the road outside. I was hit very hard, trauma to my head. My brain swelled. I acted like a crazy person for a long time, not remembering a few minutes ago...It was a tragedy. After that, I have never ever been the same person. But I did not know this. I thought people healed.

 I have been blinded to this fact. Until now. Its like I never even knew it, until I heard Joe Rogan speak of this. I have weaknesses, I do not want to talk about. They are personal. And you do not want to put anything negative on the internet.  Now I know what it is. Anyways, when I heard this interview, I cried. I felt like my heart lifted and there was no more weight on it. I know EXACTLY what they were talking about.

My partner was a cage fighter for 7 years in Australia and Thailand. Many injuries, I can see them ..and when he heard this, he felt the same way. You should have seen his face! What Joe is talking about is a REAL THING. We KNOW. Its like a bond we have now. We are going to send him our blood! We are going to follow up and see if we have this hormonal imbalance people with head trauma seem to have. And if it can be cured easily.  I will be eternally grateful for Joe Rogan. 

Here is the interview.

And even though I have not done anything yet, I feel this amazing healing effect, JUST BY HEARING THE INTERVIEW. The DOCTOR was speaking to ME. No one ever spoke about this before in front of me. I know. I know exactly and I can remember when I started to change dramatically. I feel healed. I cried. I did. It meant so much to me. I feel INNOCENT AGAIN! It was like therapy. Like the clouds opening up and the sun shining down warm. I know I am good. 

Thank You Joe we are checking out the DR.

I mean, this is why...this explains so much! It makes PERFECT SENSE. 

I do believe Raw Veganism can cure most things. But some people may need something a little extra in their evolution to a higher being. I want to try this out. Later this evening we will sit down and relisten and make a plan!

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