Monday, October 05, 2015

Seattle Raw

Raw Vegan Fudge

Raw Vegan Cake Chocolate

Spinach Apple Pineapple Juice

Raw Vegan Kelp noodles and Veggies Ginger and Sesame Bowl

Raw Vegan Chocolate pudding

Raw Cacao Pod poster on the wall

My beautiful German Grandmother has passed. I asked for a sign, that if she was around to show herself. We all did, I did this with witnesses. I was in tears this morning. I know or I have heard the body stays around a few days, its electrical self...and this evening, there was a bird in my bedroom. It sat on our shoulder. We put out water and food. It flew and grazed my head. I wrote a short story about everything I remembered of her, and gave it to my dad in an email. It was very long. Like a small book.

The bird stayed with us all night, slept next to my head by the window. We said our peace with Grandmas beautiful energy, how high and classy she was.

We let the bird go in the morning. THANK YOU GRANDMA.

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